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Get a Spy Beach Body With These James Bond Inspired Workouts

* Use these devices to get a body like Bond (or a Bond girl)
* Equipment for workouts ranging from cardio to weightlifting
* Simple exercises that get great results

The James Bond franchise is not only notorious for its long-running film series depicting thrilling action scenes centered around the bad-boy protagonist Agent 007, but also for their discerning casting of actors with stunning good-looks and stellar bodies.

James Bond has morphed from simply being recognized as a movie character into a bonafide archetype in modern-day culture. Just the name connotes imagery of a handsome and sharp ladies’ man like OG Bond actor, Sean Connery, seen below. In addition to the seven handsome fellows who have filled the role, the film series just wouldn’t be as legendary if it weren’t for the beautiful female counterparts that star in each film. Quintessential “Bond girls” like Ursula Andress and Halle Berry embody both strength and sex appeal in their roles, enticing us with both their wit and flawless figures.

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What better way to get motivated than by getting some fit-spiration from the toned bodies of some of our favorite Bond characters of all time? Take a cue from some of these iconic Bond bods and read on for our favorite fitness equipment that will help you achieve your beach body in time for swimsuit season.

1. Get Halle Berry’s Flawless Hour Glass Figure

Halle Berry’s workout routine included light strength training in addition to small duration of cardio, 4-5 times a week. The secret to Berry’s flawless hour glass shape and flat tummy is incorporating resistance to your cardio, so that you are burning calories and adding muscle tone all at once.

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Whether you choose to speed walk uphill, run outdoors, or use an elliptical machine, you’ll finish with your lower body toned, keeping the curves in all the right places. Berry’s trainer Ramona Braganza, suggests using an advanced total-body elliptical, perfect for getting in a quick but intense interval training workout. Added resistance in conjunction with interval training (intense training with intervals of active rest) achieves maximum fat burn, even in a time crunch.

allows you to build your resistance level manually or through a pre-programmed workout. This will cut down the dread factor, leaving you excited to sneak in your workout. The blades rotate with a smooth and quiet motion to ensure a disruption-free routine at home.


2. Imitate Daniel Craig’s Buff Body in Casino Royale

The most recent James Bond character is played by blonde and buff actor Daniel Craig. Craig’s performances in Casino Royale in 2005 and Skyfall in 2012, required the British hunk to adhere to a routine of intense training and a strict low-carb diet. For his second performance as Bond, Craig was 42 and has admitted that learning that the script included a topless scene caused his “vanity to sink in.”

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Craig worked with his longtime fitness consultant Simon Waterson, who prescribed intense strength and circuit training workouts five days a week and active rest cardio sessions on the weekends. The main target for bulking up during training for his second Bond performance was upper body. In addition to lifting at least 3 days per week, Craig also utilized a rower, a great way to build the upper body while also burning calories through its increased range of motion. Keeping your body balanced and straight with rowing also helps build your abdominal muscles, which helps you attain the coveted six pack that Craig is famous for.

is a great option for those who want to work their way up to a full intensity rowing routine, as it allows you to customize resistance to meet your fitness level and needs. This high-tech fitness rower also features an updated LCD screen that keeps tracks of your stats to keep you focused and goal-driven.


3. Channel Your Inner Bronzed Goddess With Ursula Andress’ Low-Maintenance Routine

Ursula Andress’ iconic blonde bombshell slowly emerges from the ocean wearing a white bikini in 1962’s Dr. No and it has become a legendary scene in cinematic history. The Swiss actress, who is now in her sixties, has maintained her stunning body through elevating activities like walking and taking the stairs to a workout-worthy level.

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For instance, Andress told, “I get all the exercise I need in daily living. I never walk, I just run.” You can adopt this low-maintenance approach to your fitness routine too. Whether you take the stairs at work in lieu of the elevator, or switch to running on your nightly dog walks, using a fitness tracking device will help you monitor your progress to maintain your motivation and keep your momentum steady. We love the

for its ease of use and convenience. The sleek design brings you function and style, and does not look bulky on your wrist like so many other fitness watches on the market.


4.  Get Beach-Ready Like Pierce Brosnan and Upgrade Basic Exercises

Irish heartthrob Pierce Brosnan played James Bond from 1995-2004. With his lithe frame and tall, dark, and handsome good looks, Brosnan never had to try too hard to look sexy both on and off-screen. His relaxed approach to fitness included daily cardio sessions, basic sit-ups, push-ups and a thorough stretching routine to prevent injury and muscle weakness.

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Brosnan has been seen doing outdoor beach workouts using his own body weight to strength train. These simple exercises are great for adding natural resistance to your muscles, making your body work harder to keep stable. To attain amplified results from these basic exercises, add resistance and use a weighted medicine ball. The Kamagon Ball intensifies your exercises by utilizing “hydro-inertia”technology to keep your body challenged and your muscles engaged. Put simply, the water filled fitness ball intensifies your workout by using the unsteady weight of water to make your muscles work harder to keep weight stabilized.


5. Train Like a Bodybuilder in True Sean Connery Style

Sean Connery was the first actor to fill the role of James Bond in the series debut film, Dr. No in 1962. His classic good looks and toned body in the film set the standard for the next six Bond incumbents that followed in his footsteps. Many people don’t know that before his acting career began, Connery enjoyed a three-year long career as a bodybuilder. During his bodybuilding days, Connery trained hard with a former military coach to build muscle and gain mass for competitions. The now famous Bond actor placed number 3 in the Mr. Universe competition in 1953. Naturally, Connery’s buff background gave him an edge in preparing for Bond role.

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If you desire an ultra-buff physique comparable to that of a bodybuilder, weight training, heavy lifting and a diet rich in protein and amino acids will be necessary. Jump-start your routine with this multi-functional Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Bench. This at-home bench provides you with a solid foundation, allowing you to perform a number of different exercises using both weights and body mass to bulk up quickly. The adjustable and detachable barbell and bench allow for targeted strength training, while also giving you the option to work several muscle groups for interval circuit training. You’ll have a buff Bond beach bod in no time.

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