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The 22 Best Male Sex Toys for Better Self-Care (And Better Orgasms)

Guys — it’s finally time to take advantage of your best male sex toys. There are hundreds of high-quality, pleasure-inducing products that are made specifically for guys, and they’re all better than anything your hand can do (we promise). We’ll go so far as to say that the best male sex toy can change your life by unlocking new dimensions of pleasure for you (and your partner, if you prefer).

Self-care is more important than ever, and both masturbating and partnered sex are major forms of self-care. Using the best sex toys for men on the market can be a great way to achieve relaxation while taking care of your mental and physical health.

Talking about sex toys and male sex toys, in particular, has long been stigmatized, but thanks to evolving mindsets around sexuality, it’s becoming more and more typical for guys to have a male sex toy or two on their bedside table. Likewise, many of the best sex toys for men can enhance your partner’s pleasure, turning you into a sexual superhero in the bedroom. But if you’re new to the world of male sex toys, it can be tricky to know where to start. You’re probably not going to ask a friend or coworker for recommendations. But don’t lose hope — we’re here to help.

The best sex toys for men come in three primary forms: masturbation sleeves (aka male strokers, the most popular option), sex toys for couples that enhance the experience with your partner, wearable stimulators for on-the-go fun and anal sex toys (just don’t forget the anal lube). Within these categories are dozens of variations such as masturbation cups, oral sex simulators, vibrating prostate massagers and cock rings for stimulating your partner or lasting longer in bed. Honestly, the best male sex toys exist for any situation, providing a mind-bending orgasm — no matter what you’re getting into.

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We’ve rounded up the best male sex toys in each category, with options for male strokers, couple’s toys and more, depending on your sexual needs or what you’ve got in the bank. Check out the 21 best sex toys for men you can buy in 2022 below, and you can thank us later.


Why We Chose It: The Fleshlight is essentially what started the sex toy trend for men. This classic male masturbator is shrunken for discretion but still has everything you need to get off.

Fleshlight is undoubtedly the best-known name in the male masturbator game. This $35 pocket male masturbator is the perfect introduction to sex toys for men who have never used a masturbation aid like this before. As one of the best male sex toys for men on the market, this discrete and compact masturbation sleeve will help get off in a low-key fashion. This one’s great because it’s way too easy to hide given its smaller size, unlike the larger flashlight-sized Fleshlight. Throw it under your bed, in your underwear drawer or bedside nightstand. Nobody will ever notice.


$14.99 at Lovehoney

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Why We Chose It: For those that have trouble ejaculating a little too quickly, cock rings are your knight in shining armor for helping you hold back. Plus, they feel great.

Sometimes, all you need are the basics. This set of three differently-sized cock rings from Lovehoney will get the job done and stimulate your sexual experience exponentially. Cock rings help keep you harder for longer and last more than you usually do. Simply put, they’re easy, cheap and get the job done.

Best Vibrating Toy

$89.00 at LELO $149.00 40% off

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Why We Chose It: Anal stimulation is superb. And, no, it doesn’t have to be considered gay to enjoy anal pleasure (unless you want it to be). This toy is the best men’s toy for anal pleasure and has all the bells and whistles to make you feel great.

Looking to tickle your funny bone, so to speak? Dropping the euphemism, the LELO Billy 2 is a male vibrator designed to stimulate the prostate. That’s right, it’s time for butt stuff, fellas. LELO is an award-winning sex toy company with beautiful and effective sex toys for men, women and couples. This prostate massager has a variety of settings designed to get you there, which is why it’s one of our best male sex toys. It’s modern, sleek, and discreet, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it — even if you’ve never experienced anal pleasure.


$54.99 at Lovehoney

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Why We Chose It: Fleshlight proves that the best male sex toys don’t have to be complicated, and this discreet masturbator for men is basic in the best possible way.

While women have countless options for sex toys, for many years, men only had two options — their hand or a Fleshlight. And even as men’s sex toys have gotten more innovative (and mainstream), the classic Fleshlight is still one of the best sex toys for men. The Fleshlight Flight Pilot hides a stimulating sleeve for an intense orgasm, and it’s a great option for guys buying their first sex toy.

most affordable

Why We Chose It: These are way too easy, way too cheap and way too fun. Sometimes simple simply makes more sense.

This Japanese egg-shaped device might not look like a sex toy, but that’s part of the reason they’re best-sellers. Inside the eggs’ shells, you’ll find a stretchy, textured pure TPE masturbation sleeve and some lubricant. Put a dollop of lube on the egg and stretch it over your penis. Inside are textured ridges that provide a huge upgrade over the calluses on your hand. Reviewers also recommend cutting a hole in the top of one of the eggs to facilitate oral sex. These eggs are single-use products and aren’t designed for more well-endowed men. They’re a fun addition to your regular masturbation routine if you want to give your hand a break.


$39.99 at Babeland

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Why We Chose It: For those interested in plug play but don’t exactly know how to go about it, this is an excellent starting point. Plus, there’s always a way to size up if needed.

If you want to explore anal stimulation and prostate fun without the complexity of vibrators or heavy steel wands, then try this simple collection of butt plugs. These silicone anal plugs come in three sizes so you can figure out what works best for your body. They aren’t as daunting as some of the anal sex toys for men on this list, especially given the variation in sizing, so feel free to go as you please. Who knows, maybe you’ll turn into a pro.

Best vibrating plug

$26.99 at Lovehoney

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Why We Chose It: Over traditional butt plugs? We get it. This is a vibrating plug you simply will want to get your hands on. And, well, take your hands off.

This is a vibrating butt plug with 10 different features for just $27. Do we really need to tell you anything else? This 3.5-inch plug is a favorite from Lovehoney shoppers for its 3 speeds and 7 patterns for ultra-spicy alone time. It’s got a whisper-quiet design so nobody will ever know what it is you’re truly up to and is fully submersible for using under both wet and dry scenarios. Plus, did we mention that it’s just $27? Because it’s just $27.


$183.00 at LELO $229.00 20% off

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Why We Chose It: LELO can do no wrong and this futuristic toy is made for folks living in the year 3000. Consider yourself lucky that it’s available for purchase in 2022.

Who knew that a male sex toy could be so high-tech? This male sex toy comes from LELO, best known for making highly-rated and beautifully designed sex toys for women. However, the F1S V2 is made for men. This futuristic electronic masturbator has some pretty insane features. A dual motor provides just the right amount of motion and pressure to stimulate your penis and user-friendly controls are designed to be operated with one hand. It even comes with its own app to track your stamina over time. While one of the motors provides vibrations, the other offers intense sonic waves that stimulate you from every direction.

Best penis pump

$159.99 at Lovehoney

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Why We Chose It: It’s not always true, but sometimes bigger really is better. If you need some help circulating blood flow, here’s an easy way to do it.

Though we’re still a bit unsure whether or not penis pumps fall into the category of the best male sex toys or not, we’re including one for obvious reasons. If you’re underperforming in the bedroom due to your size, this pump will elongate your manhood to help you bring more heat to your sexual experiences. This is one of the most popular penis pumps of all time. You use this machine in the bath or shower with water to get the job done and watch your little guy grow. Aside from the fact that it does have the ability to elongate that Johnson, it feels great too, both during and after use. Rave reviews on Lovehoney make this purchase extremely tempting, so what are you waiting for?


$59.00 at Bellesa Boutique

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Why We Chose It: Who doesn’t love an upgraded sex toy? The Satisfyer Men 2.0 is everything you need in a relatively affordable, wildly cool masturbation sleeve.

The ever-so-popular Satisfyer is back with a bit of an update. Meet the Satisfyer 2.0. This whole-penis male masturbator is key for a realistic-feeling sexual experience fully done in a DIY format. The interior is very skin-like, mimicking the actual insides of a human’s anatomy. It’s got a silky-smooth texture that’s easy to clean and can fit members up to 10.2-inches long. Yes, a sex toy made for the well-endowed. The toy is totally waterproof and exists as a massive bang for your buck at just $59.

Best Anal Beads

$129.99 at B-Vibe $145.00 10% off

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Why We Chose It: Anal beads that don’t vibrate are so last decade. The best part? Someone else can control these for you.

These vibrating anal beads from b-Vibe have a lot to offer your prostate, and we recently named the brand’s vibrating plugs one of the best sex toys of all time. This toy has six vibration patterns, 15 vibration levels and wireless remote control. The discrete carrying case makes this easy to tuck away in your nightstand or closet, and the beginner-friendly size is perfect for first-time exploration. B-Vibe is a top-rated sex toy company that makes some of the best male sex toys for anal fun, so place your order and try the Triplet Anal Beads on for size.

BESt mini stroker

$29.00 at Bellesa Boutique

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Why We Chose It: It’s simple, it’s fun, it’s easy to use and it’s entirely gimmick-free. It’s hard to go wrong with this one.

Sometimes, less is more. And this stroker is here to prove it. Made for both solo and partnered use, this toy is to be used for stroking the penis with a little bit of lube or spit to help create a heightened sexual experience. Use by yourself with your own hand and get to work. Or, you can have a partner use it on you during oral sex for some trick-up-your-sleeve fun.


$89.00 Bellesa Boutique

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Why We Chose It: Regular cock rings can get a little boring. Spice it up with some vibration.

Sure, cock rings without all the bells and whistles are excellent. But, with all the bells and whistles? Don’t even get us started. This rechargeable cock ring is a hands-free toy that wraps around the penis to help the wearer last longer and have a more powerful orgasm. Because it vibrates, it’s great for wearing both solo and during partner play so both parties get in on the fun. Essentially, expect better Os from here on out with this one.

BEST P-spot stimulator

$120.00 at Babeland

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Why We Chose It: The P-spot is essentially the male G-spot. And, once you find it, you may never want to stop. This stainless steel toy can be used by both men and women, and both ends offer intense stimulation that will bring you to new sexual heights.

What’s not to enjoy with Njoy? This prostate massager is a stainless steel option that might look a little intimidating from a visual standpoint, but it has a powerful, eye-widening power when properly used. For men, it’s meant to be inserted anally to stimulate a man’s prostate. The toy weighs 24 oz in total, meaning that users should expect a heavy-duty feel with a top-tier level of performance. Expensive? Yes. Worth the investment? For guys who like to get kinky, 100%.

best for trans men

$34.95 at FTM Essentials

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Why We Chose It: Trans men deserve toys, too! Just because some men aren’t packing the same thing down below anatomically that you have doesn’t mean they don’t want to get off. Trust us, we all want to get off — no matter what we got.

Not all men have the same anatomy, so for dudes post or pre-transition looking to extend what they’ve got, this airtight cylindrical pump will help you explore and experience intense feel and sensation from the art of suction. Simply hold the pump against your body and play around with the controls to get the suck you want, then quickly release the suction to feel a mind-altering sensation your body hasn’t experienced. Note that this isn’t going to increase your size permanently, but it’s an excellent way to experience the pump as a trans man or non-binary person.

most unique

Why We Chose It: Just look at it. We had to include it.

Upon introduction, the Fun Factory ‘Manta’ might look a little bit intimidating (for real, this thing king looks like crab claws), but it’s one of the best men’s sex toys for purchase online. It essentially works by turning your penis into a vibrator, which feels ultra-pleasurable during vaginal, anal, solo or oral sex. For those who love a blowjob every once in a while, give this baby to your partner and have them use it while going to town. It will turn their oral skills into a Ph.D. level. With a 2-hour run time, waterproof capabilities and a fitting size to pack in your travel bag, the Manta is undoubtedly one of the best and most unique sex toys for men that money can buy. Hands down.

Best ring and plug combo

$22.95 at Adam & Eve

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Why We Chose It: This is a duo you never saw coming. Pleasure two parts of yourself at once completely hands-free.

If you want to play with a ring and butt plug simultaneously, turn to the mind-blowing male sex toy, which is appropriately titled Ass-Gasm Penis Ring Plug. The ring ensures you stay harder for longer, while the plug gives your prostate the ride of its life. Men can expect a more multilayered orgasmic finish. However, one user does suggest that, unlike the demonstrator image, it should be used with the ring at the base of the shaft (first the testicles, then the shaft) for optimal results.

most realistic

$299.99 at Lovehoney

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Why We Chose It: Well, why wouldn’t we choose it? Realism is everything, boys.

Sure, you’ve spent your entire adult life either using or wanting a Fleshlight, but there’s more to the world of sex toys — especially when it comes to male masturbators. This male masturbator uses a realistic-looking silicone butt and vagina with two different canals per hole. It’s an excellent two-for-one deal, and the grippable butt helps it feel like you’re playing with an actual woman. To top it off, this masturbator comes in two skin tones.


Why We Chose It: This is the perfect BDSM set for those just getting into kink. Plus, it’s available on Amazon for easy, discrete purchasing.

Okay, if you’re curious about bondage and the exciting world of BDSM toys, this beginner-friendly BDSM starter kit has everything you and a partner need to get started. It’s only $31 and has 11 different toys to choose from for some spicy fun. But listen up, guys: This is not the toy you break out when your Tinder date is going well. You try it with a trusted partner, and only after discussing your mutual interests and boundaries like adults.

We would also advise you to read up on BDSM best practices before trying out under-the-bed restraints, handcuffs, floggers and blindfolds, which are included in this set. There’s a lot more to BDSM than simply picking a safe word, and you want to ensure that your lover is enjoying him or herself as much as you are.


Why We Chose It: Take kink into 2022 with a handcuff set that can even pull itself off as a decoration if you try hard enough.

While some of the world of BDSM’s best sex toys for men (and couples) are clad in leather or leather lookalikes, these easy-peasy Quickie Cuffs from Wild Flower are a must-have for those looking to get it on quickly, discretely and lock-less. For real, sometimes regular BDSM handcuffs can become a bit of a hassle, but the Quickie Cuffs never are. Simply slip yours or your partner’s wrists in for bondage made easier than ever. Because they’re made from silicone, the cuffs are also effortless to clean and are naturally body-safe.

Best chastity

$149.95 at the Enhanced Male

Buy Now

Why We Chose It: Well, let’s just say don’t knock it until you try it. For guys who want to explore their submissive side, this chastity cage is a great starter option.

While we don’t suggest this for guys just starting out in the realm of sex toys, this is an excellent pick for guys who are a bit more submissive in their sexual endeavors. (We see you, fin-dom lovers.) This BDSM chastity cage keeps your pecker locked up tight in a trapped 3.25-inch long, medical-grade polycarbonate enclosure to ensure that thing is not getting hard. It’s ventilated for breathability and ergonomic in its make, so you can wear this sex toy for men for as long as your heart desires. Or as long as mistress makes you.


$239.95 at Autoblow $299.95 20% off

Buy Now

Why We Chose It: Because you deserve an experience that will completely blow your mind.

The Autoblow got a recent update. Meet the Autoblow AI+.

That’s right, blowjob machines are real, so we are officially living in the future. You might have seen this futuristic toy in ads on popular porn websites, and it’s one of the most unique male sex toys ever invented.

If you thought robots were taking over the world before, hold onto your bedframe. This Autoblow A.I. is a hands-free blowjob simulator, and its inventor analyzed over 1,000 hours of blowjob footage to simulate realistic, diverse oral stimulation. If it seems a little freaky, that’s understandable. But if you have the cash (and an adventurous attitude), this is one of the most rewarding male sex toys on the market. Recently, you may have noticed this sex gadget advertised on porn tube sites, and if you’re ready to satisfy your curiosity, go ahead and take the plunge. It is the wildest sex toy for men on the market.