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City Zen: 9 Ways to Grab a Moment of Tranquility in Your Hectic Urban Life

* New ways to reclaim your calm
* Soothing aids from apps to desktop stress-busters
* Portable ideas to create peace of mind anywhere

Sometimes the buzz of modern life can get a bit loud, with emails, texts, work and family all vying for our attention. So how to regroup and reclaim a little calm through all this? Try any of these nine ways to encourage a little tranquility in your hectic urban life, all of them portable and ready to go anywhere.

1. Headspace Meditation App

This popular guided meditation app works on the freemium model, but even the basic download is packed with themed sessions on everything from stress to sleep, exercises for extreme cases of stress, and best of all, short, bite-sized meditations when there’s only a few minutes to regroup and get your mellow back.

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Image Courtesy of Headspace[/caption]


2. Zen Stones

Why should aquarium fish have all the fun? Repurpose these fish tank stones as calming reminders to focus on your “bliss” and keep your attitude in “relax” mode. Scatter them around your workspace or keep one tucked into your pocket.

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Image Courtesy of Petco[/caption]


3. Zen and the Art of Happiness

Pick this up in a lightweight paperback or download it to your devices for a thoughtful pick me up. Author Chris Prentiss offers techniques to handle stress and gently change your outlook on life for healthier, happier results. Even if there’s only time to read a few paragraphs, the wisdom you’ll encounter will lift your mood immediately.

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4. Tazo Zen Tea

Sometimes drinking is the best stress reliever – especially if it’s a soothing green tea spiked with lemongrass and spearmint. This refreshing blend is easy on the caffeine, so you’ll be gently restored to an alert and energized state.


5. Zen Garden Desk Set

Create a mini-oasis of peace and reflection right at your workspace, bedside or pretty much anywhere. With a little removable adhesive, you could even keep this zen garden set in your car to ward off any road rage. For frequent travelers, it’s small enough to be packed in a pouch or box to keep the calm vibes with you wherever you go.


6. Mini Bonsai

Nothing brings about a sense of calm better than nature, so nurture a bit of tranquility anywhere you have a surface with this mini bonsai tree. Use it as a visual focal point while doing deep breathing exercises to re-center yourself during a hectic day.


7. Essential Oil Diffuser

Take a breather when things feel crazy – literally. This essential oil diffuser quietly vaporizes the calming scent of your choice. Try peppermint when you need a mood lifter, or lavender to encourage a relaxing atmosphere.


8. Meditation Cushion

Compact and portable, this organic buckwheat-filled meditation cushion comes with a sewn-on strap for easy carry. Available in a rainbow of colors, it can be kept tucked under your desk or even inside a drawer for a comfy perch to clear your mind.


9. Buddha Board

Consider it the Etch-a-Sketch for grown ups in need of some zen. Paint designs on the board with water. As it dries, the image fades, reminding you to live in the moment.

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