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The Best Mattresses for a Better Sex Life

Sleep is a fundamental part of healthy living and self-care, and choosing the best mattress is a big part of that. However, it’s equally important to find a mattress that can help your sex life thrive. While the memory foam bed-in-a-box has become a trendy choice over the years, sleepers find that it doesn’t exactly encourage intimacy in the bedroom.

In fact, these mattresses are developing a horrible reputation among amorous sleepers who find that all that foam can disrupt the normal rhythms and motion of lovemaking.

How to Buy the Right Mattress For Sex

Memory foam can bring a sinking effect similar to quicksand, and while it might be nice to melt into it after a long day, a steamy session with your partner won’t be as pleasant. Sleep expert Alex Savy of comments, “Foam mattresses often make moving and changing positions rather challenging. This mattress type also offers zero bounce and, thus, isn’t likely to compliment one’s moves during sex.” Although memory foam can make you feel like you’re “fighting” the bed, it does offer a more noiseless experience, unlike creaky innerspring coil mattresses.

If you want to stay discrete, a popular alternative for sexy time is the hybrid bed, which utilizes various foam layers (not just memory foam) combined with an inner coil system, providing more support. You can also purchase a bed that’s only made from innersprings, or contains polyfoam and latex, which are both more supportive alternatives to memory foam.

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Besides noise, the main factor to pay attention to when investing in a mattress for sex is responsiveness. This is essentially the level of bounce in your bed. Innerspring mattresses have the highest responsiveness, while memory foam has the lowest. Latex has more bounce than memory foam, but less than an innerspring mattress. Basically, you’re looking for the Goldilocks of mattresses with just the right amount of springiness for your favorite positions.

In Savy’s eyes, that’s the hybrid mattress: “In my opinion, the ‘middle ground’ for sex and sleep could be a quality hybrid mattress. This type isn’t likely to limit one’s moves and may even offer some boost thanks to the responsive coil core. At the same time, hybrid mattresses often use cradling comfort layers that can help users feel tension-free during sleep.”

What to Avoid When Buying A Mattress For Sex

Say no to Tempur-Pedic and all 100% memory foam mattresses! On its own, memory foam traps heat and causes you to feel warmer, which can bring discomfort during sex. They also have poor edge support, which means you and bae could roll off in the heat of the moment.

Don’t go for an overly soft bed, even if it feels tempting when you lay on it. Many beds offer various firmness levels, but we recommend going with medium firm or firm rather than plush for better responsiveness. Adult performer and Only Fans star Monica Huldt says, “The best mattress for sex should be firm but not too hard and have some bounce to it. Mattresses with springs are usually the best option. They may not be the best for sleep but they are for sex since they can help with rhythm and have [some] give. “

It can feel overwhelming to search for the best mattress for sex and sleep, especially since each of those activities seems to come with a different list of requirements. Still, sleep is the foundation of a well-functioning sex drive, so you’ll need a surface that’s suitable for both activities. Luckily, we compiled a carefully researched list of the best mattresses for sex that check all the boxes while improving your orgasms.


1. Saatva Luxury Firm Classic

Saatva remains #1 in the mattress game because of its durability — that essence also makes it fantastic for boosting your sex life. With high-quality materials and individually pocketed coils, this bed has the perfect amount of bounce and doesn’t swallow you in foam, unlike memory foam bed-in-a-box alternatives. Although there are multiple comfort options, we suggest going with the luxury firm option, which won’t sink as much as the plush level but offers more bounce than the firmest pick. The Saatva classic in luxury firm is one of the most popular innerspring beds on the market right now.

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Courtesy of Saatva


2. Ghostbed Classic

While some would argue that the plushness of the Ghostbed Flex offers more comfort for sleep, we suggest the GhostBed Classic as a slightly less soft hybrid alternative that still caters to all kinds of sleepers. Whereas the Flex contains a more substantial memory foam layer, the Classic has an aerated latex layer to offset the memory foam effect. Along with being naturally hypo-allergenic, it has natural cooling effects, which can help make sex more enjoyable. It’s supportive thanks to coils but has a soft (not excessively so) surface from the foam.

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Courtesy of Ghostbed

3. Layla Hybrid

The Layla’s most desirable feature is the fact that it can be flipped, offering one medium side and another firmer side. Ideally, we would all have separate mattresses for sex and sleep, and the Layla essentially solves that problem. If one side has too much give, just flip for a firmer experience! In the center of the layers lies a pocketed coil support core, offering an optimal amount of airflow and bounciness. Reviewers also seem to say that the mattress offers sufficient edge support compared to other foam models and all at a reasonable price, too.

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Courtesy of Layla

4. Helix Dawn

The Helix Dawn is by far this brand’s most responsive mattress, offering a decadent amount of bounce compared to their more conforming models. Unlike memory foam, it’s made with a more supportive polyfoam, which prevents the Dawn from being too firm. Underneath the foams lies their durable pocketed coil system. What’s more, this is also a breathable choice for hot sleepers. Helix’s Midnight Luxe may be a good alternative if both you and your partner prefer a softer surface.

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Courtesy of Helix

5. Winkbed

This hybrid mattress for sex is padded with multiple kinds of foam and is given an extra lift by pocketed mini coils and the addition of a lumbar pad made from compressed cotton. The coils lend support and responsiveness while the gel makes for a pressure-free night of sleep. While the WinkBed comes in various comfort levels, we recommend going Medium Firm or Firm. Their unique WinkBed Plus model replaces memory foam and mini coils with latex, a material that cozily envelopes your body while keeping you cool and bouncing back with ease.

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Courtesy of Winkbed

6. Dreamcloud

Often hailed as the leader of hybrid mattresses, this affordable mattress is perfect for getting down with bae as well as aligning your spine. The edge support on the DreamCloud is unmatched, so if you utilize the edge of the bed during sex, you won’t feel like you’re going to fall off. Motion isolation also gets this bed a high score, since it’s one of the quieter offerings on our list, despite containing inner coils. Since the top layer is polyfoam rather than memory foam, less of the sinking sensation is experienced, but you still get the benefits of foam.

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Courtesy of Dreamcloud


7. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

Turn to family-owned company Brooklyn Bedding if you sweat easily because this bed’s TitanFlex polyfoam surface is infused with a special material that keeps the temperature equilibrium at an ideal heat of 88 degrees. Copper and gels infused in the foam also help to reduce heat, and a built-in coil system makes sure hot air doesn’t get trapped. Their proprietary TitanFlex foam offers the softness of memory foam with the springiness of latex, creating a one-of-a-kind texture that’s perfect for intimacy.

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Courtesy of Brooklyn Bedding

8. Awara Premier Latex Hybrid

If you’re not a big fan of coils or have allergies, latex may be your best bet. This eco-friendly material is firmer than foam, but still absorbs pressure, which is also ideal for people who suffer from joint pain and need a little extra cushioning. Their pocketed coils feature thicker springs in the areas that sleepers put the most weight on, such as hips and shoulders, which helps to reduce pain. The cotton and wool cover regulates the temperature, and the motion isolation allows for more discrete playtime.

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Courtesy of Awara

9. Hastens

Let’s be real: for many budgets, a Hastens bed isn’t in the cards for this lifetime. But if you can afford a ridiculous splurge on the ultimate mattress for sex, we highly suggest investing in it. Although they have a range of different handcrafted beds to choose from, this is the only mattress made with hypoallergenic horsehair, which never breaks down since it’s not synthetic. All of its individual springs are hand-tied, unlike other mattresses which are linked by metal. While the price tag is high, these mattresses last upward of 100 years, and sleep isn’t something you want to skimp on.

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Courtesy of Hastens

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