Looking for New Furniture? Skip the Couch and Go for the Best Sex Furniture Instead

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Image courtesy of Liberator
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There will likely come a time in your life when the bed, the kitchen counter and the shower just don’t capture the same sexual excitement they used to. That’s nothing to feel uneasy about, as familiarity and repetition have their limits. Where some people feel despair, others, including the editors here at SPY, see an opportunity. We believe the best way to spice up a sex life that’s become too predictable is to add some of the best sex furniture.

Sex furniture ranges from small pillows to complete couches, with one major aim in mind — delivering better sexual experiences for a healthier sex life. Think about that time you couldn’t quite hold your partner up for long enough to make a position enjoyable or that time you thought something might feel good but just couldn’t arrange yourselves Tetris-style on a flat bed to achieve your goals. That’s where the best sex furniture comes in. It’s the missing link, and often inspiration to, positions and experiences you may have previously only dreamed about.

When it comes to choosing the right sex furniture for you, your desire and personal preference are the key factors. What’s great is just the act of reading about each piece will likely stir some inspiration for what you might use in your current sexual exploits. Sex furniture options include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Sex Swings
  • Chairs/Stools/Chaises
  • Pillows/Wedges/Ramps
  • Cushions
  • Cages
  • Sex Machines
  • Sex Toy Holders/Mounts
  • Full-Size and Modular Couches
  • Sex Mats/Blankets

Below, you’ll find 12 of our favorite sex furniture pieces to liven things up. Whether you’re looking to put the spark back into your sex life or simply step into something new and exciting, investing in sex furniture is never going to be a choice you regret.


1. Liberator Esse Chaise


The Liberator Esse Chaise is an elegant addition to any home. It was designed with Kama Sutra-inspired positions in mind. The unique shape allows you to effortlessly move through various positions while remaining comfortable, stable and mobile. This ergonomically designed chaise is also made in the USA, includes a removable, washable cover and comes in nine different colors, ensuring there’s one to match your home decor. Furthermore, it’s supplied with a removable headrest and sports a moisture-proof inner layer to prevent any liquids from getting too far into the core of the piece.

liberator esse chaise Image courtesy of Liberator

Liberator Esse Chaise



2. Urnight Sex Toys Wedge Pillow


Would you have believed a piece of sex furniture could be so popular with users and cost under $15? Well, it’s true. The Urnight Sex Toys Wedge Pillow is an easy and budget-friendly way to spice things up in the bedroom. The portable and easy-to-store design includes a double valve and sports a soft surface on the main faces for greater comfort during use. Plus, while it’s simple in design, this home sex furniture addition lets you change up positions, removes potential lifting issues and allows you to indulge in some arrangements which just wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

sex furniture urnight wedge pillow Image courtesy of Amazon


3. MISSTU Positions Bouncing Mount Stool


Another simple yet effective way to add some variety to your sex life is with the MISSTU Positions Bouncing Mount Stool. It’s a fun option for couples or singles, as it saves a lot of effort and offers greater comfort in numerous positions. The “seat” is made of two stretchy panels with an open space between them, allowing anything and everything you can imagine to pass through. The stool is also constructed from thickened steel pipe and can hold up to 300 pounds, so there’ll be no concerns over safety as you work your way through the 25+ positions suggested by the accompanying visual guide.

sex furniture misstu sex stool Image courtesy of Amazon

MISSTU Positions Bouncing Mount Stool



4. Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit


If you don’t fancy having to answer questions about what it is you’ve attached to the ceiling mount in the middle of your lounge, the Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit has you covered. Instead of permanent fixtures, this smart kit uses one of your existing doors as an anchor point for hanging. This results in a handy aid for upright fun which is capable of accommodating weights up to 325 pounds. Additionally, the cushioned neoprene and sturdy stirrups provide the extra support and comfort you need for when things really get heated.

sportsheets sex swing door jam kit Image courtesy of Lovehoney

Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit



5. Rekink Sex Pillow Cushion Set


By sporting a two-cushion design held together by a single hinge, the Rekink Sex Pillow Cushion Set offers users a comfortable and well-guided way to discover a plethora of new positions. By folding the cushions into numerous different arrangements, you alone can create several different bases for your sexual exploration. Plus, the cushions each have a soft and removable cover, which is easily washed should they get dirty. This piece also comes with a money-back, satisfaction guarantee if you aren’t entirely happy with your purchase.

sex furniture rekink pillow Image courtesy of Amazon

Rekink Sex Pillow Cushion Set



6. Liberator Bonbon Sex Toy Mount


Even just by itself, the Liberator Bonbon Sex Toy Mount is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used to support or heighten body parts for a more cohesive experience. That’s even before we mention the rounded side, which can be used to assist a back-and-forth rocking motion when faced down. Add to this a mid-pillow opening that can house toys, like vibrators or dildos, for an extra kink in your sexual exploits, and it’s easy to see why this toy mount is a popular sex furniture option.

sex furniture bonbon toy mount Image courtesy of Babeland

Liberator Bonbon Sex Toy Mount



7. Liberator Sex Position Wedge


If you’ve never used one before, you’ll probably be surprised at what a difference introducing a wedge-shaped pillow can make to your sex life. The Liberator Sex Position Wedge truly opens the door to slightly different positions which can make a huge difference enjoyment-wise. It’s available in either blue or pink and includes a removable cover that is easily washed if anyone gets over-excited.

liberator sex position wedge pillow Image courtesy of Lovehoney

Liberator Sex Position Wedge



8. Liberator Wing Sex Toy Mount


If you’re looking for a piece of sex furniture for providing support during sex and mounting a range of toys, the Liberator Wing Sex Toy Mount is for you. The pillow is not overpowering or clumsy in size, but it does exactly what it needs to and includes a pre-cut opening for mounting dildos and vibrators in an erect position for all kinds of play. This versatility makes this a solid choice for both couples and singles. Additionally, it comes in multiple colors, meaning you can match it to the rest of your sex furniture or home decor.

liberator wing sez toy mount Image courtesy of Liberator

Liberator Wing Sex Toy Mount



9. Liberator Talea Spreader Bar


While the Liberator Talea Spreader Bar’s status as a furniture piece may be debatable, what’s not up for debate is how much it can liven up your sex life. This bar may seem overly simple, but restraining your partner on the bed or floor can bring a whole new level of fun to furniture pieces that you may have been bored of before. The spreader includes fully adjustable cuffs and can be used on legs, arms or both to provide a kinky thrill. Additionally, the 30-inch, cushioned bar can act as an aid for greater support as you try the positions suggested in the supplied illustrations.

liberator talea spreader bar Image courtesy of Adam and Eve

Liberator Talea Spreader Bar



10. Fleshlight Top Dog


If you love your Fleshlight device but would enjoy a little more freedom for your hands, the Fleshlight Top Dog could be the answer you’ve been dreaming of. This piece of sex furniture has been designed with Fleshlight products in mind, resulting in a uniquely shaped holder to accommodate all kinds of play, including a range of doggy-style positions. The Top Dog is made in the USA and features a durable yet sturdy inner foam core, which offers greater comfort. Plus, this piece can be easily cleaned using warm water and soap.

liberator fleshlight top dog Image courtesy of Liberator

Fleshlight Top Dog



11. Fetish Fantasy Spinning Fantasy Swing


Outside of the mildly advanced installation aspect, adding the Fetish Fantasy Spinning Fantasy Swing to your sex furniture setup is a decision you won’t regret. Once you’ve mastered the technique, these versatile sex aids take away any potential strain of difficult positions and let you and your partner focus solely on enjoyment. This swing is supplied with a torsion spring which delivers a weightless experience. It also boasts the ability to rotate 360 degrees for a fully accommodating experience. The nylon straps are also fully adjustable, and you’ll find large padded straps around the butt and back for greater comfort during use.

fetish fantasy spinning swing Image courtesy of Adam and Eve

Fetish Fantasy Spinning Fantasy Swing



12. SeseLace Bondage Chair


If you’re new to the world of BDSM or have experience but want something a bit more permanent in your home, try this SeseLace Bondage Chair. While the appearance may look relatively simple, hidden qualities mean this chair can provide endless opportunities for new and kinkier play. From “normal” sex in different positions to domination fun, the head hole, numerous anchor points and cutouts ensure that if you can dream it, you can most likely bring it to life in this chair. Furthermore, as the chair is custom made to your preferences, you can choose the color, size and even ask for extras if you think it’s missing something.

seselace bondage chair with cuffs Image courtesy of Etsy

SeseLace Bondage Chair



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