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A Beginner’s Guide to Yoga: 5 Essentials for Your First Asana

* The 5 best products for those looking to start practicing yoga
* Use your own equipment and try at home first to gain confidence
* Ease into yoga at home with an online introductory course

Starting a yoga practice can be intimidating. Walking into a studio full of bendy and twisty types is enough to make anyone hesitant. So why not ease into the world of yoga at home? Using your own equipment, clothes and an online course, you’ll learn the basics of this ancient form of exercise so that you won’t feel out of place during your next visit with the neighborhood yogi.

1. Eco-Friendly Clever Yoga Mat

There’s nothing more important for starting a yoga routine than a good yoga mat. You’ll stand, sit, lay and balance on this foam covering, so you’ll want one that’s cushioned enough for your joints, yet allows you to stand sturdily. The Clever Yoga Premium Mat nails this balance with a quarter inch of non-slip, eco-friendly material and comes in a variety of colors.


2. YogaSmoga Ballerina Crop Pants

A good pair of yoga pants is flexible and form fitting, just like these ballerina crop pants from YogaSmoga. Made in the USA, they are reversible, so if you choose to step into a public yoga class, you’ll stay fashionable with lots of options for matching tops. YogaSmoga has an extensive yoga collection for men, as well.

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3. YogaSmoga Twistie Tank

You could do yoga in just a sports bra, but if you’re not feeling up to that yet, try the twistie tank from YogaSmoga. Available in 11 colors, this top has a built-in bra and thin straps, providing support for low impact yoga movements. Thanks to the ARUM+ fabric, this shirt is soft yet breathable.

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4. YogaAddict Blocks and Strap Set

For those just starting their yoga transformation, a set of two blocks and a strap are a must. These will help you modify poses until you reach the full extent of your flexibility. Can’t touch your toes? Reach for a block instead. Can’t clasp your hands behind your back? Use a strap to pull them closer together.


5. Yoga for Absolute Beginners – Udemy Course

Now that you’ve got the essential equipment, it’s time to get started. This Udemy yoga course includes three hours of on-demand video, providing you with information about the basic yoga poses and meditation. The course can be consumed at your own pace — both in terms of information downloaded and time spent.

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