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The 11 Best Male Sex Toys for Better Self-Care (And Better Orgasms)

Masturbation is self-care and anything worth doing is worth doing well. No small wonder than that the sex toy market has exploded over recent years with a surge in sales during the pandemic pushing purchases up 30% in 2020 alone. Growth may be less turgid over the next few years, but pleasure appears to be recession-proof and predictions indicate the market could hit $62.3 billion by 2030. As it stands, women wield the bulk of that capital (and an ever-increasing number of elaborate dildos), but sex toys for men are becoming more commonplace.

Available in a vast number of shapes, sizes, designs and methods of use, sex toys for men cannot and do not all fall under one category. Most do, however, share a singular purpose: Turn rubbing one out from a guilty habit to an indulgence. Product features alone can’t accomplish that; social mores demand sheepishness around a healthy regular performance. But products, shipped discreetly in unlabeled boxes, can supply sensations that might not be otherwise available.

Buyers don’t want to overpay. That goes for sex toys just as much as it does iced coffee. Even the best men’s sex toys spend the majority of days tucked under bed frames. Because of this, price is a massive factor to consider prior to pulling the trigger. While some futuristic sex toys can cost well over $200, there are loads of sex toy dupes made with high-quality materials at affordable prices. Purchasing the right sex toy should generally depend on the frequency of use. If one isn’t a huge masturbator, it’s smarter to “invest” in something more affordable. If someone’s biggest motive is to own the best of the best men’s sex toys, that price hike will become necessary.

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Some of the best men’s sex toys are built for stimulating the penis or testicles. Others are designed to, for lack of better words, shove up the ass. With lube. Buyers will need to decide what exactly they’re looking to get out of the experience before buying the right toy for them. As tacky as the statement is, different strokes for different folks.

The Best Male Sex Toys: At a Glance

BASICS Donut Cock Ring Multipack

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Best Anal Toy

Funejoy Silicone Anal Plugs

Buy Now On Amazon $12.99 Jump to Details
Masturbation Upgrade


Buy Now at lelo $172.00 Jump to Details
Best Vibrating Anal Toy

LELO Billy 2

Buy Now at lelo $149.00 Jump to Details
Best Updated Ring

Halo by Bellesa

Buy Now On Amazon $79.00 Jump to Details
Best OG

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Male Masturbator

Buy Now On Amazon $54.95 Jump to Details
Best 2-for-1

Lovehoney Inside Job Silicone Cock Ring and Butt Plug

Buy Now at lovehoney $24.99 Jump to Details
Best Steel Toy

njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

Buy Now On Amazon $86.75 Jump to Details

What The Experts Say

Purchasing a sex toy is daunting, but the main focus should surround what exactly the buyer is looking for upon purchasing. “When we think of sex toys “for men”, many of us first think of penetrable toys that aim to simulate penetrative sex, since that’s the most widely-accepted way for men to masturbate,” says Ben Lusterio-Adler, cofounder of custom sex toy brand, Freely. “But a lot of men also buy penetrative toys to stimulate, for example, their prostates and explore new forms of pleasure.”

Emasculation is a serious problem in the space of sexual wellness and a lot of that has to do with the stigma of anal pleasure being deemed “gay”. Many men might be turned off by how visually dick-like anal toys can be, which is inherently understandable. Men desiring prostate simulation as a form of masturbation can look at an array of different toys, ranging from classic silicone anal plugs to custom, non-cock-like options at Freely. Just make sure they’re flare-based. Nobody wants to go to the emergency room with a rubber rod stuck up their anus.

But, just as much as finding the right toy for a specific person might be, finding the right material is just as important. 

“No matter what, you need to find something that’s body-safe (that part’s a no-brainer) and non-porous so that bacteria doesn’t build up,” Lusterio-Adler continues. He mentions the safest of bets being platinum-cure silicone, borosilicate glass and stainless steel due to their resilience and ease of cleaning.

His last piece of advice? Just have a good time. “A lot of cis men express that they feel a lot of pressure and anxiety when they start to explore anal play, so a first piece of advice is to remember that it’s supposed to be fun. If you’re not having fun, just stop and circle back later. There’s no single ‘correct’ way to use the toy, so don’t take it too seriously and just explore yourself.”

Courtesy of Amazon

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Invented back in 1995, the Fleshlight has been around for almost two decades, enhancing the way men get off through a typically discretely outward, not-so-discretely inward body – not that anyone would genuinely mistake a Fleshlight for a flashlight. The internal silicone pussy would probably give that away.

Since its creation, the Fleshlight has undergone numerous improvements and additions that has helped it maintain its rep as one of the very best male sex toys money can buy. Though the Quickshot Vantage looks very different from Fleshlight’s original creation, it still has divets and textures for sexual stimulation., this little guy packs a punch while still instilling a low-key vibe.

The affordable Quickshot Vantage is less than half the size of a traditional Fleshlight. It’s built to fully expose the penis from either end with the visual viewing pleasure of a clear body. While this is a stellar tool for solo masturbation, it also makes for a great additive for oral sex due to end-to-end double exposure. Not only that, but this design makes this Fleshlight one of the easiest options to clean.

Courtesy of Amazon

Why It Stands Out: This silicone cock ring set is the no-frills type of sex toy that pushes pleasure without pushing boundaries. Essentially, these stand out because they don’t. They’re easy to use and gimmick-free.
Made For: Cock rings are not-so-scary sex toys for dudes wanting something on the affordable, relatively tame side. Each is very easy to put on and take off, meaning men with all different sizes below the belt will have no trouble wearing it.
Is It Sexy?: Visually speaking, not really. But, whiltst on, they make wearers feel extremely sexy. The tightness created by these rings creates a general sexy feeling as they hug the penis and testicles, prepping your member for the deed ahead.
Hot Take: Try them on one at a time or two to three at once. Different strokes for different folks! Also, be sure to use these with a water-based lube to easily get them on and off when needed.

Courtesy of Amazon
Best Anal Toy

Why It Stands Out: We’re not just looking to overthrow the stigma against men’s sex toys, but coming for the butt stuff too. While a lot of men might assume using silicone plugs is gay, that isn’t the case whatsoever. Plenty of men under a range of different sexualities can enjoy butt play and if just starting out, these silicone butt plugs offer a down-low way to practice anal stimulation and ease your way into other prostate play.
Made For: Because this set comes with three plugs in varying sizes, it’s great for newbies and experts alike.
Is It Sexy?: These are most certainly sexy. A number of plug-wearers like to wear these in public, whether it be running errands or sitting in the office. The sheer knowledge of one wearing one of these while they go about their day can be a massive turn-on. In addition, the design is visually charming as well.
Hot Take: Size matters. If just starting out, be sure to use the smallest option available. Also, always use lube before placing anything inside of your ass. Ever.

Courtesy of LELO
Masturbation Upgrade

$172.00 $229.00 25% off

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$187.46 $249.95 25% off

Buy Now at pinkcherry

Why It Stands Out: When searching for the best male sex toys, there’s no way one can simply gloss over the futuristic units that the world has to offer in 2023. The F1S V2 is one of them. This male masturbator takes everything about the Fleshlight and amps it up a million degrees. Built with an ultra-pliable sleeve and customizable sonic wave technology, this electric masturbation sleeve is simply top-notch.
Made For: This is for the kind of person willing to spend a little more money on something borderline mind-altering. Fleshlight owners looking for a unit that goes above and beyond manual pleasure will truly enjoy the intense robotic power provided by the F1S V2.
Is It Sexy?: Look at this thing. Yes, it’s sexy. It’s alluring, it’s enthralling, it’s gorgeous. It evokes pleasure with a glance.
Hot Take: Buyers will spend a little more on this sex toy than they might others, so it’s not suggested to purchase this as one’s very first sex toy. This is made for more seasoned players willing to spend the money on a device that will modify what they initially thought about male sex toys.

Courtesy of LELO
Best Vibrating Anal Toy

Why It Stands Out: Where there is a futuristic male masturbator, there is a futuristic anal toy. The Billy 2 from LELO is an ergonomic prostate massager that’s easy to insert and 100% waterproof. It has eight varying settings for vibrational pleasure all anal play lovers will most certainly enjoy.
Made For: Like the F1S V2, it is not suggested one should use this for first-time anal play because it’s a bit of a bank-breaker. First-timers should consider non-vibrating sex toys instead. True anal play lovers, this is an option that’s quite enjoyable.
Is It Sexy?: LELO markets its products in a way that makes this question easy to answer: yes, it’s sexy. It’s sleek, it’s comfortable, it’s good-looking and it’s something any anal lover would want in their butt.
Hot Take: This is a vibrational tool that doesn’t have a flared base, so it’s important to use caution so you don’t lose it (no, really). No one wants to go to the ER because they got an anal toy stuck up their ass.

Courtesy of Amazon
Best Disposable

$31.99 $35.10 9% off

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Why It Stands Out: There aren’t many disposable men’s sex toys available for purchase, which is why the TENGA Egg is such a standout amongst other players. These “eggs” contain various male masturbators in portable structures, each featuring unique textures for varied pleasure. Although they’re very small and compact, each is super stretchy to fit over penises of all shapes and sizes.
Made For: Anyone looking to experience what men’s sex toys can do without feeling the need to go above and beyond with a larger purchase. These can be disposed of directly after use, so those unwilling to hide a toy under their bed for the rest of their lives, this is a solid option to snag.
Is It Sexy?: TENGA Eggs aren’t necessarily designed to be sexy. Instead, they’re visually quite kitschy. Though, unsexy toys don’t always mean an unsexy experience when using.
Hot Take: Don’t reuse these. As great as they may feel, they’re meant to be thrown away after use. Just pick up something reusable if that’s what you’re looking for.

Courtesy of Amazon
Best Updated Ring

$79.00 $89.00 11% off

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Why It Stands Out: Where there are regular, everyday cock rings, there are cock rings that have the power to vibrate. The Halo by Bellesa ring is exactly that. Made with a silky, silicone exterior and a vibrating top half, this is an excellent option to use for both solo and partnered play.
Made For: Use this on the penis for masturbation sessions with that added kick. Something with a little more pizazz. Use this with a partner to help stimulate the clitoris or the backend and take penetrative sex up a notch.
Is It Sexy?: While it’s hard to say whether or not cock rings are sexy when on, this device’s design makes it sexy. Plus, it feels sexy when on. It’s not always about the look of things!
Hot Take: This cock ring holds a charge of up to two hours in total with seven different stimulation settings. Let the fun begin!

Courtesy of Amazon
Best OG

Why It Stands Out: This one stands out because it doesn’t. We’ve already talked about the world of Fleshlights and how much they’ve transformed. We’ve even named the number one best male sex toy as an option from the brands. This is the Fleshlight that essentially started it all. It’s a tale as old as time.
Made For: This is for the gimmick-free kind of guy looking to get off without using his hand. The 6.5-inch sleeve has a silky, textured interior with a suction-like feel that the hand can’t mimic. It’s for the kind of dude that simply wants to get off without all of the bells and whistles.
Is It Sexy?: Though Fleshlights have a kind of unsexy air to them, one can’t deny that this device is incredibly sexy. It’s straightforward without being straightforward. There’s a surprise in store every time. It has an appeal to it that simply gets one going.
Hot Take: To those of you who have never owned a Fleshlight: do not pass go and do not collect $200. Everyone starts somewhere, newbies should start with a Fleshlight. It’s a simple right of passage.

Courtesy of Lovehoney
Best 2-for-1

Why It Stands Out: This dual-purpose toy not only helps wearers achieve anal stimulation, but it also has the ability to give wearers a stronger, harder erection through the provided cock ring — a classic two-for-one.
Made For: Lovers of both anal and penis stimulation. This is a dual-sensation toy that really gets the ball rolling and is designed to provide pretty intense orgasms.
Is It Sexy?: This one achieves sexy through an air of mystique because upon first glance, not everyone will be able to tell what’s going on. It has an allure that’s hard to ignore.
Hot Take: Just like anything else one might stick up their ass, be sure to lube up. In addition, lube the ring area as well for east take-on, and easy take-off.

Courtesy of Amazon
Best Steel Toy

Why It Stands Out: This is likely one of the most highly-rated men’s sex toys on the internet. Though it’s visually scary, this double-ended pleasure tool is designed with a curve for precise prostate hitting and it’s weighted to maximize pleasure.
Made For: This ain’t the average dildo. As per Dr. Vanessa Carlisle, author of the sexy mystery Take Me With You, metal is a material used in sex toy manufacturing for those specifically interested in, well, using metal. There is a daunt that coincides with using metal specifically due to weight and feel. If not properly used, there can also be some chafing involved. It isn’t necessarily a first option when it comes to sex toys, so sex toy users looking for a first pick, look elsewhere.
Is It Sexy?: Yes, it’s sexy. It’s so sexy that it’s almost haunting. It just looks like it’s asking for trouble.
Hot Take: While this toy is available for purchase at Lovehoney (what seems to be the internet’s favorite place to purchase sex toys), it’s also available at Amazon for half the price. The more you know.

Best Robot

$219.95 $299.95 27% off

Buy Now

Why It Stands Out: This is a robotic, fully AI blowjob tool that has learned how to simulate oral sex through 1,000 hours of blowjob videos. And, after testing, it works. The future truly is here.
Made For: This is a sex toy made for the ultra-curious, not the average sex toy buyer. At $220, it’s not the cheapest piece of equipment on the planet, but it is worth the pretty penny. Anyone looking for a blowjob at the snap of their fingers, this robotic option has your name written all over it.
Is It Sexy?: God, no. It’s not sexy. Look at it. It’s scary. Finding this underneath someone’s bed will offer lots of questions and the potential for public ridicule. Though sex toys are becoming destigmatized, some are not. Keep owning this one to yourselves, boys.
Hot Take: As mentioned, after testing, this machine is sort of crazy. It really has the power to do something to the penis that can’t quite be matched by any other male sex toy on the market. Does it feel like a human mouth? Not necessarily. But, does it come pretty damn close? Yeah, it does.