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Get in Shape and Kick Some Grass With This Versatile Agility Ball

* Effective training tool for sports that need hand-eye coordination & agility
* Up your game with sharpened depth perception
* Train solo or with teammates and friends

Make the most out of the off-season with Kwik’s innovative, six-knobbed Agility Ball. Made from durable polyfoam, this versatile ball is the perfect training tool for goalies and field players. Improve your hand/eye and foot/eye coordination as you practice your throwing and kicking skills, handling deflections and irregular bounces from the specially-shaped ball.

While Kwik’s Agility Ball is made for soccer, it’s equally effective for other sports, including baseball, football, soccer and basketball – any activity that requires dexterity and skilled ball handling. The high-bounce rubber is strong enough to slam against a cement wall (to see if you can catch it back). It’s also waterproof and ready to work you out hard if you want to take it into the pool or ocean for a challenging game of catch.

Sporting matches are all about the details; lose even a half a second and you might lose the entire game. When you train with Kwik’s Agility Ball, you’ll learn how to make lightening-fast adjustments when receiving a pass, make quicker, more decisive defensive moves and dominate any situation that involves changing direction.

Gain the advantage and train this winter with Kwik’s Soccer Agility ball – the perfect multi-sport tool that helps you nail the basics and have fun while you refine your baller technique.

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