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Do You Need 275 Gallons Of Lube? Well, #LubeLife Has You Covered

Do you have a lot of sex? It looks like you have a lot of sex. Maybe you’re a chronic masturbator. A frequent user of the best sex toys. Essentially, seemingly someone that’s using a lot of the best lube. And we mean a lot of lube.

Here’s the thing about lube: purchasing bottle after bottle can get expensive. It adds more plastic to the environment. It’s clogging your recycling bin. If only there were a way to maximize lubrication intake while simultaneously purchasing fewer bottles in total.

Well, lucky for you, you officially can. With the number 1 consumer-rated lube brand on Amazon, holding more than 130,000 ratings and reviews #LubeLife’s 275-gallon tub of lube. Yes, 275 gallons — a whopping 35,200 fluid ounces.

Courtesy of Amazon

At first glance, you might wonder one thing: why? Well, that’s exactly what we thought. Why? Who needs 275 gallons of lube? Typically, lube will come in 4, 8 or 12-ounce bottles, and we even find ourselves struggling to finish those up to completion. How and who could use up 275 gallons in one lifetime? Is this product even real?

So, we reached out to the #LubeLife team and asked.

“Playing off the proverbial idea that size does matter, we knew our consumers would love the idea of #LubeLife offering 55 gallons and 275 gallons of lube,” says Mimi Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer of #LubeLife. “And if you’ve searched TikTok lately, you’ll find a lot of content about these products. One of the TikToks has over 1.5M views!”

The TikTok in question? Well, here you go:

But, here’s what we really needed to know — has anyone ever purchased one of these 275-gallon vats? As it turns out, yes, people have. The most recent being from a well-known YouTuber, but he didn’t use it for sex.

“As a Class II medical device, lubes cannot be sold for anything other than their intended purpose,” Anderson tells us. “Although we confirmed that before selling him the gallon totes, we learned later that the influencer purchased it to create an experiential slip-n-slide event.”

Kind of iconic, no? At least he didn’t work out with it like this dude in this promotional photo on Amazon did.

Courtesy of Amazon

Although we don’t know the name of the YouTuber nor can find the video Anderson is referencing, we’ll have you know that we will be searching tonight to figure the mystery out.

All in all, yes — this 275 gallon of lube is in fact real. Just check out this comment on TikTok for clarification.

Courtesy of TikTok

Or, better yet, purchase this massive tub of lube for yourself using the buttons below. You’ll never need to purchase lube again.