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Stand Out on the Courts For More Than Just Your Serve With These Unique Pickleball Paddles

Pickleball, aka America’s new favorite pastime, has experienced a tremendous surge in popularity between 2019 and 2021. The New York Times reported a 40% increase in participation nationwide, a surge largely fueled largely by older users who like the fast pace, relatively low intensity compared to tennis and the low barrier to entry.

Along with the rise in the sport’s popularity has come an expansion in the options for pickleball paddles, many of which are performance-oriented and, admittedly, not the cutest.

You can buy a wide range of pickleball sets that include everything from basic beginner paddles at a lower price point to higher level paddles built with more complex dinking technology. But the paddles that have caught our eyes as commerce editors, admittedly, aren’t the ones that are going to help you win the match. They’re the cute, aesthetic ones designed to get likes on Tik Tok. Because why can’t you combine style with performance at your local miniature courts?

Companies like Nettie and Recess have hopped on the scene in the past year or so to make the sport of pickleball cute, IG-worthy and help yours stand out amongst all the other boring, basic paddles.

Today, we’re talking about the most unique pickleball paddles money can buy. Whether you already stand out on the court for your skills and need a paddle to match or are bored of the standard practical pick you made, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading for a few of our favorite unique pickleball paddle brands, our top picks from their selection and some colorful ones available on Amazon at very reasonable price points.

Unique Pickleball Paddles of 2022

Recess Pickleball Paddles

Recess is one of the most recent brands to hop on the scene with colorful, fun pickleball paddles built to last through tough matches. Each paddle has a more basic side and a patterned side for flair, as well as a matching handle. They have one basic paddle that comes in a bunch of patterns with different names.

We’ve chosen a few of our favorites but definitely recommend scoping out their entire library to find one that fits your personality and more importantly, your style of play.

Courtesy of Recess
Our top pick


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The Miramar pickleball paddle design is a part of Recess’ holiday collection and comes with a color-blocking pattern that’s modern and simplistic at the same time. It has a fiberglass exterior and a honeycomb core, with a faux leather grip for comfort. It’s lightweight and perfect for stowing in the back of your car for an impromptu match up!

Courtesy of Recess

Another pattern option in Recess’ holiday collection is this Ojai paddle that perfect captures the spirit of Southern California. It’s got an aquatic print with burnt orange and pink tones that’s bright and chic. It’s also made with the same fiberglass exterior and performance foam interior for optimal hits.

Courtesy of Recess

Recess also has a mini collection of artist collaboration paddles that are available at a higher price point than the rest of their products. Will Bryant is an illustrator and artist based out of Austin who designed the pattern on these paddles. He’s known for his colorful, eclectic and humorous work. This set comes with two complimentary paddles that’s perfect for a couple, team or pickler who always likes to have an extra to lend to someone.

Nettie Pickleball Paddles

Nettie is another colorful, artistic pickleball paddle brand designed for the aesthetically-inclined. SPY Editors were sent a sample of their double pack and were impressed by the vivid colors and weighted quality of the paddles. They’re great to play with and have minimal scuffing after a few matches.

Courtesy of Nettie

Made for a pickleball duo, Nettie’s set comes in four different patterns including Bainbridge, pictured here. It comes with two paddles, balls and sweatbands for moisture management (a necessary addition if you’re playing right).

Courtesy of Nettie

The Bedford is another one of Nettie’s retro patterns perfect for standing out on the court. The design is inspired by the subways in Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn, New York, where the Nettie CEO first started playing pickleball. It’s made with a fiberglass exterior and a honeycomb interior for bounce and responsiveness.

Courtesy of Nettie
Best for experienced players

Nettie also makes an entire collection of Pro paddles designed for enhanced performance with a 3K twilled carbon fiber surface for maximized durability and the largest sweet spot possible. It creates tension for optimal ball spin and has a 16 millimeter width for giving players for control and finesse over their game.

Unique Pickleball Paddles on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

No one will mistaken their paddle for yours if you’re playing with this lime green paddle. Its bright exterior might be flashy, but rest assured it means business with a polypropylene fiberglass exterior for generous forgiveness and sweet spots and a widebody for increased command over each swing.

Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re looking for a unique pickleball pattern, this one from VINSGUIR comes with a colorful, busy, retro doodle design that’ll definitely stick out on the court. These paddles weigh just 7.8 ounces for optimal lightness and power but have a sturdy, durable core made of graphite. The grip has an ergonomic shape, and the set comes with two paddles and a bunch of balls so you’re prepared anytime a match strikes.

Courtesy of Amazon

This pickleball paddle set from Panel Sound has all the performance specs you want from a paddle along with a trippy intergalactic pattern for a unique feel. It’s got a long 4.8 inch handle for easy holding that’s covered in an anti-slip material as well as perforated tape for absorbing sweat.

Courtesy of Amazon

This set doesn’t just come with uniquely-patterned paddles but is a four-pack, so if you’ve got a full family team or a larger group you’re buying for you can get a bunch of the same paddles with one purchase. Each paddle has a 4 and 4/5″ grip for easy control as well as a replacement grip when it inevitably wears out from hours of play. The set also comes with four balls and a carrying bag for easy transport to and from the court.

Courtesy of Amazon

Another artistic pickleball paddle 2-pack is this one from niupipo. The paddle surfaces are delicately colored with a watercolor-esque pattern and have a durable honeycomb structure for competitive gameplay. They’re made with thin fiberglass for lightness and control and have edge guards for protection during particularly hard hits or serves.