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These Slippers Clean and Massage Your Feet Every Time You Step Into The Shower

* Shower slippers will clean and massage your feet just by wearing them
* Bristles will target all areas of your foot
* Added suction cups along the bottom will help keep you stable

Don’t neglect your feet in the shower — these slippers will both massage and clean your feet, using both a bottom-layer brush to massage the sole of your foot, as well as an upper layer brush that helps stimulate circulation.

The back of the slipper also has a built-in pumice stone, which is designed to smooth your heel. Best of all, the stone is detachable, so you can slip it out if you find it uncomfortable. And if you’re worried about slipping around while wearing it, fret no longer, as there are nine suction cups along the bottom. Use it in the bathtub (or shower) for added exfoliation with minimal effort.

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The slippers’ plastic outer housing saves them from mold build-up, so you can store them in the bathroom without worry. With so much extra comfort and an extremely easy price point of less than $10, you don’t need to shell out big bucks for pedicures or foot massages anymore. These slippers also make a fun, thoughtful gift for someone who’s on their feet all day, or for a friend or family member you just want to spoil.


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