This $40 Headache Hat is a Life Saver For Hot Flashes & Migraines

what helps headaches ice pack hat
Image courtesy of The Grommet
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* Temperature therapy can minimize the pain of migraines
* This wearable ice pack allows you to apply cold temperatures without the mess
* The Headache Hat can also be used for hot flashes, fevers and sore muscles

If you’ve ever had a migraine, you know how these extreme headaches can ruin your day. The pain and sensitivity makes it hard to do anything but curl up in a ball in the dark. While medicine does eventually help get rid of migraines, it’s only half the battle. You’ll also need to manage the pain in the meantime.

One of the most recommended pain relief techniques for migraines is the use of temperature therapy. Applying a cold compress to the head can lessen the pain by numbing the area. However, baggies full of ice cubes get drippy and messy. That’s why frequent sufferers of migraines and hot flashes should consider investing in the Original Wearable Ice Pack by Headache Hat.

what helps headaches ice pack hat Image courtesy of The Grommet

This headache hat includes an ice pack made up of individual ice cubes filled with purified water. These ice cubes last longer than gel ice and can be positioned to best target the pain. Furthermore, the hat is stretchy and can be used on any part of the head. It can also be used over the eyes to block out light for those suffering from light sensitivity.

In addition, this ice pack includes a fleece barrier to go between your skin and the ice pack if needed. To use it, simply wrap the ice pack in the fleece and then place it on your head. Twenty minutes is the recommended duration unless your doctor has prescribed a different technique.

what helps headaches ice pack hat Image courtesy of The Grommet

The biggest advantages to this headache hat are that it can be worn as you go about your day and other activities. It’s also far less messy than ice cubes.

As well as treating headaches, this wearable ice pack can also be used to minimize hot flashes and fevers. Plus, frequent gym goers could utilize it to cool down after a workout or around sore muscles.

So, if you frequently suffer from migraines or often need temperature therapy, the Original Wearable Ice Pack is a novel idea that will make a world of difference to your pain levels.


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