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Welcome to the Brave New World of VR Sex Toys and Blowjob Machines

Let’s get right down to it: We’re here today to talk about virtual reality sex toys and blowjob machines.

We’re living in a golden age of sex toys — a sex toy renaissance, if you will — and futuristic VR sex toys are no longer confined to the realm of science fiction.

Before we share the best VR sex toys on the planet, let’s take a moment to put to bed any lingering feelings of shame you might have about exploring this unfortunately taboo topic. Using sex toys, including sex toys for men, is totally normal and utterly commonplace, stigma be damned. If men weren’t interested in high-tech sex toys, companies wouldn’t be racing to make them. But don’t take our word for it: According to Markets and Research, the global sex toy market is expected to reach $52.7 billion by 2026, with much of the growth spurred by technology-driven sex toys.

Recently, we’ve seen sex toy makers bring major innovation to the world of VR sex toys, blowjob machines and similar interactive sex toys for men, and the results are high-quality, sophisticated and highly pleasurable toys for men and, in some cases, their partners too.

Only a few years ago there were just a few janky machine options in addition to traditional hand-held strokers, but the sex toy market has moved quickly over the last few years to deliver higher-end, more technology-oriented sex toys for men.

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In the interest of introducing you to this exploding market, we rounded up some of the best VR sex toys and blowjob machines for men below. Unlike most SPY guides, we present these toys in no particular order because they all are guaranteed to work hard and scratch that itch for something more than a hand.

How Do VR Sex Toys Work?

VR is at the forefront of tech innovation in the world of sex toys. You can now put on a VR headset in the comfort of your own home and have a truly immersive experience that lets you play out your wildest fantasies like never before. But how exactly do VR sex toys work? And what is a VR sex toy?

Ultimately, there’s no hard and fast definition, but VR masturbation refers to the combination of automatic masturbators and a video headset to stimulate the sight, sounds and sensations of sex.

Most VR-compatible sex toys are paired with virtual reality goggles, allowing for a hands-free experience that most Bluetooth-only toys can’t provide.

Beyond being hands-off, VR sex toys have the ability to interact with VR porn. These toys dictate when and how to move, mimicking the actions and speed of whatever steamy scene you’re watching. For instance, if a blowjob is happening onscreen or being delivered directly to you on your headset, these automatic masturbators will match the speed, pressure, and stroke patterns.

How To Use A VR Sex Toy

Not sure how to connect to all that juicy, interactive content on devices from brands like Kiiroo or Fleshlight? Just follow these steps.

  • Download and install FeelConnect
  • Turn on Bluetooth, and click “Connect a device” on the app
  • Choose your sex toy from the options
  • If you’re using an Oculus headset, access the WebVR browser and plugin
  • Visit a Virtual Reality porn site (recommendations below)
  • Watch whatever interactive video you desire, and your toy should sync to the on-screen action

The most popular headset brands are Meta Oculus and the HTC Vive. One of the most affordable VR headsets is the Playsation VR system, or PSVR.

All the sex toys below work roughly the same to some extent. They all feature some kind of sleeve and enclosure for insertion and then that enclosure can vibrate or move to simulate the feelings of sex or oral sex. They all also tend to feature motors and mechanical parts to function, and as a result, can be somewhat loud.

As for features specific to the VR sex toy options, you can connect your toy to a computer, phone or VR device to synchronize your pleasure with something else over the internet, such as sexually explicit games and videos or in some cases a different sex toy being used by a partner. We’ve also included some high-tech blowjob machines, which basically do the same things but don’t offer video or virtual connectivity.

1. Kiiroo Onyx+

Kiiroo has been on the cutting edge of interactive sex toys for women and men in the last few years. One of its latest offerings, the Onyx+, promises to be a “new evolution in interactive masturbation.” The Onyx+ replaces the previous generation of Titan blowjob machines made by Kiiroo, and it offers some impressive upgrades for an even more intense and interactive experience. Kiiroo makes it easy to connect the Onyx+ to adult video content and interactive webcam sites.

A few other factors make the Titan VR Experience enticing. This VR sex toy can pair with a partner’s device, in this case, Kiiroo’s vibrators or select OhMiBod toys, which makes the Titan great for long-distance couple’s play. When the two devices are connected, touch-sensitive pads will control the speed and intensity of vibrations on your partner’s toy for a mutually intense and pleasurable experience that’s a notable improvement over phone sex.

2. Keon + Feelstroker & Cliona Couple Set

For straight couples looking to enhance their bond, check out the Keron + Feelstroker & Cliona couple’s set. The male user can enjoy KIROO’s first stroker with a silky, sumptuous material, and fit into the Keon, which creates automatic masturbation. Then, the Cliona massages the clit and is possible for shower play thanks to its waterproof features. These devices, when combined, facilitate two-way pleasure. Whether you want to experience mutual masturbation in a totally new way or try something a little freakier, this couple’s set has your back.

Courtesy of Kiiroo

3. Lelo F1s V2 Sleeve

Count on Lelo to make one of the better-designed blowjob machines on the market. Lelo helped pioneer high-quality sex toys for women and now it’s trying to take over the men’s market with their iconic sleeves. Lelo F1s Red Developer’s Kit, released in 2021. A new and updated version of the Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit, this version is more lightweight and is available in both blue and red. There are upgrades to the free app, as well as upgrades to the device’s functionality and adjustability.

To get the missing stuff out of the way first, this is not a VR sex toy. It’s not compatible or synchronizable with any third-party content, so it’ll just be you and the toy and manual controls. But to be fair Lelo seemed less focused on creating something interactive than on creating the sleekest and most modern-looking blowjob machine. This high-quality toy makes use of two motors and 10 sensors to help use what Lelo calls SenSonic technology. Instead of vibrations, the device makes sonic waves that create a full-body experience. It also incorporates what Lelo calls Cruise Control, which can boost the power of the motor to compensate for any resistance while avoiding power drops.

Courtesy of Lelo

4. Autoblow A.I.

If you’re looking for a blowjob machine that will get you the closest to actual oral sex, then you’ll be interested to hear about the Autoblow A.I. The team behind the device researched real-life blowjob techniques and programmed the machine with 10 settings to replicate those real-life motions and actions. With the Autoblow A.I., you can have a top stroke, bottom stroke, full stroke, a stroke meant for edging as well as three settings that combine those and more options. One of those combo settings, the Full A.I. Experience, promises to never offer the same pattern and variety of strokes, which makes each experience on that setting truly unique.

For more details, you can read our full review of the Autoblow blowjob machine. This sex toy doesn’t connect directly to VR headsets, but Autoblow does sell its own smartphone headset and the toy can easily be paired with a VR video of your choice.

Courtesy of Autoblow

5. Virtual Mate

Virtual Mate, a self dubbed “virtual intimacy system” is hailed by many as being one of the best VR sex toys on the market today, and is the first human-pc interaction interface. This complex system creates a virtual mate based on any virtual character or celeb that gives Virtual Mate permission. With three modes to choose from (Fast, Story, and VR), this software comes with a realistic silicone sleeve.

Over time, your artificially intelligent virtual mate grows more real, replicating a real person. This product is seriously pushing the boundaries of visual realism and life-like interaction, with impressive real-time responses to strength, speed, and depth. If your goal is to go as realistic as possible, look no further.

Courtesy of Virtual Mate

6. The Handy

Described as a premium handjob machine, this high-performance interactive stroker known as The Handy is pretty much the most technologically advanced Bluetooth male sex toy for VR that you can get your hands on. Along with the fact that the included sleeve fits everyone, they also sell additional sleeves if you’re looking for a new sensation. It’s the most personalized stroker out there, letting you control everything including the speed, grip and length of strokes. To sync with the video, Just head to the Handy Feeling section to see their growing catalog of video partners.

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7. Lovense Gush Hands-Free Glans Massager

Lovense offers the best feedback on your orgasms and pleasures, and best of all, this high-tech toy brand for long-distance couples is now supported by VR porn company SexLikeReal, which is the top destination for interactive VR adult entertainment. The Gush penis massager is our travel-friendly, compact pick that’s completely adjustable, but SexLikeReal can also be used with the Max 2, Nora and Calor toys from Lovense. Strap on your VR goggles and get ready for the ride of your life.

8. OhMiBod Lumen Butt Plug

If you’re on the hunt for an anal play toy rather than a masturbation sleeve, the Lumen should absolutely be your go-to. Especially since it vibrates along to any music you want. This pleasure plug features cushioned ridged silicone and an LED light at the back to provide visual feedback. Your Lumen can be connected to any Kiiroo interactive product, and you can enjoy dual stimulation via Kiiroo’s VR FeelConnect App. This makes it a great pick for long-distance couples looking to get creative with interactive content, making it the best VR and male sex toy combo for those who are into booty play.

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9. Fleshlight Universal Launch Turbo Thrust Pack

Often described as the most powerful (and fastest) VR male masturbator, this collaboration between Fleshlight and Kiiroo makes for one of the best VR sex toys for a supercharged experience that’s unlike any other Fleshlight device. Customers call this accessory a game-changer, especially when combined with the warming sleeve. The price tag might be a little higher, but when you consider the ergonomic handles, the rave reviews and the perfectly positioned buttons, it’s a no-brainer. Includes the Launch device, a Turbo Thrust Fleshlight and a bottle of the brand’s lube.

10. Lovense Max 2

The Lovense Max 2 is one of the better, cheaper VR sex toys out there, but it’s surprisingly feature-full despite its under-$100 price tag. This device is not a stroker, so it has no components that move up or down, meaning you’ll have to do all the movement. It also has limited VR options in that you can only use this device to synchronize to the MirrorLife VR sex game. Instead of stroking, it causes pleasure through a vibrator on the device and 360-degree contractions, which can be controlled through an app or buttons on the device. It also makes use of an adjustable air vent on the back of the device to control suction and tightness. It can also pair with Lovense’s Nora vibrator and other Max 2 devices.

Courtesy of Lovense

Where To Buy VR Sex Toys

While there are tons of VR sex toys available online, your local sex shop might not have the options that you’re looking for. Shopping online at one of our vetted retailers allows you to choose between male masturbators, vibrators, and a generally wider range of options for your kink-specific needs.

Sites to Use Your VR Sex Toy On

Isn’t the internet a beautiful thing? there are currently plenty of interactive choices for you to use with your VR set while jerking off. According to satisfied customers, top picks include:

WankzVR: This is one of the most popular Virtual Reality porn sites with a focus on high-quality performers, which has earned them the win of VR Site of the Year – two years in a row.

VRB Gay: if you’re on the hunt for content specifically for gay users, this site has something for bottoms, tops, and everything in between.

VR Bangers: If choosing between plenty of niches is your jam, consider this interactive site which has a wide selection, as well as the added perk of VR porn games.

Feel Me: Feel Me is a single platform that unites every aspect of the VR adult world for a range of toys. They’re essentially the ultimate resource for any and all interactive toys. Their in house porn library is also massive.

Pornhub: Pornhub has been the source of some controversy in recent years, but it’s ubiquitous in the porn world. Naturally, this tube site has a VR porn section.

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