Coming Together: The 24 Best Sex Toys for Couples in 2021

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Courtesy of LELO
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When you learned about sex as a young adult, we’re guessing sex toys for couples were never part of the conversation. Until recently, there was a taboo surrounding sex toys, and even the world’s best sex toys for couples were only available in sketchy sex shops off the highway. However, the world is growing more sex-positive, and a number of feminist sex toy brands are thriving on the internet.

Feminism doesn’t exist to serve the interests of men, obviously. But one of the great gifts that third-wave feminism gave the world is the philosophy of sex-positivity. This simple but powerful idea teaches that so long as your sex life involves activities between consenting adults, there’s no reason to feel inhibited or ashamed. That might mean hurried sex in the missionary position and the lights off, or a no-holes-barred group play session.

Being kink positive is a corollary of the sex-positive ethos. It’s a pretty self-explanatory concept, and sex- and kink-positive thinking has given the millennial generation permission to let their freak flags fly. Whether you’re into bondage, cross-dressing, pegging or threesomes, there’s no reason to feel inhibited in this brave and sexy new world. Even if you’re into something really kinky, like saving yourself for marriage, there’s no reason to feel ashamed of your sexuality.

As a result, many men and women are looking for the best sex toys for couples to spice up their love life. This guide is going to focus on sex toys for straight couples, but it’s easy to find great resources for all kinds of relationships. Keep reading to discover award-winning and top-rated sex toys including remote-controlled vibrators, BDSM toys and masturbation sleeves for men.


1. TIANI 3 Couple’s Vibrator


LELO is a luxury sex toy company that makes some of the best sex toys in the world for men, women, non-binary folks, couples and throuples. The brand’s TIANI 3 couple’s vibrator provides intense sensations for both partners during penetrative sex, and it’s made from the highest quality materials for sophisticated yet sexy fun. By vibrating internally and externally at once, this powerful couple’s vibrator will make you feel sensations you’ve never felt before. Plus, the TIANI 3 comes with a remote control for extra fun. We know LELO sex toys aren’t cheap, but the brand’s premium sex toys are absolutely worth the investment.

tiani 3 by lelo in pink, best couple's sex toys Courtesy of LELO

2. Eva II Hands-Free Vibrator


Dame is another upscale sex toy brand that we love, and the company is known for making really innovative sex toys. And we’ve never seen a couple’s sex toy quite like this before. The Eva II provides clitoral stimulation during sex and is designed to stay in place hands-free, which means you can focus on each other instead of awkwardly positioning a sex toy. The Eva II is also waterproof, made of medical-grade silicone and features three vibration speeds.

Eva II hands-free vibrator, best valentine's day gifts Courtesy of Dame


3. Trojan Vibrations Hot Spot Vibrating Ring


Unfortunately, many high quality sex toys can set you back $100 or $200. That’s why this simple vibrating cock ring is such a delight. This $8 vibrating ring easily slips over penises of all sizes and provides a little something extra during sex. It’s easy to use, unobtrusive and fun for both partners. Even if you and your partner prefer a more vanilla-flavored sex life, this vibrating ring is the perfect toy to keep in your nightstand for special occasions. For all these reasons, this vibrating ring is one of the best sex toys for couples.

trojan hot spot vibrating rings Courtesy of Amazon


4. OhMiBod Remote Vibrators


Thanks to companies like OhMiBod and We-Vibe, even long-distance couples can choose from a range of remote- and Bluetooth-controlled sex toys. OhMiBod has a reputation for making some of the world’s best couple’s sex toys; however, the Club Vibe offers something really unique. Slip the discreet vibrator into a pair of panties and head out for a night of dancing. The toy will vibrate in time with the music. You can also hand over the remote control to your partner for a particularly adventurous date night.

club vibe ohmibod Courtesy of Babeland

While the ability to vibe with the music is fun, if your clubbing days are behind you, then you may way to check out one of OhMiBod’s other remote sex toys, such as the Esca2. The Esca2 is more versatile than the Club Vibe, and this wearable vibrator offers Bluetooth and app-controlled sexy times. That means you can interact with your partner no matter how far apart you are.

esca2 remote vibrator from ohmibod Courtesy of OhMiBod

5. Lovehoney All Tied Up Bondage Kit


When we recommended this bondage kit in our Valentine’s Day gift guide, we warned guys to be careful. After all, if your sweetheart is expecting jewelry and flowers, this might be an unwelcome surprise. But for the right couples, this bondage kit for beginners has everything you need to have the best date night of your lives. The All Tied Up Bondage Kit from Lovehoney comes with eight different bondage toys including restraints, sensory toys and other sex toys for a stimulating date night.

lovehoney all tied up bondage kit, best valentine's day gifts 2021 Courtesy of Lovehoney

6. We-Vibe Unite


We-Vibe makes premium vibrating sex toys for couples. This award-winning brand makes toys that are primarily designed for enhancing her pleasure, but this vibrating couple’s sex toy is designed to provide all-around stimulation for both partners. After insertion, the We-Vibe Unite provides both G-spot and clitoral stimulation for her. This toy can be worn during sex, and thanks to its slim profile, it leaves plenty of room for penetration, which provides additional stimulation for him.

we vibe unite couples sex toy Courtesy of We-Vibe




For an excellent, reusable, rechargeable, long-lasting vibrating cock ring, you can’t do much better than the LELO TOR 2. Whatever you think you would want or need in a cock ring, the TOR 2 delivers. It’s made of silicone and fully waterproof, flexible enough for most penises and uses two basic plus, minus buttons to control the six levels of vibration. And, best of all, the TOR 2 will run for up to 90 minutes before needing a charge, which means less worrying about the toy and more focusing on each other.

Lelo TOR 2 green vibrating penis ring Courtesy of Lelo


8. Liberator Wedge Sex Pillow


If you and your significant other ever find yourself tiring out during a particularly daring sex position, then a well-positioned sex pillow may be the solution. The Liberator Wedge is a sex positioning pillow designed to help couples explore every position they want. This 27-degree pillow is covered in a machine-washable microfiber cloth.

liberator wedge sex pillow, couples sex toys Courtesy of Amazon


9. We-Vibe Sync


The We-Vibe sync is often described as the perfect sex toy for long-distance relationships, but any couple can enjoy the pleasures of this remote sex toy. The design is similar to other We-Vibe products, but what sets the Sync model apart is the companion app. Because if there’s anything millennials love more than sex, it’s a good app. When inserted, the We-Vibe sync provides internal and clitoral stimulation. Using the We-Connect app, her partner can control the timing, intensity and vibration pattern of the Sync. That means you can give her pleasure no matter how far apart you are.

sync we vibe Courtesy of We-Vibe

10. Bondage Boutique Under Mattress Bondage Kit (2 Piece)


If you want to explore bondage without taking knot workshops from old dudes who look like your dad’s creepy friend, then this DIY bondage system is what you’re looking for. The restraints loop discreetly under the mattress, letting you tie each other up without a complicated rope and pulley system.

under the bed bondage set Courtesy of LoveHoney


11. Faux Leather Bondage Handcuffs


Most top-rated sex toys are expensive, and many bondage gear markers use only premium leather. As a result, all those whips, floggers, BDSM toys and blindfolds can get pretty pricey. For the couple casually exploring their kinks, that can be a turn-off. That’s why we love these faux-leather handcuffs from Adam & Eve. Handcuffs have long been one of the best sex toys for couples, and this adjustable pair is perfect for wrists and ankles.

sex handcuffs Courtesy of Adam & Eve


12. Naughty Trainer Set Butt Plugs


For couples that aren’t quite ready to try pegging or anal sex, consider this trio of petite silicone butt plugs. The three sizes let you experiment with the size that works best for you, and the easy-grip material is easy to hold even when covered in your preferred water-based personal lubricant.

butt plugs babeland Courtesy of Babeland


13. Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Spank Me Paddle


Experienced BDSM couples might think of this as a beginner’s toy, and perhaps it is. But if you and your partner are interested in exploring paddling and spanking, this flexible paddle is ideal for couples who don’t want it to hurt too much. Made from vegan leather, the Spank Me Paddle from Adam & Eve can add a little more variety in the bedroom.

spanking paddle bdsm Courtesy of Adam & Eve

14. Tenga Egg Wavy


Tenga makes some of the world’s finest masturbation aids and sex toys for men. The popular Tenga Eggs provide a fun way for guys to mix up their masturbatory habits. Inside each Tenga Egg is a lubricated and ribbed sleeve that slips over the penis for pleasurable sensations. Add this to your bedroom routine and enjoy the fun together. This particular masturbation sleeve features a smooth exterior, an interior with ribbed wave shapes and a cool, tingling lubricant.

tenga egg, best couple's sex toys Courtesy of Babeland


15. Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage


The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage is as great for couples as it is for solo use. While we’re certain nobody objects to using their hands and mouths during foreplay, this toy can make the task a whole lot easier and more exciting for him and her. The toy is made from Fleshlight’s patented life-like SuperSkin material, with nodules for added stimulation for him, and the material is transparent, which is visually stimulating for both. And when you are finished, the toy cleans up easily, thanks to caps on both ends, allowing you to run water straight through it.

fleshlight quickshot, best couple's sex toys Courtesy of Amazon


16. Rub Me Massage Bar


Every couple treats foreplay differently, but we can all agree that a sensual massage never hurts, whether sex is happening or not. We can also agree that traditional massage oils are messy as hell. That’s where a massage bar comes in. The Rub Me Massage Bar is made from cocoa butter, shea butter and essential oil, so all you do is rub the bar on your hands or your partner’s body. Each bar is good for 10 to 12 massages, and you can choose from unscented, bergamot and black tea, coconut lime and English lavender.

Rub Me Massage Bar, unscented Courtesy of Babeland


17. Je Joue Mio


The Je Joue Mio vibrating penis ring is quite similar to the previous pick, but it has the benefit of being cheaper. This rechargeable smooth silicone ring uses three buttons that control five speeds and seven patterns of vibrations so you can get just the right amount of vibration for you and your partner.

Black Je Joue Mio vibrating penis ring Courtesy of Babeland


18. Adam & Eve Eve’s Strap-On Play Set


It’s a brave new world out there, and many men are starting to recognize the explosive possibilities of anal play. For the couple that knows what they’re doing, a strap-on could take you to the next level of butt stuff. If that sounds like you and your partner, we recommend the Adam & Eve Eve’s Strap-On Play Set.

It’s a great set for those just getting into mutual anal play and includes everything you would need, except for lube. You get a vegan leather harness and two different rings to hold the accompanying dildos. Thankfully, the set includes one small, one medium and one large dildo, meaning you and your partner can start small and work your way up as desired. The dildos come with suction cup bottoms for solo play too.

Just don’t forget when dealing with the butt to go slow and use lots of lube.

Woman wearing strap on with three dildos Courtesy of Adam & Eve


19. Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing


Sometimes, spicing up the bedroom can be as simple as having sex anywhere but the bed. If you want to take that line of thinking to the max, you might consider picking up the Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing.

This sex swing hangs over the back of any door, turning any room into a sex room. Just adjust the swing to the appropriate height and you or your partner can use the stirrups and handles to get into the position of your choice and probably some positions you never thought possible.

That being said, always exercise caution when using a sex swing like this. Be careful not to exceed the 220-pound weight limit and make sure the swing is secure in the door before climbing aboard. Nothing kills sexy time faster than an injury!

Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing hanging on door Courtesy of Adam & Eve


20. Goodhead Deep Throat Spray and the Goodhead Kit For Him


Sex definitely doesn’t have to be all about intercourse. Sometimes nothing is more thrilling than mutual masturbation or mutual oral. But even the best sexual play can lose some of its novelty over time, and that’s where Goodhead’s products can help. The Goodhead Deep Throat Spray and the Goodhead Kit For Him are guaranteed to change up any couple’s oral game for the better.

The spray uses a little bit of benzocaine to desensitize the back of the throat and minimize the gag reflex. The kit contains minty oral gel, a pack of oral sex mints, a vibrating penis ring, a flavored lip balm and, in case you’re totally lost, an oral sex tip card.

The only concern: When dealing with anything that numbs sensations, be careful not to overuse it. Though a gag reflex might be inconvenient in this one scenario, it exists for a reason and you always want to retain some sensation to practice sex safely.

Goodhead Deep Throat Spray desensitizing spray Courtesy of Adam & Eve

Goodhead Kit For Him with mints, mint gel, mint balm and a vibrating penis ring Courtesy of Adam & Eve


21. Adam & Eve Flavored Lubricant


Flavored lube is a classic way to make oral sex a little more palatable for the giver. The Adam & Eve Flavored Lubricant promises to add a little flavor to your oral play, whether you want cherry, cotton candy or strawberry flavor. And the lube is sugar-free, so neither you nor your partner will have to worry about infections.

Adam & Eve cherry flavored lubricant Courtesy of Adam & Eve


22. Let’s F*ck! Dice Game


There’s something quite freeing sexually about playing a sex game and agreeing to abide by the outcome. The Let’s F*ck! Dice Game adds elements of mystery and surprise, which could be very welcome if a couple’s bedroom has become a little stilted and procedural. The pink dice are for her and the blue dice are for him. Just take turns using them and doing what they say for a brand-new sexual encounter every time. Just for the fun and novelty, these dice are definitely one of the best couple’s sex toys. And if you want to find more fun sex games, there’s plenty more where that came from.

Let's Fuck Dice Game Courtesy of Spencer's


23. Monogamy A Hot Affair With Your Partner Game


If you want an adult game that is more of an actual game, the Monogamy A Hot Affair With Your Partner Game could be exactly what you’re looking for. Two players take turns rolling dice and performing the action on the space they land on, including stripping, erotic dancing and massaging. Players can also land on squares to collect cards with erotic questions, fantasies and dares. The winner is the first to get around the board six times and then he or she can pick a fantasy card to do.

Monogamy A Hot Affair With Your Partner adult board game Courtesy of Adam & Eve


24. Ohnut Rings


Whether for medical reasons or just a simple size mismatch, there are a lot of reasons why a couple might want to control the depth of penetration during intercourse. Though some women enjoy when partners hit their cervixes, it’s painful for others, so what’s a couple to do?

The Ohnut is so simple you’ll wish you’d thought of it. It’s a set of four interlocking, stretchy rings that go over the penis to act as a buffer to control the depth of penetration. This way, both you and your partner can experience the fun and intimacy of sex without sacrificing pleasure or comfort.

Ohnut depth prevention rings set of four Courtesy of Ohnut