Stop Picking At Your Scabs and Let Them Heal With These Fast-Acting Hacks Instead

wound healing hacks
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* Wounds that scab can be itchy and unsightly, making them hard not to pick
* These wound solutions kill bacteria and speed up the healing process
* Includes gels, powders and balms

No one likes getting a cut, scrape or scratch. Incurring a wound is never fun, but dealing with the itching, unsightly scab that comes as a result can be even worse. Most people fall victim to picking their scabs, making the wound worse and increasing the likelihood of scarring.

Do yourself a favor and stop picking at your scabs. Instead, help them heal faster by applying a fast-acting healing solution. Such over-the-counter remedies kill the bacteria in your wound, allowing it to heal faster. Some of them also form a protective layer over the wound for a more comfortable healing process.

Invest in one of these five fast-acting wound healing hacks and get rid of your scabs as quick as possible the next time you hurt yourself.

1. Urban ReLeaf Wound Care

This Urban ReLeaf Wound Care uses a 100% natural blend to provide a cleaning and healing solution for all of your wounds. The effective wound care disinfects and soothes using the included mix of healing sea salts, botanical oils, aloe vera and vitamin E. Urban ReLeaf comes in a powdered form which should be mixed with warm water to give you a place to soak your wounds. This pushes out any bacteria remaining inside the site of injury.

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2. InstaNatural Scar Gel

The InstaNatural Scar Gel is a wide-acting answer to everything from surgical scars to marks from burns. It’s formulated using fucoxanthin, green tea, gotu kola and astaxanthin. Together, these ingredients soften your skin and help reverse and restore the any tissue damage. The gel is easy to apply and absorbs in seconds without leaving any residue or unwanted stickiness behind. It’s also entirely safe to use on dry, oily and sensitive skin as well as on almost any part of your body.

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3. WoundSeal Powder

WoundSeal Powder is an answer to cuts and wounds, which has been specially formulated to stop bleeding quickly and provide a near-instant seal over your open injuries. Because it doesn’t rely on the clotting factors found within the blood, this powder is able to form a seal in a matter of seconds. The created seal is safe to leave over the wound until the skin has healed, and it drops off naturally. WoundSeal Powder is ideal for keeping inside first-aid kits for unexpected emergencies.

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4. Svasthya Essential Oil Heal All Balm

The Svasthya Heal All Balm is 100% natural and contains essential oils to give your wounds instant and lasting relief. This balm is also effective at treating severely dry, cracked or irritated skin. Inside the balm, you’ll find olive oil to deeply penetrate and hydrate the skin as well as vitamin E, which is easily absorbed into the skin and has great anti-aging properties.

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5. Active Skin Repair Hydrogel

It might be more expensive than other options on our list, but there are plenty of good reasons to choose Active Skin Repair Hydrogel. Recommended by doctors and used by hospitals and athletes alike, this healing gel kills 99.9% of all bacteria, helping your body speed up recovery times. The formula is also all-natural, non-toxic and non-sensitizing, meaning you can use it anywhere on your body. As an added bonus, BLDG ACTIVE, the company that makes this healing gel, makes all their products in the USA and is a member of 1% For The Planet.

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