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Tom Brady Wants You to Sleep Better: 4 Best Pieces From His Sleepwear Collab With Under Armour

* Under Armour enlists top athletes to help improve your sleep
* Far Infrared technology enhances athletic recovery
* Brings to light the importance and effectiveness of a good night’s sleep

A hugely under-appreciated and under-utilized component of a healthy, active lifestyle is good sleep. Part of reaching your health and fitness goals is by allowing your body to recover, and sleep is when that happens.

To offer people some much needed help, Tom Brady and Misty Copeland (one of the world’s top ballerinas) have joined forces with Under Armour to create TB12 Athlete Recovery Sleepwear. By utilizing a bioceramic print on the inside, the clothing absorbs body heat and reflects Far Infrared, a type of infrared energy that aids sleep. Below are some of the best pieces from this innovative line.

1. Men’s Athlete Recovery Shorts

Ditch your old boxers and get shorts that work for you by reducing inflammation, regulating cell metabolism and improving sleep. Also, a loose, stretchy fit and plush waistband will ensure they stay comfortable throughout the night.

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2. Women’s Athlete Recovery Henley

Ultra soft, stretchy fabric is used for this rest-improving TB12 recovery henley. The modal fabric wicks away sweat and moisture for even more comfort.

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3. Men’s Athlete Recovery Short Sleeve

Soft, stretchy modal fabric makes this a TB12 must have for guys looking to get better, performance-improving sleep. This black tee looks great and works with your wardrobe outside the bedroom, too.

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4. Women’s Athlete Recovery Pants

These relaxed-fit joggers elevate loungewear with the advanced technology for comfortable, restful sleep. Take these out for a run or workout too — the material wicks away sweat and dries quickly.

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