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These Hotel-Quality Pillows Are Up to 75% off Through Presidents’ Day

For years, I hated sleeping in my bed. I had gotten a good deal on a cheap mattress, and I couldn’t tell you where I got the pillows. I would toss and turn through the night and wake up feeling the opposite of rested. My back and neck would be sore and stiff, but I just sort of accepted it as part of life.

Vacations or trips away from the apartment were a treat. Sometimes on the trips, my friends or family or whoever I was with would say things like, “this is nice but I miss my own bed,” or get back from the trip to say, ” it’s great to be back in my own bed.” This was a sentiment I could not relate to one bit. The hotel mattress and pillows were very much part of the vacation for me. I’d get some of the best sleep of my life while away from home.

Though eventually, I had the realization that this was ass-backwards. Every night of sleep should feel like a vacation. My sleep at home should feel just like that in a hotel or even better. So I bought myself a new mattress and some hotel-quality pillows. Boy howdy did that make the difference I needed.

If you’re like how I was and crave a good night’s sleep, then you should consider swapping out those pillows. Sobel Westex’s pillows can be found in over 8,500 hotels across two million beds. There’s a decent chance you’ve already slept with one. Right now, Sobel Westex is running a sale through Presidents’ Day in which you can save between 10-25% on pillows and 75% on clearance items.

Finally, you can be one of the ones who say, “I miss my pillow,” when you spend a night away from home.

Save Up to 75% on Hotel-Quality Pillows Through Presidents Day

$30 $40 25% off

Sleep in luxurious eco-comfort on a planet-friendly luxury pillow.