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This Pocket-Sized $22 Device Will Help You Get Better Sleep Tonight

* Compact sound machine for producing white noise on the go
* Doubles as a portable Bluetooth speaker
* Creates 10 unique sounds — including fan sounds and white noises

Perhaps you’re the type of person who always needs to sleep with a fan on. You aren’t alone. In fact, experts recommend using a fan to produce white noise, which can be soothing because it blocks out sudden variations in sound (like a barking dog or car alarm) that can lighten our sleep or wake us.

However, if it’s cold or you’re traveling, it’s not always convenient to use a fan. For that reason, a new start-up called Portable Sleep Solution has produced the LectroFan Micro, a compact white noise machine.

Measuring just 2.8,” this tiny sound machine offers a variety of uses from a good night’s sleep to creating a private atmosphere. The speaker includes 10 unique sounds, including five fan sounds, four different white noises and even calming ocean effects.

On the other hand, the LectroFan doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. Pair it with your phone, adjust the volume and swivel the speaker to direct the audio wherever you desire. The volume can be adjusted in precise increments, and the rechargeable battery lasts 16 hours, providing six hours of continuous audio.

Perhaps the best part of the LectroFan Micro is its portable size. Simply toss it in your suitcase and have the best sleep ever on the go. There are no cords required for playing sound, but the USB cord makes for easy charging.

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