5 Workout Belts For People That Don’t Own Bluetooth Headphones

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* Workouts often mean carrying numerous items from keys to smartphones
* These belts are made to deal with your loose workout essentials
* Each belt also includes features to make using wired headphones simple

If you like to hit the gym on a daily basis or can’t let a day go by without pounding the pavement, you’ll know that exercising usually involves the somewhat annoying task of carrying a your essential items with you. Whether it’s your house keys, car keys, wallet or smartphone, these weighty items can be a pain to keep on yourself, especially if your activity of choice involves a significant amount of movement. You can definitely expect chafing, jiggling and bouncing when carrying these small items.

Luckily, workout belts nullify this situation by allowing you to carry all your essential items without allowing them to shift around and distract you as you perform your workout. Another problem that many exercisers face if they don’t own a set of Bluetooth headphones is the need to keep their music device within reach of headphone wires. These workout belts also solve that problem by keeping your devices around your waist, and these running belts boast headphone ports through which your wires can easily pass.

Checkout these 5 popular workout belts. They are all highly rated and include features to accommodate a wired headphone connection.

1. Letigo Running Belt

The Letigo Running Belt features an easily adjusted elastic waistband capable of fitting up to 41-inch waists. The elastic material ensures a tight yet comfortable fit to prevent your belongings jumping around. The main pocket is also made from a waterproof and sweat-proof material with a built-in reflective strip to help keep you safe when you’re out running at night. Inside, there are two pockets for keeping banknotes and coins separate as well as an earphone hole for easy access to your music device.

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2. TIF TAF Athletic Running Belt

With over 80% of users rating this TIF TAF Athletic Running Belt as 5-stars on Amazon, you know it must be doing something right. For starters, the pouch is waterproof and sports a high-quality zipper, allowing you to exercise in even the worst conditions. The belt is also adjustable and comes in a range of sizes, which means men, women and even children can use it with ease. There’s also a special compartment with a clip to store your keys and an earphone hole to make it easy to accompany your workout with a soundtrack.

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3. Sport2People Running Belt

The Sport2People Running Belt is one of the most popular and best-reviewed workout belts available. It boasts an impressive 2,500 5-star reviews on Amazon with numerous users singing its praises. Most reviewers enjoy the belt’s ability to prevent your belongings from bouncing around and the fact it’s capable of fitting larger sizes, too. The belt also comes in a range of colors, and the design includes 2 individual pockets, allowing you to carry a range of items. The material is water and sweat-proof. Plus, the belt includes a handy headphone hole and sports a reflective strip to keep you safe at night.

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4. GEARWEAR Running Belt and Phone Holder

You’ll have a choice of 5 color options, including pink, green, blue and orange, when you choose the GEARWEAR Running Belt and Phone Holder . The bright options are an easy way to add some color to your workout outfit. Furthermore, this belt can fit waists from 29 to 49 inches and has a pocket capacity large enough for newer plus-sized phone models like the iPhone 8 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Inside the belt, there’s a clip for your keys and plenty of space for your other gym essentials.

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5. Freedom Ventures Running Belt Waist Pack

The Freedom Ventures Running Belt Waist Pack sports a headphone hole, internal divider pocket and waterproof fabric. It comes in 3 colors, including standard black, bright yellow and pink for people who people who want to be noticed. The waistband is elasticated and includes a flat-style buckle for additional comfort. On top of being used for exercise, the compact size and secure fit of this running belt make it great for other occasions, including travel, events and theme park day trips.

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