This Stress Check Roller Ball Helps You Stay Relaxed & Rested

This Works Stress Check Roller Ball
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* Promote mental & physical health with the Stress Check Roller Ball
* Unique blend of eucalyptus, frankincense and lavender oils
* Enjoy calm days and restful nights

Reduce stress and induce serenity with the Stress Check Roller Ball from This Works. Rub the therapeutic blend of eucalyptus, frankincense essential oil, coconut oil and lavender oil on your wrists to create a calm state of mind to start the new year strong.

Eucalyptus counteracts against mental and physical fatigue, while also reducing inflammation, clearing your sinuses and gently stimulating your senses. Frankincense essential oil relieves anxiety, boosts your immunity and serves as an antiseptic. Lavender oil lavishes it’s nerve-easing properties upon you by improving circulation and treating respiratory problems.

The aroma of this unique formula will help you feel more relaxed. To get the most benefit, you can also use the Stress Check Roller Ball to gently massage the pulse points at your forehead, neck and joints. Don’t like the feeling of the roller ball on your skin? Rub it into a tissue or warm towel and inhale the vapors instead. Because the ingredients are all-natural, the Stress Check Roller Ball is safe to use for everyone, including children and pregnant women.

Keeping up with the daily hustle can leave you feeling down in the dumps. As stress accumulates and relaxation wanes, the ingredients of this homeopathic blend will restore your vitality.


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