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Perspiration Inspiration: The 8 Best Headbands and Wristbands for Safe Sweating

* A mix of the top sweatbands to keep you looking great while working out
* Includes bands for yoga, daytime lounging and long distance running
* These bands will keep your hair out of your face or work to absorb your sweat

Russell Brand, Kristen Stewart and David Beckham have all been known to wear sweatbands. While they do look good on these celebrities, exercise headbands serve more of a function than a fashion.

Most sweatbands can be worn either on your head or your wrist, depending on design, and are used to keep your sweat and hair out of your eyes. Use them to dry your face and keep annoying short strands in place, too. These eight options are less than 20 bucks and are well-reviewed online.

1. Self Pro Mens Headband

With an enlarged forehead covering, this sweat-targeting headband will keep your face free from moisture even in the harshest of conditions. The lightweight design and stretchy material also ensure you remain comfortable during your workout.


2. Suddora Headbands

Enjoy that classic workout look with Suddora headbands. Available in a huge range of colors, including eye-catching neons, these simple 80% cotton headbands are great for keeping sweat out of your face while you workout.


3. Suddora Striped Wrist Sweatbands

Available in a red, white and blue or rainbow design, this pair of comfortable wristbands allows you to wipe away all your sweat while working out. The flexible material and one-size-fits-all elasticity means they’re ideal for both wrist and forearm use, too.


4. Nextour Sweatband

These 100% cotton bands do exactly what they say on the tin. Whether you’re hitting the gym or training to become the next Federer, the high-wicking organic cotton will allow you to stay focused on the task while looking great. Numerous colors are available. The six-piece set pictured includes a set in gray, white and black.


5. Seven Flowers Bandana Scarf and Cooling Towel

A multi-purpose sweatband, this bandana scarf from Seven Flowers can be worn as a headband or used as a cooling towel. The microfiber material is soft to the touch and excellent at quickly removing excess moisture. As an added benefit, the sweatband cools up to 30 degrees below average body temperature when wet with cold water.


6. Moisture Wicking Turban Headband

This slip-over lycra headband allows you to choose from a number of different ways to wear it. You can have a different style for every day of the week as you enjoy workouts free from dripping sweat. And if you get stuck for inspiration, the headband also comes with a styling card and a free ponytail holder.


7. Mission VaporActive Cooling Marathon Headband

Never let a hair get out of place with these Mission Cooling Headbands. The slim cut allows the headband to sit perfectly on your head like a hairband, in order to keep your hair in place without feeling constricting. Internal particles found within the material also help to capture odor-causing molecules, helping to prevent any unwanted odors during exercise.


8. BLOM Women’s Headband for Yoga

This women’s headband features a moveable knot and stylish pleat detailing. The quality fabric clings to your head without leaving you feeling constricted, while the flexible free-flowing band can be positioned for a variety of uses, such as yoga, running or just lounging around the house.