Self-Care for Men: The 19 Best Male Sex Toys to Get You Through Your Quarantine

best male sex toys
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Guys are finally starting to take advantage of sex toys. There are now hundreds of high-quality, pleasure-inducing products that are made specifically for guys, and they’re all better than your hand (we promise).

If you’re currently like most of the world — stressed and stuck at home due to coronavirus — then self-care is more important than ever, and sex toys are a great way to relax. Some sexual release might just keep you from punching a hole in the wall, and the best male sex toys might actually make quarantine enjoyable.

Talking about sex toys has long been stigmatized (especially with men), but thanks to evolving mindsets around sexuality, it’s now perfectly normal for guys to have a personal sex toy or two in their bedside table. But if you’re new to sex toys, it can be tricky to know where to start because you’re probably not going to ask a friend or coworker for recommendations. But don’t lose hope —  we’re here to help.

the #1 Itinerary
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Great post :)

the #1 Itinerary
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Great post :)

The best sex toys for men come in three primary forms: masturbation sleeves (the most popular), sex toys for couples that enhance the experience with your partner, and anal toys. There are also sex dolls with varying degrees of realism, though we haven’t featured any here. Within these categories, there are dozens of variations such as masturbation cups, oral sex simulators, vibrating prostate stimulators and penis rings for stimulating your partner. We’ve rounded up the best male sex toys in each of these categories, with options for sleeves, couple’s toys and more, depending on your needs and budget. Check them out below.


1. Fleshlight Flight Pilot


Fleshlight introduced its famous line of masturbation sleeves in the 90s. In the same way we still call generic soda Coke, Fleshlight has become a synonym for all masturbation sleeves. This Flight Pilot is an upgraded, more compact version of Fleshlights original design. It scores high on discretion with a flashlight disguise and a clear, non-vagina-looking hole. The interior is nubby, made of silky Superskin and easy to wash with soap and water after each successful use.

fleshlight masturbator sleeveCourtesy of Babeland Courtesy of Babeland

2. Fleshlight Quick Shot


Fleshlight is without a doubt the best-known name in the male masturbation game. The company rose to fame with their discreet, flashlight-shaped masturbators. However, This $35 pocket masturbator is the perfect introduction to sex toys for men who have never used a masturbation aid like this before. As one of the best sex toys for men, this discrete and compact masturbation sleeve will help you wile away the hours.

fleshlight quick shotCourtesy of Amazon

3. Tenga Egg (6-Pack)


These Japanese egg-shaped devices might not look like sex toys, but that’s part of the reason they’re best-sellers. Inside the eggs’ shells you’ll find a stretchy, textured pure TPE masturbation sleeve and some lubricant. Put a dollop of lube on the egg, and then stretch it over your penis. Inside are textured ridges that provide a huge upgrade over the calluses on your hand. Reviewers also recommend cutting a hole in the top of one of the eggs to simulate oral sex.

Masturbation Eggs TengaImage courtesy of Babeland


4. ColorPoP ScreamingO Vibrating Ring


Sure, there are fancier vibrating cock rings on this list (just keep reading), but this $8 toy blows them out of the water. Simple, affordable and easy to slip on and off, this is a fun little toy that adds a little more fun to your bedroom activities. While it’s best used with a partner, it adds a fun twist on your normal masturbatory routine. That’s why it’s not only one of the best male sex toys, but also one of the only ones under $10.

vibrating cock ringCourtesy of Babeland


5. Tracy’s Dog Male Masturbation Cup


Masturbation cups are a go-to male sex toy for many. We recommend this one from Tracey’s Dog for a few key reasons: it’s made of a soft, great feeling TPE material, it’s easy to clean, and at only $27, it’s very affordable. This TPE build offers life-like consistency and doesn’t have any toxins or scent. It’s very similar to the famous Fleshlight, only less discreet and more affordable because it doesn’t have the name brand. Before use, be sure to apply water-based lube (silicone-based lube will wear down the product faster).

Fake Vagina Fleshlight AlternativeImage courtesy of Amazon


6. Main Squeeze Pop-Off Masturbator


Discretion is very important for many sex toy buyers. You don’t want a nosey roommate, friend or, even worse, a kid to discover your personal stress-relief device. Although some of our options offer discretion, this masturbator from Main Squeeze is the most low-profile of the lot. It’s only four inches long (so, not the length of a normal masturbator), doesn’t feature any realistic styling and doesn’t have any branding that someone could easily Google. Plus, it feels great too with a soft ULTRASKYN build and a textured interior.

main squeeze masturbation sleeveCourtesy of Babeland


7. Clone-A-Pussy Plus


Maybe your girlfriend is gone often. Or, maybe you are a girlfriend and you want to give your man something to tide him over. In either case, check out this Clone-A-Pussy. That’s right, it’s a design-your-own masturbator that replicates any vulva. The kit uses silicone and molding powder that shapes to any vulva for a just-like-home feel. It comes with a high-quality pleasure sleeve, case, lubricant and easy to follow instructions so you can be ready for action right away.

clone a pussy masturbator customCourtesy of Babeland


8. Shower Stroker Pussy


If it’s shower masturbation or bust for you (pun intended), here’s a toy you’ll like. This stroker is intended for lube-free use in the shower. It’s made of a special TPE that gets extra slick once in contact with water, so there’s no need to buy and apply lube. To use the device, just wet your finger, put it in the hole and get to it.

male masturbator stroker showerCourtesy of Adam & Eve


9. Fleshlight Stamina Trainer Value Pack


If this is your first foray into upgraded alone time, an all-inclusive pack like this one from Fleshlight is a great idea. Fleshlight makes some of the best sex toys for men, so you’re in good hands. This product includes Fleshlight’s classic, best-selling masturbation sleeve (disguised as a flashlight when not in use), as well as other essentials. You’ll get a shower mount, Fleshlight brand lube, cleaning solution and renewing powder to keep your Fleshlight in the best shape possible.

Fleshlight sex toy kit lubeCourtesy of Adam & Eve


10. LELO Billy 2 Vibrating Prostate Massager


Looking to tickle your funny bone, so to speak? Dropping the euphemism, the LELO Billy 2 is designed to stimulate the prostate. LELO is an award-winning sex toy company with beautiful and effective sex toys for men, women and couples. This prostate massager has a variety of settings designed to get you there, which is why it’s one of our best male sex toys.

lelo bill 2Courtesy of LELO


11. Tenga Cool Egg

If you want to test out the best-selling Tenga Egg before buying a pack, or you just want a single special night, go for this Tenga Cool Egg. The ribbed masturbator includes menthol-infused lubricant for a very pleasant cooling sensation. It’s also nice for the ladies if you spread the egg over a dildo with the menthol lube applied.

tenga egg cool masturbatorCourtesy of Babeland


12. LELO F1s Red


Who knew that a male sex toy could be so high-tech? This male sex toy comes from LELO, best known for making highly-rated and beautifully designed sex toys for women. However, the F1s Red is made for men. This electronic masturbator has some pretty insane features. A dual motor provides just the right amount of motion and pressure to stimulate your penis, with user-friendly controls designed to be operated with one hand. It even comes with its own app to track your stamina over time.

While one of the motors provides vibrations, the other provides intense sonic waves that stimulate you from every direction. Not only that, but the F1s Red comes with a developer tool kit. Using the accompanying app, you can custom program your own settings to provide exactly the right amount of stimulation in all of the right places. This male sex toy looks like something straight out of science fiction. So why didn’t we rate this high-tech sex toy higher on our list of the best male sex toys? While there’s a lot to love here, including the LELO brand name, this sex toy is a little more complicated than most men really need. It’s just not that hard to get men off.

lelo f1 redCourtesy of LELO


13. We-Vibe Pivot


If you and your lady are looking for a bedroom upgrade, go for this We-Vibe penis ring. It slides over the penis while that little extension vibrates to stimulate your partner’s clitoris, ensuring that she climaxes too. It can also be flipped upside down to vibrate the testicles during sex or masturbation. Plus, the device connects to an app that allows one person to control the vibrations from anywhere in the world, so long-distance couples can still connect sexually.

Cock Ring Clitoris StimulatorImage courtesy of Babeland


14. PALOQUETH Male Prostate Massager


Male prostate stimulation is quickly becoming normalized with straight men — and that’s a great thing. When properly stimulated, the small gland of nerves behind the penis creates an incredibly satisfying orgasm. This improves both masturbation and sex with a partner, but either way, a good prostate stimulator will make it more pleasurable and easier for all involved. We recommend this male sex toy because it’s not too big for beginners, it’s remote controlled and it’s reasonably priced.

Prostate Stimulator Men's Sex ToyImage courtesy of Amazon


15. Flip Zero Electronic Masturbator


This electronic masturbator from Tenga is the Ferrari of male sex toys. Once you’re inserted, you can pick from several vibration modes that utilize two vibration cores for serious stimulation. Then, you’re able to manually control the amount of pressure inside the device using large buttons on the side. This gives you more control, while greatly upgrading the whole experience with a just-right sucking sensation.

Electric Masturbator Blowjob TengaImage courtesy of Babeland


16. Njoy Pure Wand


If you’re looking for a masculine butt plug, you can’t do better than this ultra-rugged stainless steel toy from Njoy. This sleek toy is 11 inches long and weighs 1.5 pounds, so you’ll love the weight of it in your hands. Great for men and women (though obviously not meant to be shared), it’s a great choice for your bedroom toy collection.

njoy stainless steel dildoCourtesy of Babeland


17. Naughty Trainer Butt Plugs


If you want to explore anal stimulation and prostate fun without the complexity of vibrators or heavy steel wands, then try this simple collection of butt plugs. These silicone anal plugs come in three sizes so you can figure out what works best for your body.

best male sex toysCourtesy of Babeland


18. B-VIBE – Triplet Anal Beads


These vibrating anal beads have a lot to offer your prostate. This toy comes with six vibration patterns, 15 vibration levels and a wireless remote control. The discrete carrying case makes this easy to tuck away in your nightstand or closet, and the beginner-friendly size is perfect for first-time exploration. b-Vibe is a top-rated sex toy company that makes some of the best male sex toys, so place your order and try the Triplet Anal Beads on for size.

best male sex toysCourtesy of Amazon


19. Autoblow A.I.


If you thought robots were taking over the world before, hold onto your bedframe. This Autoblow A.I. is a hands-free blowjob simulator that has analyzed 1,000 hours of blowjob footage to simulate realistic, diverse oral stimulation. If it seems a little freaky, that’s understandable. But if you have the cash (and an adventurous attitude), this is one of the most rewarding male sex toy on the market.

robot sex toy autoblow blowjobCourtesy of Autoblow