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Relieve Back Pain and Pressure at Home With This $30 Low Back Stretcher

More than 80% of adults will experience lower back pain at some point in their life.

It’s the leading contributor to missed work days, the most frequent cause of job-related disability and has a serious impact on quality of life. Why is lower back pain so common? There are a variety of potential causes, but many of us hunching over keyboards all day probably has something to do with it.

Tight hips from extended sitting periods can pull on the lower back muscles, and hunched shoulders putting pressure on the lower half of the posterior chain of the body causes further strain. Practicing good posture, taking standing breaks and ergonomic chairs can help, but that’s not enough for everyone.

Obviously, very few of us can avoid the computer screen as more and more careers center on digital work, but we can take care of our bodies so we don’t feel the effects nearly as much. Stretching and muscular work is one of the best ways to mend a sore lower back.

A yoga class or a trip to the chiropractor may help in the short-term, but the cost can add up. Instead, or in addition to, invest in a stretching device that can provide a convenient, affordable exercise. Any time you start to feel that ever familiar lower back pinch, break out your foam roller or lower back stretcher.

This lower back stretcher from SOLIDBACK is one of the most affordable and top-rated lower back stretchers on Amazon. With an overall 4.1 out of 5 stars, this $30 back stretcher has nearly 900 5-star reviews. It’s an at-home alternative to medications or expensive surgeries that’s designed to soothe everything from sciatic nerve pain to chronic lower lumbar back pain. And unlike a foam roller, you don’t have to worry about sliding off it while you’re trying to stretch.

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This lower back stretcher is made with EVA Foam that’s soft to the touch but hard enough to reach deep and stretch upper and lower back muscles. The spiky arched design touches and lengthens all back muscles at once, relieving pressure and making room for the muscles to lengthen and rid themselves of tightness.

The SOLIDBACK stretcher provides a safe, convenient stretching option you can do at home while relaxing, watching TV, reading or getting ready for bed. Some reviewers said in just 10 minutes a day they felt significant relief from pain and discomfort.

Chronic pain in the lower back can seriously disrupt your life whether you have trouble sitting for long periods of time, pain after workouts or interrupted sleep. Invest in this helpful product and feel the difference in all areas of your life.