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This Underarm Kit Helps You Ease Into Switching to Natural Deodorants

* Transitioning to natural deodorants often results in a few super smelly weeks
* This kit aids in the transition, eliminating the stinky adjustment
* It includes a detox masque, natural deodorant and a dusting powder

The natural deodorant craze is here to stay (for good reason). Most antiperspirants work by clogging your underarm pores to prevent sweat from escaping your body. That just sounds bad for you, but the negative effects reach further than that. Antiperspirants also contain varying amounts of aluminum, which has been tentatively linked to degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and some cancers.

If you’ve done any research into switching out your antiperspirant for a natural deodorant, you’ll know the transition usually comes with a horribly smelly period. Once you eliminate the powerful antiperspirant from your underarms, it’s like your body goes crazy and produces an insane amount of smell-inducing bacteria. Most natural deodorants, which often contain fragrances and antibacterials to prevent negative smells from occurring, just can’t keep up with the transition period. However, your body will normalize after a week or two and at that point, a natural deodorant will most likely be able to take on your body odor.

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Some people never stop using antiperspirants for fear of the stinky transition period. If you’re one of those people (or anyone else considering the switch), consider using the Complete Underarm Detox Kit. This kit makes switching to natural deodorants easy and smell free.

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The three included steps prep your pits and give you the tools to remain fresh during the detox period. The first step is a charcoal-powered Detox Masque, which removes any harmful toxins your body is storing away in your underarms. The kit also includes a silicone applicator to make this step easy and mess free.

The second step is a natural deodorant that includes powerful odor neutralizers. It also babies the skin thanks to the included aloe vera and tea tree oil. And, because men and women are different, the men’s kit includes a scent of sandalwood and sage, while the women’s natural deodorant smells of rose and lavender.

Finally, the third step of the kit is possibly the most important. Because you won’t be using antiperspirant to stop sweat, you’ll most likely notice liquid-y pits during the transition period. So, this detox kit includes a dusting powder to keep you dry and relatively fresh throughout the day.

It’s also important to note the Complete Underarm Detox Kit is made from totally natural products in the USA. So, if you’re switching to natural deodorants, be sure to order this kit. Your friends, family, gym buddies and coworkers would thank you, but they’ll likely never tell the difference in your body odor anyway.


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