Missing Your Partner in Quarantine? You Can Still Get Intimate While Apart With These Bluetooth Sex Toys

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Long-distance relationships are tough. But, they’re even tougher when you hadn’t planned to spend months apart in quarantine. Due to the current health crisis and social distancing measures, couples who didn’t decide to quarantine together have been separated for a while. Months of separation is tough mentally, emotionally and especially physically. When you’re used to seeing and touching your partner regularly, a long time spent apart can leave you wanting some things — craving them, even. For these reasons, we’re big fans of Bluetooth sex toys.

One of the hardest parts of being apart in a couple is keeping your sex life alive and thriving. Skype sex and mutual pleasuring over FaceTime are great ways to keep each other satisfied, but what if you could control your partner’s pleasure remotely just as you would in person? Thankfully, there is technology that can make that happen, and it’s glorious. Many sex toys can be controlled via an app from miles away, so even though you feel far apart, your bodies can enjoy some virtual stimulation from your partner. Whether you’re interested in taking your tech to the next level or just want some tips for keeping it hot in your separate bedrooms, we’ve got a list for you. Check out our favorite Bluetooth sex toys and sex toys for long-distance couples.


1. Lovense Nora Max 2 Long-Distance Sex Toy


This Bluetooth sex toy is perfectly designed for long-distance couples. It’s got both male and female counterparts, both of which have Bluetooth app connection capabilities and unique mechanisms designed for his and her pleasure. Enjoy the ability to control and manipulate your partner’s pleasure from miles away with these synced toys and easy-to-use app. The male toy moves up and down along the penis and manipulates the vibrational speed of the female toy. The female toy, on the other hand, pumps more air into the male sex toy to mimic vaginal contractions as the vibrator moves. The two toys work in sync, just as you do, to mutually pleasure seamlessly.

The app is fully encrypted for added security and both toys boast quick response times as well as multiple connection options. You can also use the Intelligent Playback feature to record your individual session and let your partner use it later on if you can’t sync up in real-time, a very popular option for military couples.

Lovense Max 2 Nora Sex Toy Courtesy of @lovensetoys


2. We-Vibe Melt Bluetooth Sex Toy


If you’re a lady who’s missing oral stimulation from your partner this We-Vibe Melt sex toy is specifically designed for you and fulfilling your needs. It’s equipped with pleasure air technology and is designed for couples wanting to pleasure each other from afar with the We-Connect app that syncs and offers control features. It’s ergonomically designed for ideal placement, has 12 levels of intensity and has Bluetooth bonding to protect you from signal interruption.

We-Vibe Melt bluetooth sex toys for couples Courtesy of We-Vibe


3. Kiiroo Onyx Pearl2 Purple Couples Bluetooth Sex Toy Set


This set includes a male masturbator that mimics the sensations of oral stimulation from afar and can reach speeds up to 140 strokes per minute. The rotating motor works in a lateral motion with ten rings inside of the sleeve to stimulate real intercourse and comes with a G-spot vibrator for your partner to use as well, near you or far away. Control your partner’s pleasure with a touch-sensitive pad on your toy, and let them do the same to you from theirs.

Kiiroo Onyx Male Bluetooth sex toy best long distance sex toys Courtesy of Kiiroo

4. SVAKOM Bluetooth Vibrating Egg


This vibrating egg from SVAKOM is the perfect waterproof option for switching up her routine. It’s got an ergonomic design and five different modes to choose between via the smartphone app. The ribbed design increases pleasure and the battery lasts for hours. It’s made of high-quality silicone that’s waterproof so she can enjoy it submerged.

SVAKOM Vibrating Egg for Couples Courtesy of SVAKOM

5. Lovense Hush Bluetooth Butt Plug


Love to share music with your partner? Now you can sync his or her pleasure with a song of your choosing with this vibrating butt plug that syncs up with music easily. This versatile plug works in long-distance settings as well as discretely out in public with an easy-to-use app and comfortable design. It’s made of 100% silicone with spirals on the neck for easy removal and a reliable neck that will make sure it stays put. It’s waterproof, totally wireless, has powerful vibrations and can be controlled from any distance via a WiFi connection. Crank up the tunes and the pleasure at the same time.

Hush Bluetooth Vibrator for couples Courtesy of Lovense

6. Mystery Vibe Crescendo Bluetooth Bendable Smart Vibrator


If you want flexibility in the bedroom, check out this Bluetooth sex toy. This Crescendo Vibrator from Mystery Vibe bends, twists and adapts to your body’s shape and your unique needs as you enjoy it. It’s made of smooth silicone designed to move and groove with you as your pleasure is controlled via an app in your partner’s hands. It’s got 12 patterns to choose from and 16 intensity levels for bodies and preferences of all kinds. Don’t limit yourself to one shape, enjoy this flexible toy and the Bluetooth capabilities that come with it.

Mystery Vibe Crescendo Bluetooth Vibrator Courtesy of Lovehoney

7. We-Vibe Moxie Wearable Vibrator Bluetooth Sex Toy


Why limit yourself to just your bedroom? This wearable vibrator is perfect for couples who want to take their Bluetooth sex toys out for a walk around the block, socially distanced of course. No one has to know what’s going on underneath the surface with this discreet but powerful stimulator. It’s small, comfortable to wear and very quiet so no one will have a clue. It’s got a magnet clip so it’ll stay in place as long as you want it to and has an app your partner can control from anywhere. It’s waterproof and made of high-quality silicone that won’t irritate most skin types.

We-Vibe Moxie Wearable Vibrator Courtesy of Wildflower Sex

8. We-Vibe Bloom Vibrating Kegel Balls


If she’s into working her kegel muscles, this Bluetooth vibrator is about to be her new favorite sex toy. Strengthening the kegel, or pelvic floor muscles, can increase the intensity of the female orgasm and help her climax more easily. Bloom is made of sensitive silicone and comes with three different weights that are easy to change in and out. It’s got 10 different speeds of powerful vibrations, is completely waterproof and connects to the We-Connect app so you can control her workout from afar. It’s got a comfortable design and lasts up to 90 minutes on a single charge.

Bloom Bluetooth Kegel Muscle Vibrator best sex toys for long distance couples Courtesy of Bloom


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