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You’ve Heard of a Standing Desk, But What About This Spinning Desk?

* Standing desks offer plenty of health benefits, but this desk bike takes it to new level
* Squeeze in bike ride while answering e-mails or watching TV
* It’s adjustable, so everyone in the family can enjoy it, no matter their height

According to the CDC, one in four Americans spends more than eight hours a day sitting down. Spending that much time sedentary, often hunched over a computer, can lead to spinal problems, as well as increase the risk of diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

For that reason, many people have been investing in standing desks for their office, and these desks have been shown to help people burn up to 170 more calories when compared to the same amount of time sitting. In another seven-week study, 87% of people found that standing increased their energy and vigor. So if a standing desk has countless additional health benefits, what about a spinning desk? This desk by Flexispot is an exercise bike-slash-desk combo, designed to help you get in a little workout while you’re well, at work.

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This desk has enough space for your laptop, notepad and cup of coffee, while letting you stand or sit. While seated, you can also put your feet on the attached pedals and get some spinning in, say, to burn off that fast food lunch you had, or to activate your muscles after a long, seated meeting.

You don’t need to be limited to working while using this bike desk either – you can be enjoying Netflix, a good book or your morning cup of coffee while adding that extra bit of movement to your life. The desk is designed to be whisper quiet, so it won’t disturb or annoy you while you’re trying to concentrate. It also has a pneumatic adjustment lever, so anyone in the family, no matter their height, can enjoy it. Set it up in your home office, living room, or anywhere else you see fit, and squeeze in those essential exercise minutes while staying productive.

This bike has a 4.5-star review from hundreds of reviewers, who praise its quick set up (just five minutes!), ease of use and sturdiness and durability. Not only is it great for exercise, users say the bike has helped them improve focus at work, decrease stress and lower anxiety. At the very least, they say it’s helped them to pass the time quicker at work, all while doing something positive for their health.

The bike comes in two colors — white or black — and is backed by a generous manufacturer’s warranty.