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Fast Fascia: The Easiest Ways to Relieve Tension and Blast Away Cellulite

* What fascia is and why keeping it healthy matters
* Blast away cellulite with fascia bodywork
* All the tools and info you need to start fascia-blasting

Fascia: It’s the web of fibrous connective tissue that holds muscle, neurons and skin cells together. And when it’s in good condition, it’s flexible and fluid. When it’s not, it’s stiff, tight and restricts blood flow to muscles, limits your range of motion, causes pain and even creates the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin. In response to the latter, new bodywork modalities, eating plans and products have hit the market and have been making the rounds on social media. Here, we’ve parsed through the books, massagers and rollers on fascia healthy to highlight eight ways to relieve tension and blast away cellulite.

1. The Fascia Fix Food Plan

Dr. Sherri Jacobs breaks it down in her book, The Fascia Fix Food Plan. It tells you everything you need to know about eating your way to healthier fascia.


2. Theraflow Foot Massager

Start your fascia-blasting regimen from the bottom up. The Theraflow foot massager has been designed with a floor-gripping, flat-bottomed frame with a massaging wood roller suspended within. Ideal for keeping healthy tissue soft and flexible as well as aiding in recovery from ailments like plantar fasciitis.


3. Cellulite Remover Massage Brush

This massage brush doesn’t actually feature the bristles of a tradition brush – instead, you’ll find two small magnets and a bed of raised nubs to promote blood flow and microcirculation. The circular shape makes it a versatile choice for use on all body parts and is intended for use with your favorite cellulite cream or oil, not directly on dry skin.


4. TailaiMei Cellulite Remover Massager

Dozens of flexible silicone nubs work to massage and plump your skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite and dimples. The material also makes it a great choice for pairing with a cellulite cream or wash, and it comes with an ergonomically designed hand grip for easy use.


5. Coolife Fascia and Cellulite Treatment

While great as a cellulite blaster, this roller is also an ideal tool to loosen up muscles before and after workouts – just grip the handle and roll over the area you’re targeting for 5-10 minutes. This shape is also compact enough for travel or to toss in your gym bag.


6. The Cellulite Myth by Ashley Black and Joanna Hunt

Creator of the Fascia-Blaster, Ashley Black has been one of the most prominent supporter of fascia health on social media. Known as the “body guru to the stars”, her book lays down the foundation for recognizing healthy and unhealthy fascia, plus how to treat it and start looking and feeling better.


7. Fascia and Cellulite Blaster

This roller utilizes multiple nubbed spheres and a wand shape. For wet or dry use, just grab one end of the wand to target harder-to reach places, like your back and shoulders- and both ends with two hands for deeper tissue work.


8. Majestic Pure Cellulite Cream

Powerful ingredients in this cream, like peppermint and pine, naturally reduce inflammation. Chamomile and eucalyptus soothe the outer appearance of skin and relax muscles and fascia. Use it with the roller of your choice to keep your fascia flexible, healthy and fluid.

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