These Workout Headbands for Men and Women Keep Your Sweat Controlled and Your Hair Grease-Free

best workout headbands

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There’s nothing quite as satisfying as working up a good sweat during a tough workout. But sweat stinging your eyes and the annoyance of having to constantly dry your face can get in the way of a great set. Once your workout is over, there’s the issue of having to deal with the flat, greasy mess that sweat makes out of your hair (dry shampoo can help!). That’s why when it’s time to hit the gym, the track, the sidewalk, or the court, we recommend packing an exercise headband as part of your workout gear.

Thankfully, headbands are coming back into style and they’ve received a huge upgrade since the cotton sweatbands of the ‘80s. Workout headbands are the new do-everything product, serving purposes like absorbing sweat, cooling you down, protecting your forehead from sun damage, keeping your hair dry and clean and reducing sweat damage in hats and helmets. Headbands also double as a safety item since keeping your eyes clear from hair and sweat improves visibility, which is crucial whether you are running near cars or need to be able to see your teammate passing you the ball.

Headbands are quickly becoming an exercise must-have item for men and women and there are plenty of styles that cater to users with long hair, outdoor athletes, and anyone who needs a little help to tame their mane or their sweat. Check out our top picks for the best workout headbands below.


1.  Temple Tape Headbands for Men and Women


For a headband that offers ample coverage for even the longest and unruliest of manes, we like the breathable design from Temple Tape. The 4-inch wide bands are super lightweight and made of stretchy material that absorbs moisture eight times faster than cotton sweatbands. The headband can easily be folded to match whatever size works for the user to ensure a secure fit that will stay in place without being uncomfortably tight. The non-slip fabric headband is available in a variety of colors and has a low profile that makes it conducive to being worn under a hat or helmet.

temple tape headband Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Halo II Headband Sweatband Pullover


For a grab and go headband that easily slides into place and doesn’t require frequent readjustments, we like the Halo II Headband. Halo utilizes Dryline fabric and their patented SweatBlock Seal to keep your head dry and eyes clear from sweat. The Dryline fabric, which is embedded with silver ions to inhibit bacteria growth, is designed to quickly absorb, wick and evaporate moisture. The interior watertight SweatBlock Seal channels sweat away from the face and keeps the band securely in place. The headband is sold in a pack of two, making it convenient to have a fresh headband for two-a-days — or two-a-weeks. All exercise is great!

Halo II headband Image courtesy of Amazon


3. V-SPORTS Dry-Fit Head Ties


If you’re looking to channel your inner Karate Kid, the V-SPORTS Dry-Fit Head Ties are a great alternative to Nike’s Dri-FIT 2.0 Tennis Headband. The material is thick enough to be durable but still slim enough to fit comfortably under a bike helmet or hat. Plus, this band can fit almost any head size since it’s self-tie and stretchy. The headband is sold in sets of three and has a polyester-spandex blend that makes it comfortable to wear for extended workouts.

V Sports Image courtesy of Amazon


4. VANCROWN Headwear Wide Headbands


The VANCROWN Headwear Wide Headband is a 12-in-1 headband that is so multifunctional you might just wear it every day. Aside from soaking up sweat on your forehead, it can be worn as a scarf, mask, wristband, bandana or helmet liner, just to name a few options. The soft polyester is breathable without sacrificing absorption and since VANCROWN offers over 200 design options, you’ll be able to pair your headband with just about any workout ensemble in your wardrobe.

vancrown headband Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Poshei Mens Headband


For athletes who have a lot of hair and do a lot of exercising, you’ll need a headband that can keep up with your mane and your schedule. We like the Poshei Mens Headband, which is made with a polyester and spandex blend that is stretchy and comfortable. The breathable material keeps sweat out of the user’s eyes and can hold back even thick, curly hair. The lightweight, one-size-fits-all headband is moisture-wicking and can be wrung out mid-exercise and put back on when necessary. We also like that the headband is sold in a pack of four with different color options, making this a great set for users who need a headband for every workout of the week.

Poshei Mens Headband Amazon

6. Junk Headbands


Tired of your headband always getting swiped at the gym because it looks like everyone else’s? Then you will love the dozens of design options available from Junk Brand Headbands. The company uses moisture-wicking T-shirt material to make a polyester-spandex blend headband that is breathable, lightweight and keeps users cool and dry. The machine-washable headbands come in a huge variety of styles, with everything from Superman headbands to holiday-themed options.

Junk Headbands Junk

7. Metal Vent Tech Headband by Lululemon


Lululemon has been dominating the yoga wear industry for years and now the Canadian brand has expanded into just about every area of exercise. The company sells a variety of styles of headbands that stay in place regardless of whether you are in downward dog or completing your last set during an intense cross-training session. The seamless design of the Metal Vent Tech Headband has a four-way stretch and excellent sweat-wicking properties. A great feature for those who don’t want to broadcast their latest workout, the headbands are made with Silverescent technology powered by X-STATIC, which inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. In conclusion, the headband won’t stink even if you do.

Metal Vent Tech Headband by Lululemon Image courtesy of Lululemon

8. Brooks Greenlight Headband


Not only is it important for athletes to be able to see when they are exercising outdoors, but it’s also important for them to be visible to other pedestrians, bikers and especially motorists. That’s why we like the Brooks Greenlight Headband, a neon green headband that features reflective strips for added visibility. The DriLayer helps to wick away sweat and keep users comfortable whether they are running in warm or cool weather. Not only is this a great headband for wearing in low light, but the fabric is also UPF 50+, which means your four head is protected from the sun’s rays during the day.

Brooks Greenlight Headband Courtesy of REI

9. Nike Dry Wide Headband with Dri-Fit Technology


For a headband that can go the distance, we like the Nike Dry Wide Headband with Dri-Fit Technology. The polyester and spandex blend material has moisture-wicking capabilities that quickly wick sweat away and keep the user and the headband dry and comfortable. The interior of the headband has silicone holds that make this a great option for users with long hair, with the circular grips helping to keep the headband in place even during strenuous exercise. The unisex design is available in 11 colors and has a stretchy finish that fits most.

Nike Headband Amazon

10. Under Armour Mini Headbands


For a small but mighty headband that is slim in design and has an impressive amount of staying power, we like the mini headbands from Under Armour. Made from nylon, polyester and elastodiene, the headbands help to keep hair out of the user’s face without taking up too much real estate. Sold in a pack of six in a variety of colors, each headband displays the UA logo and can be worn on its own or in a row of two.

Under Armour Mini Headbands Amazon

11. Adidas Interval Reversible Headband


Most headbands are designed to keep hair out of the user’s face and wick away sweat, but what if you want the sweat-wicking properties but don’t have the hair? Then you need the Internal Reversible Headband from Adidas made with ClimaLite moisture-wicking technology. The highly absorbent and comfortable cotton-terry blend sweatband stays on the user’s head whether it’s holding back hair or simply holding back sweat. The traditional exercise headband is reversible, machine washable and available in a wide variety of colors to match any jersey or favorite workout shirt.

Adidas Interval Reversible Headband Amazon

12. Adidas Alphaskin Tie Headband


Most exercise headbands are advertised as one-size-fits-most, but what if you are not included in the ‘most’ sizing? For athletes who have trouble finding a headband that is small or big enough to comfortably fit their head, we recommend the Adidas Alphaskin Tie Headband. Available in six solid color options, the two-layered mesh tie makes it easy to get the perfect fit every time. The headband offers excellent breathability thanks to its mesh construction and has moisture-wicking properties that will keep users cool and dry during their exercise that they now have time to do thanks to the conclusion of their search for the perfect fitting headband.

Adidas Alphaskin Tie Headband Amazon

13. Willbond 3-Piece Sweatbands Set


Speaking of 80’s retro designs, this sweatband set perfectly pays homage to the jazzercisers and old school lifters who came before us. They’re made from durable, comfortable elastic that keeps your sweat and hair out of your eyes. The wrist sweatbands keep your hands from getting too slippery during your movement and the headband is great for keeping long or short hair in line. This coordinated set is perfect for a costume party or average day at the gym, and comes in three different colors.

Willbond sweatband set, headbands for men Courtesy of Amazon


14. Nike Dri-Fit Headband Home & Away


These thick Nike headbands are made for absorbing sweat during your workout, and with this pack you get two you can alternate between for your workouts. Both of these black and grey headbands are reversible and come with an embroidered swoosh logo. The Dri-FIT fabric is designed to keep you comfortable and dry while you’re doing everything from running to hiking, yoga and weight lifting. They also come in other colors and are designed one-size-fits-all.

Nike Dri-FIT headbands, headbands for men Courtesy of Amazon


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