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These Condoms Can Help You Last Longer in the Bedroom for More Enjoyable Sex for You and Your Partner

The question of exactly how long sex should last is both subjective and personal. However, there is a lower limit that all men should at least be aiming for, no matter how sexy you find your partner. If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation when you climaxed too quickly, the good news is that there are tools to help you make your sexual encounters last. The most common of these are the best condoms to last longer.

Below, we’ll run through an overview of how long sex should last, and then we’ll explore how some condoms can help increase your stamina before delving into the best condoms to help you last longer.

How Long Should Sex Last?

It’s important to remember that there is no right, wrong or outright definitive answer to this question. Why? Well, put simply, some people want to spend longer doing it. Sometimes time limitations mean things have to happen more quickly or they don’t happen at all. And other times, yes, it’s possible that they happen too quickly because you become overexcited. It can happen to anyone from time to time.

When it comes to diagnosing the problem of premature ejaculation (PE), at a basic level you need to consider whether you’re consistently climaxing in under one to two minutes, and in a way that feels out of your control (intentional quickies don’t count). If any of this sounds familiar to you, it’s definitely worth looking into some additional help in the form of the best condoms to last longer, or one of the numerous other methods available which can also help.

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As a side note, it’s also possible to be “too good” at sex, with sessions consistently lasting into the tens of minutes. If this is under your control and you can choose to orgasm when the time feels right, good on you. However, it’s worth noting that if you can’t climax by choice in under this amount of time, it can be an indication of a potential underlying health issue.

If you suffer from PE, the benefits of a condom that can help you last longer are obvious. However, for the average, non-PE-affected user, these condoms can also be advantageous as they allow you to increase your time in the bedroom. This is especially welcome if you’re looking to prolong sex or put the focus on your partner’s enjoyment.

How do the Best Condoms to Last Longer Work?

While not all exactly the same, the majority of the best condoms to last longer contain some kind of desensitizing agent (usually benzocaine but sometimes lidocaine). When the condom is placed over the penis, this topical medication lessens — but doesn’t totally kill — the amount of stimulation you will feel during intercourse, helping you last longer than you would without it.

If you prefer to use non-medicinal aids, there are other condoms to last longer which simply feature extra-thick walls to decrease the amount of stimulation you feel during intercourse.

Below you’ll find the best condoms to help you last longer in the bedroom. In addition, we’ve included a few of the most popular alternative approaches to help you put off the pinnacle moment, including both wipes and sprays.


1. Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms


With over 3,600 five-star ratings from happy Amazon users, you can trust that these Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms can do the job right and give you the extra time in the bedroom you desire. Each of the 12 condoms in the pack is made from premium-quality latex and contains a climax-control lubricant on the inside. This lubricant contains a mild desensitizer called benzocaine which is key in increasing staying power and preventing premature ejaculation. Additionally, these condoms include a silky smooth lubricant on the outside for longer-lasting pleasure for everyone involved.

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2. Lifestyles Extra Strength Condoms


For under $11, you can get 48 Lifestyles Extra Strength Condoms and solve your issues with prematurity in the bedroom. By featuring one of the thickest walls available, they minimize the amount of sensation you experience during sex, allowing you to go for longer than normal without getting overexcited. These condoms also include regular lubricant on the outside to prevent uncomfortable friction. This is the best option for anyone looking to avoid desensitizing agents.

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3. Durex Performax Intense Rubber Latex Condoms


If you’re looking for a condom with delayed lubrication and a little bit extra to maximize pleasure, we suggest these Durex Performax Intense Natural Rubber Latex Condoms. The condoms come backed by over 4,700 five-star ratings and feature ribbing and dotting along the sides to increase sensation for your partner. The walls of the condoms are also ultra-fine to ensure you still enjoy the experience, even though the included delay lubricant will create a slightly numbing sensation. In addition, each of the condoms, which come in packs of 12 or 24, has been five times tested for adequate strength and durability.

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4. Durex Pleasure Pack Assorted Condoms


If you like a little variety in the bedroom, with the option of delaying things when the mood suits, these ​​Durex Pleasure Pack Assorted Condoms could be the right choice for you. The pack is made up of four different condom varieties, including Extra Sensitive condoms, Performax Intense ribbed and dotted condoms and Intense Sensation dotted condoms. The Performax Intense delay condoms include a delay lubricant made from benzocaine which desensitizes to let you last longer than normal.

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5. Durex Prolong Condoms


In addition to the benzocaine-delayed lubrication found inside, these Durex Prolong Condoms feature a ribbed and dotted design to increase enjoyment for your partner. The natural rubber condoms also include lubrication on the outside to help prevent breakage during use as well as a reservoir tip for increased safety. In addition, each of the condoms inside the pack, which arrives at your home in discreet packaging, has been tested multiple times for assurance of its strength and durability.

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6. Pasante Delay Infinity Condoms


These Pasante Delay Infinity Condoms are transparent, teat-ended and have straight sides. They also include a non-spermicidal, delay-effect lubricant made from lidocaine hydrochloride, which helps give you the extra time in the bedroom you’re after. These natural rubber condoms have also been CE-certified and electronically tested for quality assurance. Furthermore, these condoms are available in packs of different sizes, ranging from six to 100 pieces.

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7. Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms


If you want a straight-walled, delay lubricant-filled condom which is supplied by the world’s number one condom company, these Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms are your answer. The contained benzocaine lubricant works by desensitizing everything inside the condom to help delay climaxing for longer love-making periods, and without affecting your partner, either. Each pack contains 14 condoms which are individually wrapped for easier storage in pockets, bags and wallets.

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8. Promescent Desensitizing Delay Spray


Away from condoms, the Promescent Desensitizing Delay Spray is a clinically proven way to last longer in the bedroom. This climax control spray comes backed by over 5,500 five-star ratings from Amazon users and is available in either a 0.09 or 0.25-fluid ounce bottle. To use this FDA-compliant product, simply apply three to 10 sprays to your downstairs area around five to 10 minutes before you intend on having sex. It’s an easy and convenient way to enjoy a longer-lasting, more intimate experience with your partner.

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9. hims Delay Spray


hims Delay Spray is another easy-to-use spray that is designed to keep you going for longer. After applying the spray to their penis, 64% of men using it reported that they lasted longer than usual, making it a great way to prolong romantic evenings, even if you don’t suffer from PE. What’s great about this spray is it’s available for a monthly subscription, meaning it can be delivered to your home in discreet packaging every month, meaning you have a regular supply and don’t need to worry about what the neighbors think.

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10. Roman Swipes


These Roman Swipes are another clinically proven way to last longer in the bedroom. To use them, simply wipe the Swipe over the most sensitive areas of your penis and wait five minutes. They also come individually wrapped, making it easy to keep one in your wallet or pocket for those just-in-case moments. The wipes are made in the USA and contain 4% benzocaine to reduce sensitivity. Plus, they’re available on a monthly plan if you intend to use them on a regular basis.

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