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De-Stress for Less: 4 Effective Stress Management Courses Under $20

* Manage stress for $20 or less
* Lifetime access to course materials
* Take courses at your convenience

It’s a crazy world we live in these days. Many would say stress is at an all-time high, whether it’s from money, relationships, politics, or maybe your favorite band broke up. Whatever your reason for being tense, de-stressing is vital for your well-being and your health.

So, we’re bringing you four easy-to-follow courses to help you de-stress as needed. For each, you get lifetime access to the materials. The courses are available for you to take anytime, at your convenience. And, they’re available right now for huge discounts, all less than $20.

1. Stress 180 – Transform Your Stress and Win at Life and Work

Do you wake up in the morning exhausted, in desperate need of coffee? Do little things like missing the train or someone talking too loud on their cell phone annoy you? If so, you may not be managing your stress properly.

Thankfully, this course reveals the game-changing difference between responding to stress and reacting to stress. It also provides an introduction to principles of mindfulness meditation to empower you to become aware of stress so you can manage it in real time. You can even build a personalized plan to improve your physical and mental health with this hands-on guide to stress management.

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2. 7 Days to Happiness – Stress Management Tips

Here’s a way to beat stress, burnout, worries and feel better: Quick and easy brain-based tips that use fun to bust away your stress. Does that sound a little too perky for your fussy disposition? Don’t worry. This course will help boost your mood with 7 reliable, easy, and portable mental exercises, plus give you a toolkit filled with happiness tips. You can draw on these anytime or anywhere you start to feel your stress levels rise.

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3. Anger Management Secrets That Really Work

Are you a bit of a hot head? Then, you should definitely check out this bestselling course. You’ll learn why you get angry, your dominant anger type, and how to uproot the source of your anger at its core. That sounds intense, but effective. The course also shows you how to avoid anger and maintain your composure by cultivating healthy, useful states of consciousness. Plus, it guides you on increasing your emotional awareness to heal your negative emotions. And by the end of the course, you should be able to create a state of deep relaxation at will.

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4. Stress Management: 40+ Easy Ways to Deal with Stress

Perhaps we’ve saved the best for last. This is currently the #1 bestselling Stress Management course on Udemy. It was created by an expert on human behavior and is rooted in scientific studies. But, the material is delivered in a fun manner, which makes complex ideas more understandable.

You’ll learn how to analyze stress and identify where it comes from. This course teaches four valuable relief strategies for dealing with stress. And, it provides 10 examples of each, giving you 40 helpful paths to follow. Find the one that works best for you. You’ll also discover how to create a personal action plan to help you manage pressure and stress with grace.

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