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This Headband Solves The “Working Out With Keys” Conundrum

* A headband with a pocket for storing small essentials
* Comes in bright colors to match your exercise gear
* Produced by BANDI, a company known for its spandex carry accessories

While exercise clothes keep becoming more fashionable, they aren’t exactly the most convenient when it comes to carrying your things. We’ve all headed out for a run or to yoga class with nowhere to stash our keys and other essentials. That’s where BANDI comes in.

This innovative headband makes carrying your things a breeze. The unique fold in the comfy band conceals a small pocket at the back. At 3.5” x 1.5,” it’s big enough for your keys, a chapstick and a bit of cash. The soft, spandex fabric also stretches, creating a bit more space if you need it while not constricting your head.

With a bold pattern that makes a wild statement, this hair gear can be worn in a variety of ways. Open it up for a wider band to keep all your stray hairs back, or fold it into a narrow headband for a bit of a tighter fit. On the other hand, you can wrap it multiple times to create more of a hair tie than a headband.

Made in the USA, BANDI Wear was designed to help you carry your essentials comfortably and discretely. The company produces a variety of fanny packs, security belts and exercise gear in bright and colorful patterns. Many of their products are ideal solutions to carrying your locker key at the gym, transporting some cash while traveling, or even just keeping your hands free on a day out with the kids.