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Get Fit Using the Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer

Working out just got easy with the Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer. Busy schedules often prevent us from giving our bodies the care they need. Finding time for the gym is a daily challenge that many of us face. This new and compact trainer from Ab Rocket is always ready for you at home.

Designed for any age group, the Ab Rocket Abdominal trainer is easy to assemble and use. With three resistance levels, you can adjust the settings to your speed and skill. Weighing only 10 lbs, you can carry the Ab Rocket to any room in your house — or even for an outdoor workout session.

This sophisticated and light apparatus will make you feel like you’re actually at the gym. The cushions are positioned to give your head and neck adjustable support. The rolling cushion cradles your back while you do crunches, preventing your spine from touching the floor.

For those skeptical of weight room gear, the Ab Rocket comes with a free “fat-blasting” tutorial system. The package includes a tasty low-calorie meal plan and easy-to-make recipes. The instructional DVD has a series of five-minute ab workouts, a cardio sequence, and a mini Pilates course.

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