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Add An Air Stability Cushion To Your Workout Routine

* Improve your balance, coordination and stability
* Works for both sitting and standing workouts
* You can use it at home, or in the office

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to work on that beach body. AmazonBasics has created an air stability cushion designed to help improve your balance, coordination and stability.

The concept behind a stability cushion is to create an insecure feeling, so that you have to work your muscles harder to maintain balance. It’s 14 inches in diameter, and can be used not only for your at-home workout, as it can be incorporated into yoga and Pilates workouts, but also at your office, to improve posture and strengthen your core.

It’s best used for exercises that involve active sitting or standing, particularly core strengthening. One side has larger, more spiky dimples that you can stand on, while the other side has smaller dimples more preferable for sitting. It’s made of PVC, so it’s durable and can easily handle your weight.

The cushion comes with a small hand pump, so you can easily inflate it to your desired level of firmness.

Rather than having to cart around a cumbersome exercise ball, this lightweight device can help you complete an effective workout any time, anywhere. You can even use it with overactive children, to help keep them seated at the dinner table. It’s time to upgrade your workout with this versatile stability cushion. And at just $13, there’s no better time to try it out.

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