Nay, Palm: The 6 Best OTC Treatments for Sweaty Palms

sweaty palms treatments over-the-counter
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* Excessive palm sweating can lead to some pretty uncomfortable situations
* Sweaty hands can be caused by a number of issues, including hyperhidrosis
* These treatments manage palm sweating and are available over the counter

You may have always thought that getting “sweaty palms” was nothing more than an expression used in tense situations. The reality is people do actually suffer from sweaty palms for more reasons than simply nerves. This condition is often brought on by emotional stress or some form of thermoregulation, or even a combination of the two. It can even be so serious that it becomes classed as a medical condition – known as palmar hyperhidrosis.

While the situation isn’t of particular medical concern, ever-present sweat on the palms can lead to some pretty uncomfortable situations. Holding hands with your partner, playing sports that require gripping things and shaking hands with others are just a few situations in which sweaty hands are a huge drawback. The good news is that there are a number of over-the-counter treatments that can put you back in control of your palm sweat.

1. Cramer Firm Grip

This Cramer Firm Grip is a hand treatment specifically designed to help athletes gain control during sweat-filled activities. The anti-slip spray features a wood rosin-based formula that helps improve your grip without any unwanted sticky feeling. On top of helping your hands, the spray can also be used to keep clothes in place during vigorous activity or provide traction on other artificial surfaces.

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2. SweatBlock Antiperspirant Lotion

You’ll never have to worry about shaking another hand and leaving it sweaty with this SweatBlock Antiperspirant Lotion in your arsenal. Simply apply some of the lotion to your hands and enjoy sweat-free palms. It can also be used on your feet for the same effect, and it provides a great option for gamers, climbers and athletes who need to stay dry under pressure.

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3. Carpe Antiperspirant Hand Lotion

The Carpe Antiperspirant Hand Lotion is another popular option for getting hyperhidrosis under control. With over 600 5-star reviews, you can be confident in its ability to help you. All you need is a pea-sized amount rubbed into your palms to give you the confidence to grab your partner’s hand without fear of an uncomfortable, sweat-filled pocket between your palms. The smooth lotion is also non-greasy and made from eucalyptus oil and moisturizing ingredients. Through its formula, this Carpe product cares for your hands while curing them.

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4. Gamer Goo Antiperspirant Dry Grip

Even if you don’t suffer from hyperhidrosis, high-pressured competition can make any man or woman sweat from the palms. Whether it’s tennis, bowling, shooting or even a really intense smartphone game, this Gamer Goo was made to help you out. Not only will it rid your palms of sweat, it’s also available in a choice of scents, including orange, cinnamon and peppermint. Therefore, Gamer Goo boasts the ability to keep your hands sweat-free and smelling great for hours, so you can rest assured it’s not going to be your sweaty palms that cost you the win.

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5. Body Balance Prevent Excessive Sweating Gel

This Body Balance Gel has been clinically proven to prevent excess sweating. That means after you’ve massaged a treatment into your hands, you’ll be able to shake even the most intimidating hands knowing your palms are going to remain sweat-free. The gel is quickly absorbed into the skin and works fast to rid your palms of sweat. This gel is ideal for keeping about yourself for moments of unexpected perspiration. In addition, it’s not just on your palms that this gel is effective. Your feet, inner groin, chest, armpits and even your face can also benefit from this Body Balance program. Plus, it uses only natural ingredients to achieve the result.

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6. Duradry 3-Step Protection System

For a more long term answer to your sweating worries, it’s worth trying the Duradry Protection System . With a course of the effective 3-step treatment, you can enjoy up to 8 weeks of sweat-free hands. As the name suggests, the process requires 3 simple steps – bedtime gel, morning antiperspirant and a deep clean wash. Once these are complete, you’ll begin seeing results almost immediately, with over 97% of users achieving full dryness within a week. Imagine how many hands you could shake with 8 weeks a sweat-free palms.

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6 Over-The-Counter Solutions For People With Sweaty Hands & Hyperhidrosis