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VooDoo Floss Compression Bands Are the Recovery Tool Your Joints and Muscles Need

When it comes to health, fitness and making progress towards your physical goals, recovery is crucial. Proper recovery includes bigger life rituals like getting enough sleep, eating well and hydrating. There are also practices you can adopt to speed along your muscular and cellular recovery. We’ve covered some of our favorite recovery tools on the site before, and today we want to highlight one in particular that’s proven quite useful in helping out our muscles and joints in between weight-lifting sessions.

The VooDoo Floss Band from Rogue Fitness has made a splash recently as the latest recovery tool in helping athletes improve their range of movement, restore joint function and work through tissue from a previous injury.

After an injury, tissue gets built up and becomes stiff, cold and difficult to move with. This can limit your mobility and affect your performance for years and oftentimes traditional rolling out or lacrosse ball work can only do so much. The VooDoo Floss wraps around the leg tightly, compressing the muscles, ligaments and tissues tightly to re-perfuse the tissues that have been warped or stiffened by an injury or intense use. Once the floss is released blood rushes back into the area that was compressed bringing fresh oxygen and healing as well as flushing out everything you just broke up.

While wearing the VooDoo Floss, move around or even attempt to do certain movements that are a part of your workout regimen. It has a substantial effect on the sliding surface and tissue mobilization and over time can significantly improve recovery times and muscular regeneration.

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The pack contains two bands so you won’t have to worry if your friend “accidentally” steals yours. You can choose between 7′, the ideal length for most individuals, or 28′ in case you prefer to cut your own length. Each band is 2″ wide and made of natural latex rubber that’s smooth and easy on the skin.

It can stretch up to 150% of its original length so don’t be afraid to wrap it as tightly as possible, the tighter the better. Learn more about how to use it and why it works so well on the Rogue Fitness website here.

VooDoo Floss Compression Bands — Rogue Fitness

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Courtesy of Rogue Fitness

You can also purchase these bands on Amazon for slightly less. The following brands are highly-rated and will help your recovery as well.

WOD Nation Muscle Floss Bands

Reduce your muscle soreness and break up intramuscular gunk and junk with these rubber magic bands from WOD Nation. They open up blood flow to injured or sore areas, reduce inflammation, increase mobility and increase your range of motion with repeated use. Break up the built-up scar tissue, lactic acid and other deeper issues foam rolling and other mobility techniques just can’t reach. This set includes a black and red band, one thicker and one slightly thinner for targeting different muscle areas.

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Courtesy of Amazon


Serious Steel Mobility & Recovery Bands

These recovery bands from Serious Steel Fitness are made to become one of your essential performance tools for mobility and an increased range of movement in your joints. It’s all about the “Tack and Floss” recovery method — you tack or hold down tissue while pressure glides over it, creating compression and then relief with increased blood flow and the breaking up of stiff scar tissue. These bands are made of 100% natural latex and 99.9% free of most soluble proteins (the things that generally cause latex allergies).

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POWER GUIDANCE Muscle Floss Bands

Increase the blood and oxygen circulation in your muscles with this handy recovery tool from POWER GUIDANCE. Relieve joint and muscle pain, speed up recovery and increase your range of motion with consistent use of these high-quality bands. They’re made of 100% natural latex and come in two different sizes — a thick band and slightly thicker band for a variety of muscle types and desired depths of recovery.

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Courtesy of Amazon