Sweet Dreams: Would You Use a Sleep Pod?

Sleep pod

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* Provides privacy when sharing a room
* Keeps you warm in drafty rooms
* Three options for every budget

One of the hottest new trends in sleep accommodations is the sleep pod. Sounds outer spacey and futuristic right? But, they serve a very practical purpose here and now. For one, they offer privacy when you can’t get it, like when you have to share a dorm room. And, they’re a great way to keep extra warm, especially if you’re near a drafty air conditioner. Plus, they save space and well, add just the right touch of weird and whimsy to your bedroom.

So, if you think a sleep pod could work for you, here are a few to consider.

1. TQUAD Floorless Indoor Privacy Tent

No need to turn up the heat when you have the TQUAD Floorless Indoor Privacy Tent. It keeps you warm in drafty rooms, which lets you save on heating bills in the winter. The mesh vent on top prevents condensation, while the waterproof fabric blocks drafty breezes that blow through. Other perks: it’s machine washable, has a touch-friendly pocket for smart devices, and works on the floor, too.

Sleep pod


2. Privacy Pop Bed Tent

The simple, smart Privacy Pop Bed Tent provides you with a private space that keeps the other people in your room out of your business. It’s spacious enough to give you room to read, relax, do homework or sleep. The mesh window allows air and light to flow in, and, there’s a convenient cord port that accommodates plugging in devices outside the tent. It fits most common beds, is simple to set up and folds flat for easy storage and transportation.

Sleep pod


3. The Tranquility Pod

Perhaps you want the pod that has it all. The Tranquility Pod uses pleasant sound, gentle vibration and soothing light to transport you – body, mind and spirit – into a tranquil state of relaxation. Handcrafted from fiberglass, this superior pod’s ellipsoid exterior blocks 90% of outside noise, while inside, music plays from the integrated 80-watt, four-speaker sound system via your smartphone or music player. Not enough? It also has a biofeedback system that uses a pulse sensor that synchronizes your heart rate with 50 LEDs housed in the pod’s inner perimeter that create ambient mood lighting for calming the mind. You’ll also love the ultra-suede-topped, memory foam cushion that covers a temperature-controlled waterbed with two lofty ultra-suede pillows. That is, if you’re into that kind of thing and have a few bucks to spare.

Sleep pod

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