Spice Up Your Partner’s Everyday Undergarments With Vibrating Underwear

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As humans, there are some things we do every day, no matter what we’ve got on the agenda. These tasks are mundane and regular, but they’re a part of being alive — they include brushing our teeth, drinking water, and putting on underwear, just to name a few. Underwear is something everyone has on (hopefully) no matter what they’re wearing on top, it’s truly a garment that unites us all. However, just because we wear it every day does not mean it has to be boring, in fact underwear can be quite sexy. Of course lingerie is a great option when it comes to spicing up what you’ve got on underneath, but we’re actually talking about something a bit more electronic. Vibrating underwear is the practical sex toy you’ve been searching for — it’s the perfect mix of titillation and wearability and thankfully there are plenty of options out there to choose from.

Vibrating panties are a delightful way to mix it up downstairs for women or anyone with female genitalia who wants to mix pleasure with purpose. You’ve got to wear underwear, so why not mix in an option for an orgasm on top of that? Take your sex toys out for a walk in the real world rather than letting them sit shut away in a drawer somewhere. Wearing or having your partner wear vibrating underwear all day is like built-in foreplay, and if/when you progress to other sexual activity you’ll be charged like never before.

Like pleasure, there’s no one type that’ll suit everyone so it’s important to weigh your options and choose a pair that suits you and your unique sexual needs. Some vibrating underwear comes as an actual pair of underwear — while other are a small vibrator that you can stick into your lucky pair yourself. We’ve gathered a mix of vibrating underwear options below for you to choose from, so browse and choose a pair that fits you and/or your partner’s needs. We can’t wait for you to experience the results.

1. We-Vibe Moxie Panty Vibrator


We consulted a few different articles for this piece and many of them recommended the We-Vibe Moxie Panty Vibrator as their top pick. You choose the pair of underwear, this panty vibrator will stick to it via a magnetic clip. It’s sleek and discrete, and can be easily adjusted via an app so you or your partner can deliver added excitement whenever. The vibrator also comes with a remote control you can use instead of your phone if you prefer. Moxie has 10 different vibration levels that start at whisper quiet and progressively get louder, and the device itself is made from body-safe silicone that’s waterproof, BPA-, latex and phthalate-free.

moxie panty vibrator, vibrating underwear, vibrating panties Courtesy of Amazon


2. Dame Eva II Hands-Free Vibrator


It might seem strange that the top two favorites on this list aren’t actual underwear, but I think insertable vibrators are a great choice considering you can wear them with any of your favorite panties and tailor the experience. This hands-free vibrator from Dame is a couple’s vibrator with excellent reviews that’s completely hands-free. It stays in place via its flexible wings and is small enough to wear discretely underneath your clothes. The best part? It can transition seamlessly to penetrative sex so whenever you’re ready to mix things up with a partner you can dive right in.

eva II hands-free vibrator, vibrating underwear, vibrating panties Courtesy of Dame


3. OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.Oh! Vibrating Underwear


This is an actual pair of underwear that is able to discretely hold the vibrator in a designated pouch. The vibrator has specially designed to mold to a woman’s body and give her pleasure, and can be controlled via a personal remote up to 20 feet away. The remote has five different modes you can switch between including a mode that syncs with playing music. The vibrator can run for up to two hours on a single charge and is compatible with most silicone-based lubricants.

vibrating thong, vibrating underwear, vibrating panties Courtesy of Adam and Eve


4. Desire Luxury Rechargeable Panty Vibrator


This pair of vibrating underwear is a full bikini-style if thongs aren’t your partner’s jam. The briefs have a sexy, elegant ribbon tie on either side with a saddle-shaped vibrator nestled inside for clitoral stimulation. The vibrator has 12 different speeds to choose from and eight different patterns so you can vary your partner’s pleasure via the remote control. It also comes with a discrete, luxurious storage case where it’ll live between erotic sessions.

bikini-style vibrating underwear, vibrating panties Courtesy of Lovehoney


5. Spencer’s Vibrating Panties — Red


If you’re going less for comfort and more for pure sex this red lace thong bikini-style vibrating underwear is perfect. The thong comes with a rechargeable bullet vibrator you can place inside and the remote control for them is cleverly disguised as a ring you or your partner can wear to control pleasure. The panties have a secure pocket in them to keep the vibrator in place, and the set comes with a spare pair of batteries so you’ll have plenty of charge to get you going.

spencer's vibrating red panties, vibrating underwear, vibrating panties Courtesy of Spencer's


6. Spencer’s Hide N’ Seek Vibrating Panties Set


Looking to try the vibrating underwear thing without fully taking the plunge? We get it. This set from Spencer’s is affordable and an excellent option for trying it out for the first time, before investing in something more expensive after you know you’ll use it consistently. The set comes with a pair of panties, a bullet vibrator and a blindfold that adds titillation through sensory play. The bullet is super small — at 2″ x 1″ and is waterproof and multi-speed for even more fun. There’s no need to break the bank for sex toys and pleasure, and this thong is a solid option for those who want to spice things up on a budget.

hide n' seek vibrating panties, vibrating underwear Courtesy of Spencer's


7. Fifty Shades Freed My Body Blooms Panty Vibrator


Cheeky-style underwear is a sexy option for those who like a bit more coverage — and this pair has a luxury vibrator built inside with eight different patterns and 12 speeds for customized stimulation. It has a remote control that can change any of these settings from up to eight meters away and the hands-free gives you options for other sexual play. The vibrator is built to be extra-quiet so you can use it with discretion anywhere, and it’s fully submersible so water isn’t a problem. Use a water-based lubricant with it for best results.

Fifty Shades Freed vibrating panty, vibrating underwear, vibrating panties Courtesy of Lovehoney


8. Mantric Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator


This is another great vibrator insert option for use with any of the underwear your partner already has. It’s remote-controlled and has ten different functions you can switch between out and about with your partner. It’s super small and quiet so no one will have a clue (unless you give it away) and the molded tip is designed to target you or your partner’s clitoris for maximum pleasure. The vibrator has three different speeds and seven vibration patterns, and the pebble shape is soft and flexible for a wide range of bodies.

mantric rechargeable remote control panty vibrator, vibrating panties, vibrating underwear Courtesy of Lovehoney


9. OHMIBOD BlueMotion Wearable Vibrator


This wearable vibrator from OhMiBod is bluetooth app-controlled and can be switched from up to 30 feet away so your partner can control your pleasure from anywhere in your home. You can wear this vibrator in any pair of underwear and log your orgasms via the app as well. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, this is a great option for connecting from far away, as it’s easy to use and discrete. Some users experienced problems with connectivity via the app, but noted it was still a solid personal vibrator. Your purchase also includes a blue lacy thong you can wear with it.

bluemotion wearable vibrator, vibrating panties, vibrating underwear Courtesy of Amazon


10. Happy Rabbit Plus Size Panty Vibrator


This plus size option is very similar to the cheeky option above from Lovehoney, made to accommodate larger women comfortably. The tie-back panties are designed to fit sizes 14-20 and include a happy rabbit panty vibrator for secret seductive play. It has a remote-control so you or your partner’s orgasms will be hands-free, and the vibrator is waterproof so aquatic sessions are an option. The vibrator features ten different vibration modes and three different intensity levels within each one.

happy rabbit plus size panty vibrator, vibrating underwear, vibrating panties Courtesy of Lovehoney