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On The Record: Whitney Port Talks Juggling Surprising Business Venture With Life as a New Mom

* Whitney Port talks life as new mom and new line of organic snacks
* Find out the beauty products Whitney Port can’t live without
* Learn how to be a successful girl boss like Whitney 

From a reality star, to fashion designer, to now a new mom, Whitney Port has been a source of all things fashion and beauty. Now she is breaking into the world of health and nutrition for moms, and moms to-be with her new line of nourishing snacks with Bundle Organics.

Port is the Chief Brand Director of Bundle Organics along side entrepreneur John Mascari. Originally the brand just sold tea and juices, now they offer a variety of snack bars, snack bites, teas, smoothie, and drink mixes for each stage of motherhood. Bundle Organics offers specific snacks and drinks that are organic, accessible and provide women with nutrient filled ingredients for when they are trying to get pregnant, when they are  pregnant, and when they’re breastfeeding.

According to Port, all of Bundle Organics’ products are also great and nutritious for people who aren’t moms as well. Port says anyone can reap the benefits of eating these nutrient-packed snacks. “You won’t suddenly start lactating if you’re a guy eating a Goji Berry Nursing Snack Bar,” she says, with a laugh.

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We recently caught up with Whitney at the launch of Bundle Organics at a Buy Buy Baby store in Los Angeles, to find out what life is like as a new mom, how she’s juggling her new business venture, and what products she can’t live without.

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With Christmas just weeks away it can be difficult to manage work, family time, and getting ready for Christmas. Port says having a big family helps a lot during the holidays.

“During the holidays and in general it’s not just about what you want or need to get done, you have to think about what your kid needs,” she says. “Hosting the holidays at your own house makes things easier.”

This year, Port hosted Thanksgiving at her house, and says she’ll be spending Christmas at her husband’s family’s house in New York. Her tip for parents: “I’ve learned that sending things I’ll need for Sonny (her son) while we are in New York, is easier than bringing a bunch of things with us on the plane,” says Port.

The holiday season can also be a time of over-indulgence for most of us. With all the homemade sweets, delicious but high-calorie egg nog, and abundance of Christmas cookies, it can be hard to stay healthy.

Port says moderation is key when trying to be mindful of your health during Thanksgiving and Christmas. She suggests getting in a quick work out and breaking a sweat the morning of a holiday so when you’re “gorging on drinks and food later in the evening you don’t feel as guilty.”

Aside from being a new mom, Port has shown her ability to be successful and adaptable in different areas of business and entertainment. From her popular fashion line, “Whitney Eve,” to now Bundle Organics, Port obviously knows what she is doing as business woman. She says the best thing a young woman looking to start her own business can do is to “hone in on a specific niche so you can become an expert in it.”

“If you want to be a publicist, intern at different firms, maintain connections, and nurture those relationships. Millennials often think starting an Instagram page will lead to overnight success, and that just isn’t the case for most people,” Port says.

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Another area that can be tricky to make time for when you’re new mom or if you’re just a busy business woman is self care.
Port says there are three products she can’t live without and incorporates them into her daily routine.

 1. Olay Hydrating Facial Spray

This hydrating facial spray by Olay quickly absorbs into your skin while hydrating your tight dry face. Besides providing hydrating, this spray also has a calming affect. It’s aloe leaf and chamomile ingredients help calm your skin and reduces inflammation.


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2.Bundle Organics Salt Nut and Seed Bar

Port says she carries a Bundle Organics snack bar in her bag at all times. “It’s a quick, easy, organic snack I know I will eat that is made with great ingredients.”

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3. IT Cosmetics “Your Skin But Better” CC+ Cream

The IT Cosmetics ” Your Skin But Better” CC Cream is a high coverage moisturizing CC cream that also provides ample sun protection with 50 SPF. “It gives me great coverage without clogging my pores and makes my skin look really even especially for a mom who is tired all the time,” said Port.

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From raising a kid, to promoting her new partnership, to staying mindful of her health, it seems as Port knows how to juggle it all. “I’ve learned that not always having a perfect balance between work and being a mom is normal, being okay with that unbalance is finding your balance,” she says.