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Workout in a Small Space: 7 Items You Need to Get Your Sweat On

* Everything you need for an at-home workout in small space
* Great for dorms, studio apartments, and even the office
* Items for cardio, yoga, resistance training, and stretching

Making time to squeeze in a workout can be tough when our schedules get busy—and even when we aren’t busy. But it’s important to remember that the key to progress is consistency. Even if you only have 20 minutes to spare, a shorter workout is better than none at all. But if you live in small space and have a busy schedule, at-home exercise can be quite the challenge.

Whether you’re moving into a dorm room in the fall or live in small studio apartment, you can still have an effective workout whether you’re in you’re bedroom or kitchen with just a few feet to spare.

With the right fitness “equipment,” you can perform a wide range of cardio, resistance, yoga and even interval training workouts, even when space is limited.

1. Workout DVD – No Equipment Required

Want to workout with Gwyneth Paltrow’s and Victoria Beckham’s personal trainer? Now you can for just under $10. Tracy Anderson’s fitness DVD’s are anything but your old-school 80s aerobics sessions. Her comprehensive workouts combine fat blasting cardio with toning exercises, for a full body workout that won’t take up too much of your space or time. Anderson’s signature “The Method,” program is said to help women and men of all genetic backgrounds, shapes, sizes and heights achieve a long and lean shape, adding muscle tone without bulk. This best-selling DVD utilizes her proprietary fitness approach, with a series of intense, 10 minute workouts to keep you lean and toned, regardless of how much time you have budgeted and how little space there is to move around—no excuses!

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2. Jump Rope

While jump roping may have been your favorite recess activity in elementary school, this old-fashioned exercise is also a serious fat blaster for grown-ups. It’s a high-intensity cardio exercise, but it also helps to strengthen your glutes, legs and arms in the process. Plus, just 10 minutes of fast paced jump roping can burn up to 125 calories or more, depending on your speed, weight, and height, making it a great option for those crunched for time (hello new moms and grad students!) In order to burn the same amount of calories as jumping roping, you’d need to be running an 8-minute mile. Plus, jumping rope is considered a more lower impact exercise than jogging and running, so it’s easier on your joints.


3. Resistance Bands

Using resistance bands can be greater for toning specific areas of the body, Pilates and building muscle. They can also be used to help make your workout more challenging, thereby burning more calories. Resistance bands are also a great tool to help you stretch, which is an essential part of your workout routine to help prevent muscle strain and injury. This set contains four different levels of resistance bands to help you customize the resistance to suit your fitness level. It also includes a video, travel case and instruction manual with workout ideas to help you get going. Resistance bands are also a great mechanism to help those with injuries recover safely, as they help engage the muscles with less contraction and impact on your joints.


4. Fitness Mat

A fitness mat is a crucial component for a small-space at-home workout. It will prevent you from slipping and sliding when doing jumping motions and running in place while doing cardio workouts. It will also help to buffer noise, which is especially helpful if you live in a two or multiple story home or apartment building and you’re not located on the bottom floor. Ab exercises and floor moves will be much more comfortable with this mat underneath, too.


5. Free Weight Dumbbells

Free weights or dumbbells give you some resistance when your working on your core, biceps, or lower body. They can also help take your cardio routine to a higher intensity level by adding just a couple of extra pounds. This set of 3 pairs of dumbbells (with weights of 2, 3, and 5) comes with a storage rack that can be easily stored in small spaces to keep your space organized and uncluttered. Each dumbbell is also lined with neoprene coating for a better grip to prevent injury.


6. Pull Up Wall-Mounted Bar

Talk about a multi-functional space saver, this pull up bar mounts to your wall, sparing you the need for additional storage in an already cramped space. In addition to the obvious range of upper body workouts it allows for, you can also use the pull up wall bar to attach your resistance bands to it and use it to workout your arms, biceps, and shoulders. This simple device will leave you feeling you’re in a cross fit studio–not your tiny apartment or over-packed dorm room.


7. Mini Elliptical Trainer

Getting in some cardio without having to hoard a bulky fitness machine has never been easier. Powered by two, non-slip foot pedals, this mini elliptical gives you an intense, yet low impact cardio workout, while still being lightweight and compact. It’s small enough to fit under your desk or bed, and you can even take with you to the office. Despite its small size, it’s equipped with many of the same features as its full size counterparts. It’s got a digital monitor to track calories burned, distance traveled and exercise time. Plus, its low impact design helps protect your muscles, legs and knees from strain and injury.

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