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Vegans Can Now Enjoy Tasty Plant-Based Whey Protein Thanks To Microflora

Whey protein has long been only for the benefit of those who want, or are able, to stomach cow’s milk. For vegans, or those who simply can’t tolerate milk, whey protein is just something they have to do without. That’s changing now though, and it’s all thanks to microflora that can be fed the same diet as a cow, and then go through a process that’ll turn the resulting plant sugars into a milk protein. You could argue it’s not whey protein, but it’s basically identical to it.

One of the reasons whey protein is so widely adopted is that it’s replete with branch-chain amino acids, or BCAAs, which can make a huge difference when it comes to both the recovery and improvement of muscles while training. You can still get on well enough without them coming from your protein powder, but it can be a little tricker for vegans, and often involves combining different food groups for the same effect.

That’s one of the reasons whey protein is considered a “complete” protein. It’s also generally easier for most people to absorb, and can therefore be put to use a lot faster than other alternatives. Well, thanks to this new way of producing whey protein, everyone can benefit from the joys of whey, but without any of the ethical issues surrounding cow’s milk or using animals at all. Only two brands are making use of it at the moment, but we’re confident that number will go up as it becomes easier to create. Just down one of these drinks after the best chest exercises or best back exercises, and you’ll be on your way to an even stronger body.

This protein powder comes in packets, which makes it a little easier to portion out. It has 20g of protein per serving, and 4.6g of BCAAs per serving. It’s also in a fairly rich flavor, which is nice if you want to feel like you’re treating yourself.

This Mixed Berry flavor offers a nice chance to move away from standard chocolate or vanilla into something a little fruitier. It contains 20g of protein per serving, and 4.5g of BCAAs per serving too. It’s ideal for anyone looking to help their recovery after training.