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Therabody Is Hosting a Super-Rare Sale on Their Best Massage Guns This Week Only

Therabody makes some of the best massage guns and best mini massage guns in the game. Their powerful percussive technology and sleek designs elevate their guns beyond most other products in the space. They also sell at prices beyond what most people can afford, and discounts are notoriously rare. That’s why we wanted you to know that now through July 24th Therabody is offering 10% off some of their most elite massage guns, and we definitely recommend taking advantage of the sale.

The sale is to celebrate one of their Therabody athletes, Collin Morikawa, winning the British Open this past weekend, and includes their Theragun PRO, Elite and Prime Guns. These are their most expensive, and most impressive, recovery devices and getting them at a discount is something we highly recommend not missing out on.

Here are all of the guns included in the sale, and a few key details about each.

Theragun PRO

$599.00 $539.00

This is the brand’s most expensive and advanced massage gun. It’s got a Quiet Force QX150 motor that’s designed to deliver 60 pounds of no-stall force while being 50% quieter than previous models. It boasts 300 hours of battery life on one charge and is equipped with an ergonomic, adjustable arm with four different positions to choose from so there’s no sore spot you can’t reach. It’s got an OLED screen that tracks for force and syncs up with an app as well.

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Courtesy of Therabody


Theragun Elite

$399.00 $359.00

This is their quietest massage gun design, and delivers powerful muscle treatment with advanced sound insulation so your recovery isn’t disturbed by excessive noise. It’s got an ergonomic handle as well as 120 minutes of battery life. It also has a customizable speed range between 1750-2400 PPM, and five programmed speeds you can choose between in the app. It doesn’t have as powerful of a motor as the PRO or as long of a battery life, but for the average user it’s a high-end gun that will last you for years.

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Courtesy of Therabody


Theragun Prime

$299.00 $269.00

This is a simplified, more affordable version of their most advanced massage guns that comes with all the same percussion technology and fewer bells and whistles. It’s got an ergonomic grip and customizable speed range, and also has the ability to sync with an app for digital controls. It’s designed to penetrate 60% deeper into the muscle than average massagers and comes with 120 minutes of battery life on one charge. It also comes with four different attachment heads for targeting different muscle groups that are made of non-porous, closed-cell foam that’s easy to clean and more hygenic overall.

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