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Walking Pad Under-Desk Treadmills Are TikTok’s Favorite Fitness Trend — And These 7 Are On Sale!

You can blame it on TikTok.

This winter, Walking Pad treadmills, which is both a brand name and a generic term for under-desk treadmills, are trending, and they’re turning into one of the top post-pandemic fitness trends of the year.

Scaled down, under-desk walking treadmills aren’t new, but they are newly perfect for our work-from-home era, and we can see why. We’ve been writing about treadmills (and walking treadmills specifically), for the past four years at SPY, but we’ve never seen Walking Pads as popular as they are right now with SPY readers. We’ve seen TikTok have the same effect on other product categories, and this winter, walking treadmills are getting a major boost in popularity courtesy of TikTok creators.

If treadmills are your go-to cardio machine at the gym, then a home treadmill might be the perfect way to invest in better health in the new year. And if you spend more than a few days working from home each week, then walking treadmills are an excellent addition to a standing desk work setup.

Best of all, a number of popular Walking Pad treadmills are majorly discounted on Amazon just in time for the holidays. Keep reading to find the best deals, hand picked by SPY editors.


$699.00 $1,099.00 36% off

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This walking treadmill from WalkingPad is a 180-degree folding treadmill that comes with modes for both running and walking. It folds up easily, has a quiet motor and excellent shock absorption, and can be controlled via a remote app.

best design

$349.95 $399.99 13% off

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This chic walking treadmill from Maksone is made with wooden trim along the sides for an added design element to the non-slip running belt. It has a 2.25HP quiet motor and a shock reduction system for keeping you safe while moving. This treadmill arrives fully assembled and comes with 12 different easy-exercise programs to choose from.

$359.99 $469.99 23% off

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Another walking treadmill that’s steeply discounted ahead of the holidays is this one from Urevo, made with a 17-inch wide running belt with five layers of silica gel for non-slip support. It’s made with a motor that supports up to 7.6 mile per hour running and 3.8 mile per hour walking with under desk control. It also arrives fully assembled and ready to use right away.


$949.00 $999.00 5% off

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A new $50 off coupon lets customers save a little bit on the price of the KingSmith X21 Smart Treadmill, one of the newest products from WalkingPad. While it’s not a huge discount, if you want the very best WalkingPad, this is it. This smart treadmill has a really unique design, with an LED digital display screen built into the upper railing. Like all WalkingPad treadmills, it’s foldable and compact, although this model accommodates speeds up to 7.5 miles per hour.

$389.99 $469.99 17% off

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This treadmill from GoYouth has a multi-functional display and a bluetooth speaker for playing music, taking calls or streaming workout classes. It comes with a remote control for speed levels and the non-slip running belt has a speed range of 0.5 to 6 miles per hour.

$299.99 $324.99 8% off

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This walking under-desk treadmill from FYC is also on sale for just under $300. It comes with a remote control for controlling the speed and a user-friendly knob for folding it up for storage after use. It has a multifunctional LED display for referencing the time and your performance, and has speed ranges of 0.5-4.0 miles per hour for walking and up to 7.5 miles per hour for running.

$359.10 $439.99 18% off

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This walking treadmill from Therun is also on sale for 18% off its original price and comes with all the same features as the others, with the addition of an optional tablet platforum up top for streaming shows or walking workouts. It has a one-step hydraulic folding system that makes it easy to set up and 8 shock absorption cushions for extra joint protection.

What Are Walking Treadmills?

Walking treadmills are a specific type of treadmill designed for lower-key (meaning lower-speed) workouts. While you can jog or run on some walking treadmills, they’re designed primarily for walking and speed walking.

Walking treadmills don’t have the wide speed ranges and incline options that larger machines have, so they’re not as good for hardcore cardio workouts. However, they are a perfect addition to a standing desk. In addition, they can be perfectly suited for seniors or folks with mobility challenges. (Sometimes, you really do have to walk before you can run.)

Finally, many walking treadmills feature a folding design so that they can be placed underneath a standing desk. As a result, some of the best walking pad treadmills are compact and foldable.

What Are the Benefits of Walking Pads?

The KingSmith WalkingPad X21 Foldable Treadmill in multiple positions. Courtesy of Amazon

They’re a great way to get passive movement in throughout the workday while also accomplishing other tasks, and because they’re made for walking instead of running they tend to be smaller and easier to fold up and store.

Walking treadmills aren’t just slimmer than regular-sized treadmills, they’re also more affordable due to the more limited capabilities. And right now, a bunch of our favorite models are currently on sale on Amazon for hundreds of dollars off their sticker price. If you’re looking to add more steps into your daily routine in 2023, now’s a great time to splurge.

Are Walking Pads and Walking Treadmills the Same?

You will sometimes hear these terms used interchangeably, but “Walking Pad” more specifically refers to a popular walking treadmill brand. Many Walking Pad products don’t feature a railing of any kind, and so they’re lighter and easier to move than traditional treadmills.

They’re also perfect for work-from-home warriors looking for an under-desk treadmill to get in some cardio during the day.