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Get a Grip on Your Workouts With GymPaws

* Crafted from durable leather and soft, breathable neoprene
* Prevents callusus so that your palms stay soft
* Prevents hand fatigue so you can train harder

When you’re banging out reps at the gym, it’s your muscles that are supposed to get fatigued — not your hands. Friction from gripping dumbbells eventually causes calluses to form. And while many companies have offered workout gloves for your grip, they tend to get sweaty, too tight and uncomfortable. Our solution: GymPaws.

You can buy GymPaws individually for $19.99 each, or you can get a set of the three most popular colors (blue, black, gray) for $45.00. We recommend you buy the three-pack so that you can keep one set in your gym bag, one in your car, and one at home. That way, you’ll never be caught without them.

Crafted from durable leather and soft, breathable neoprene, GymPaws give you a firm grip. They’re lightly padded to prevent hand fatigue so you can bang out the extra reps that make the difference between noodle arms and beefy biceps.

A triple-stitched construction means these workout grips are extremely durable, while a moisture-resistant neoprene backing features four finger loops to keep your grip dry and secure.

Keep in mind that GymPaws aren’t just for weightlifting. Developed by expert trainers and bodybuilders in Venice Beach, CA, GymPaws are also great for crossfit, rowing and doing pull ups, whether you’re at the gym, at the beach or training at home.

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