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You Can Enjoy Yoga Pants for Men Even If You Can’t Get Out of Child’s Pose

Yoga pants are activewear’s best kept secret. Designed for movement, they’re made from breathable materials that have lots of stretch and always look good. Yoga pants for men are a lightweight, stylish alternative to sweats or jeans. Some of them can even be worn to work.

Guys yoga pants can run from loosely cut cropped pants made from hemp or cotton, to full-legged, drop crotch pants to joggers. Men’s yoga pants, like most workout clothes come in a variety of styles and colors. And like choosing joggers, pick the yoga pants that work with the type of yoga you’re practicing and your lifestyle.


What Are Yoga Pants for Men?

As with any sport, you want to have the right gear when you’re doing it. What pants should men wear for yoga can depend on whether you’re doing yoga outdoors, practicing Bikram (hot yoga) or say, slow flow Vinyasa or anything in between. Remember that yoga involves a lot of stretching. The poses range from prone on the mat to balancing on one leg, so yoga pants for men are designed with lots of give to withstand any sort of movement and remain in place. The last thing anyone wants to do is to adjust pants while attempting “Tripod Headstand with Lotus Legs” or “One-Handed Tree.” Yoga pants for men stay put when doing any complicated poses a Yogi will throw at you.

What types of yoga pants should men wear for yoga?

If you’re practicing hot yoga or doing yoga outdoors in warmer climes, look for men’s yoga pants that are made from light, breathable materials. You might want to wear a cropped leg yoga pant, capris – those are pants that are cut mid-calf, or pants that have a full or very full leg but end somewhere on the calf. These are pants that let you pull off ambitious poses with ease.

If you’re practicing yoga in a studio, look for yoga pants for men that that have stretch and are made with either a light or midweight fabric. Options for guy’s yoga pants can include fabrics that wick away moisture, and a gusset. Gussets add extra fabric in the groin area. The extra fabric can provide comfort and provides ease of movement when going into and holding poses.

Where can you find men’s yoga pants? Who sells yoga pants for men? Yoga has become such a popular sport that you’ll find brands that supply workout wear for other sports like Nike, Adidas, and Puma are making men’s yoga pants and more.

Whether you’re thinking about taking a class or are your way to becoming a yogi, below you’ll find a selection of fashionable and well-fitting yoga pants for guys. We’ve broken down our selection to a best overall group, best for intense workouts, best for multisports, and more. Many of them are so great looking, you could wear them to the office, the links or out with freinds.


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Yoga Pants That Do it All

This first group of yoga pants for guys were selected with the idea if you’re only going to buy one pair of yoga pants, try one of the below. As mentioned earlier, we have a selection of yoga pants who those who love Bikram, multisport yoga pants, and yoga pants you can wear to work.


1. Lululemon Intent Jogger


Designed for Yoga, these stylish and comfy joggers are made with sweat wicking fabric, so go ahead and wear them for your morning run.  Lululemon’s joggers can also be worn with a long sleeve tee and a shacket; an outfit you can wear to work or for a day out. They have a back pocket and the side pockets have hidden compartments for your phone and money.

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dark gray lululemon yoga jogger



2. Public Rec Stadium Jogger

Public Rec’s jogger has track pant details like the zippered cuff and back pocket, internal drawcord and is roomy in the thighs. Styled with a combination of active and leisurewear sensibilities, they can fill a lot of holes in your wardrobe. They’re handsome looking pants that could be worn literally everywhere: work, travel, on a date, out with the guys, and yep, working out.

dark blue public rec stadium joggers




3. Hanes Solid Knit Pant


You cannot beat the price of these knit yoga pants for guys. You could literally buy them in the other colors: black, light gray and dark gray and not damage your budget. These knit pants have a relaxed cut and an open hem. Reviewers rave how comfortable they are. Wear them to yoga class, or for hanging around at home.

blue hanes knit pant



4. Manduka Recharge Jogger


Looking for a yoga pant that does the job and holds your stuff? Manduka’s relaxed fit jogger has two side seam pockets and one back pocket. Made with eco-friendly performance fleece, it’s as tough as it is soft.



5. Reboot & Co The Capsule Sweatpants


These fancy-looking sweatpants are made with cotton French terry and are so cozy, that you may not want to take them off. This unisex style has a utility pocket and an extra-long drawcord. Wear them for any sport.



6. Champion Everyday Fitted Ankle Cotton Pants


If training is your middle name, these are your yoga pants. The shorts-pants combo tackles anything from the tennis courts to the yoga studio meaning they’re stretchy enough for both Pilates and basketball. They have an engineered front rib panel for comfort, plus invisible zippered pockets to stow keys. Made with moisture-wicking fabric, the legs have slight compression.

solid color champion knit pants




7. Vuori Ponto Performance Pant


We’ve used Vuori in tons of roundups because their products are so well-crafted that they can endure anything. The combination of super soft, stretchy, eco-friendly material and a design that lets you wear them anywhere and look good will make you put them on even when you don’t have a class scheduled.




8. Gym Shark Studio Joggers


Designed for full range of motion, one reviewer mentioned that they’re “flexible for work on the yoga mat, but loose and breathable for relaxed movement.” These joggers are slightly cropped, have an inseam gusset and fake front fly. These joggers have so many fans, there’s even a Reddit dedicated to them. And they’re versatile enough that one guy wrote on the Reddit that he’s worn them for 15 rounds of golf.



Guys Yoga Pants That Can Survive an Intense Workout

Fans of Bikram (hot yoga) understand that when going through the various asanas and poses in a hot atmosphere, you need breathable yoga pants. If guys are practicing yoga outdoors under the sun, clothing should feel great against the skin. The last thing a guy wants is a yoga pant for men that cling and stick to your skin. We’ve rounded up guys yoga pants that allow you free range of movement and feel as light as air whent the heat is scorching.

9. pRana Vaha Pants


UPF 50+ sun protection is built into these yoga pants for men, so go ahead and take that class in the park. Fast-drying due to its hemp and recycled polyester blend, the company boasts that the fabric is so strong you can even rock climb in them.



10. Soul Flower Hemp Yoga Pants


Made in Nepal in an eco-friendly combination of hemp and cotton, these are breathable and light yoga pants for guys. They have an elasticated waist and pockets. Yes, you can wear them to sweat in at the studio, but try them during the summer with a tee and flip flops.

green loose cut pants soul flower



11. Quince Flowknit Ultra-Soft Performance Pant


Quince started as a company that designed luxury items that wouldn’t break customers’ banks while also being produced in factories that provide fair wages. If you don’t like your purchase, you have an entire year to return it. The Performance Pant is a slim yet relaxed cut. Don’t worry about sacrificing comfort for style, as these pants have tons of stretch. Quick-drying, anti-microbial and moisture-wicking properties are embedded in the fabric. Wear them to Bikram yoga and you don’t have to worry if you’re stinky after class.




12. Clanmilums Baggy Yoga Pants


There are yoga pants, and then there are yoga pants. This is a classic style; the baggy legs and loose fabric give you optimal movement for every pose. They’re 100% cotton and come in a variety of patterns.

elephant print wide leg yoga pants



13. Gafeng Yoga Capri Pants


These yoga pants for men are popular on Amazon. They’ve got over 1500 five-star ratings. Yes, they look a little silly. However, they’re designed to let you move and keep you cool. They’re made in a cotton blend and have an elasticated waist with a drawstring and pockets.

wide leg cropped yoga pants



14. Lanna Premium Thai Fisherman Yoga Pants


These stripey wide leg cotton blend pants are unisex, and yes, they have pockets too. They’re great for yoga, martial arts, and the art of lounging at home.

wide leg stripe fisherman pants



15. Yak & Yeti Cotton Yoga Pants


These striped pull-on cotton yoga pants for men can withstand the heat of a yoga studio. They have an elasticated waist with a drawstring and side pockets. Throw on a tee and a hoodie, and you can wear them for weekend errands too.

striped yoga pants



Yoga Pants for Men That Work for Any Sport and The Office Too

Below are men’s yoga pants that can be worn for a yoga class. They can also hit the gym or worn on the weekends. Add a pair of white sneakers, a lightweight crewneck sweater and a shacket or chore jacket and they can be worn to work and happy hours too.

16. Under Armour Unstoppable Joggers


These joggers are made for any type of workout. They have four-way stretch, the material wicks away sweat and they’re also water repellent. With all that protection, the fabric is breathable, so you’re not feeling like you’re wrapped in sticky plastic. They also come in thirteen colors and patterns, regular and tall inseams, and are sized up to 5XL.


camo print under armour jogger


17. Adidas Yoga Training Pant


These two-toned yoga pants are made with recyclable materials, so they’re good for you and the planet. Moisture-wicking AEROREADY fabric keeps you cool during workouts, and the concealed zippered pockets are a nice touch.




18. Alo Yoga Stability 2-in-1-Pant


If training is your middle name, these are your yoga pants. The shorts-pants combo tackles anything from the tennis courts to the yoga studio meaning they’re stretchy enough for both Pilates and basketball. They have an engineered front rib panel for comfort, plus invisible zippered pockets to stow keys. Made with moisture-wicking fabric, the legs have slight compression.



19. Nike Dri-Fit Yoga Pants


If training is your middle name, these are your yoga pants. The shorts-pants combo tackles anything from the tennis courts to the yoga studio meaning they’re stretchy enough for both Pilates and basketball. They have an engineered front rib panel for comfort, plus invisible zippered pockets to stow keys. Made with moisture-wicking fabric, the legs have slight compression.

blue nike dri fit yoga pants


20. Outdoor Voices Sunday Sweat Pant


Stylish and practical, these midweight sweatpants wouldn’t look out of place if you wore them to weekend brunch after hitting the gym. They have pockets, and the sweat-wicking fabric has four-way stretch. They have a relaxed tapered fit and come in three other colors.

outdoor voices light gray sweat pants



21. Marine Layer Sport Yoga Straight Leg Pan


These men’s yoga pants are so handsome, you might want to switch out your jeans for them on the weekends. They have a straight leg and pockets deep enough to keep your phone safe. They’re very soft and made with the brand’s midweight active fabric. It’s durable, breathable and has four-way stretch. These yoga pants can be worn for running and other strenuous sports.

teal marine layer yoga pants




22. Willit Cotton Yoga Pants


These straight leg cotton-blend yoga pants for guys uses flatlock stitching; it prevents chafing, itchiness, and uncomfortable seams. The legs have a relaxed cut, and combined with the stretch cotton fabric, wearing them doesn’t impede movement or inhibit the ability to stretch or go into poses. they can be worn at the gym, for runs and more.

willit green yoga pants for men



23. Body Glove Track Pant


Body Glove built their sterling reputation making wetsuits and swim stuff. It’s a given that they’re going to use that same attention to detail and care when making other type of activewear like guy’s yoga pants. Yes, these yoga pants were made for working out in the studio. Yes, the material stretches and moves with you. But, with those nifty cargo pockets and tapered leg, they look like they could spend a couple of hours in the office.

body glove cargo pocket yoga pant





The Best Men’s Yoga Clothing To Help You Stay in Zen