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The Power-Packed Fitness Tracker You Don’t Have To Wear

* Tracks health and fitness data from your pocket, handbag or belt
* First-ever tracker with instant heart rate monitoring
* Works with 100+ apps, including some you may already use

Want help keeping fit, but don’t want a tracker strapped to your wrist? Here’s an upgrade worth considering: Withings Pulse Wireless Activity Tracker gives you the personal tracking data you need, but works from inside your pocket, handbag, or clipped discreetly to your belt.

This power-packed tracker follows your daily activity by capturing number of steps taken, burned calories, stairs climbed, elevation and distance traveled. And, for the first time ever on an activity tracker, Withings Pulse adds heart rate measurement. Just press your finger on the back side for instant results. It also offers run stride tracking with displayed racing stats. You can even use its sleep cycle analysis to work your way towards getting a more restorative night’s sleep.

The Withings Health Mate app instantly turns your tracked data into easy to understand graphs displaying trends and showcasing your day-to-day progress. That way, you can make informed choices to improve your health. This brilliant tracker also lets you share tracked data with over 100 health and fitness partner apps, including some you may already use. For instance, log your meals into the MyFitnessPal app and the Health Mate app will reveal their caloric equivalent. Then, it will measure them against the number of calories you burned and reveal how well you’re doing.

It syncs seamlessly via Bluetooth with iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. You can use the touch screen to flip through your browsing history right on the tracker, too. It charges fast via standard Micro-USB to USB cable. And, each charge is good for two weeks on average.

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