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I Always PR in the Gym When I’m Using Rosin — The Chalk Alternative for Gripping

There’s a lot of technique and finesse that goes into proper weight lifting. You need the right shoes (or no shoes at all!), proper nutrition, a great warm-up and the right grip on your weights. When you’re lifting heavy, the last thing you want is for sweaty palms to get in the way of securely grabbing onto your weight and lifting it into the air with the greatest of ease. Or, most likely, with great difficulty but hey — a PR is a PR.

When it’s your heavy day and you’re already sweating, rather than reaching for your chalk bag that’ll just dry your hands out opt for Rosin powder instead. Rosin is a chalk alternative that takes the moisture-wicking power of chalk and elevates it to the next level by improving your grip at the same time.

Tourna rosin grip powder, chalk alternative

Tourna rosin grip powder

This rosin powder comes from Tourna, a compact that specializes in grips and grip-making in the tennis arena. This is top-grade powder that comes in a convenient shaker bottle designed to help you dispense only the exact amount of rosin you need. It’ll dry your sweaty, clammy palms instantly and leave behind a grip with more security and longevity.

It provides just the right amount of tack and can be used for any sport, not just weightlifting. The powder is safe, non-toxic an dmade in the USA. Instead of living with chalk under your fingernails and dry, cracked knuckles opt for the efficiency of rosin powder instead.