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The Best Water-Based Lubes Money for Getting It on in 2022

Let’s face it: the majority of us are having sex. Right? It doesn’t have to be taboo to talk about, so don’t be shy about talking and asking questions about it. Sex is a learning experience for everyone, and it’s important to make sure you’re acting upon it the safest way for both you and your partner’s needs.

That all being said, we want you to picture this:

You’re about to get down and dirty with a partner, solo or maybe even multiple partners. You do you! Things are heating up, so you lather your member with the best lube and begin the deed until you notice tons of discomfort due to dryness. Why? Probably because you’re not using the best water-based lube.

What Is Water-Based Lube?

Not only should you be finding the right size condom to fit your member, but it’s important that you’re using the best lube for your needs when both having sex and masturbating.

Water-based lube is what you might call “all-purpose,” meaning that it’s essentially made for everyone due to the ingredients within its makeup. It’s a water-soluble option that isn’t too harsh. In addition, there are fewer chemicals than silicone and oil alternatives, making them less likely to cause irritation or dryness during sex and solo play.

“Water-based is generally gentler on skin, easier to wash off of yourself and your toys and compatible with all types of barriers,” says author, sex educator and sex worker Vanessa Carlisle, Ph.D. Because water-based lubes are so gentle, they’re also great to use with condoms for safe sex.

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Using toys? Don’t worry. “When using toys, water-based is best,” says Carlisle. “Some silicone lubes will actually degrade the body-safe silicone used in higher-end toys, or, be impossible to clean off of other materials. Also, silicone lubes can stain sheets!”

No matter the case, it seems that water-based lube might always be the best option for you. All in all, sex is supposed to be fun, so let’s make it fun. Check out all of the best water-based lubes to consider below.


1. Sliquid Lubricants H2O Naturals Water Based Intimate Lubricant


According to virtually all of the sex experts we’ve consulted over the years, from pro dommes to sex toy designers, Sliquid is still the gold standard for water-based intimate moisturizers. It’s scent-free, glides on like a dream, and is non-irritating even for sensitive skin. Sliquid H20 is one of the only vegan options, using plant cellulose as a thickening agent instead of glycerin or sugar derivatives. It may not come in the fanciest packaging, but it’s the most reliable option that’s lasted the test of time.

Why It’s the Best Water-Based Lube: Unlike most water-based options, a little goes a long way, and Sliquid has a smooth, satisfying consistency.

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2. pjur Aqua Water Based Personal Lubricant


After snagging a sample of this at a local Lovehoney pop-up, we can confirm that pjur sells one of the best lubes out there with a water base. While they have several water-based products within this line, the Aqua remains a top contender with a creamy, silky feel that glides on sumptuously.  Only a small amount is required, and it has a surprisingly velvety texture for non-silicone lube. For All pjur products are made in Germany. You can also check out their popular Nude lube for women, which is the closest product that mimics natural juices.

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3. #LubeLife Water Based Personal Lubricant


Out of every water-based lube on Amazon, this is essentially the water-based lube. Why? Well, the answer is that it has almost 100,000 5-star reviews.

This exceptionally silky lubricant is both toy and condom-friendly for loads of fun when getting off solo or with a partner. It’s 100% hypoallergenic to ensure users have a safe time when using it and doesn’t ever get sticky during use. In addition, this lube is very easy to clean with just a dab or two of water.

Unlike a lot of water-based lubes, you can also get #LubeLife in one of the biggest sizes we’ve ever seen at 275 gallons. Just in case you need that much.

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4. Bijoux Indiscret Aloe Vera Water-Based Lubricant


If a soothing lube is what you’re looking for, a water-based lubricant with aloe vera is a reliable choice. Bijoux Indiscret’s aloe lube keeps your intimate areas as calm as possible, and it’s just as easy to clean off as it is to apply. With a pH-balanced formula wrapped up in an unassuming cosmetics tube, this dermatologically-tested option won’t disrupt her natural acidity and is 100% vegan.

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5. Lelo Personal Moisturizing Lubricant


Lelo is pretty much the authority in sex toys with a luxury twist, making them the best lube for those who want sleek packaging and flawless performance in their lubricant. Along with the all-black million-dollar design, Lelo’s personal moisturizer features an innovative pump; texture-wise, it’s the perfect thickness with a silky finish. This luxury option can keep things wet and wild if you’re sick of sticky or greasy lubes. One of the best sex gifts out there, whether it’s to yourself or a partner.

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6. Bellesa Water-Based Lubricant


If you’re in the market for the best lubes that use a mess-free pump bottle dispenser and are made from high-quality materials, look no further than Bellesa’s water-based lube, which comes in a moderately sized bottle and is available for a reasonable price. Suitable for use with all latex and polyurethane condoms, Bellesa’s water-based lube can also be used with all sex toy materials. This nightstand bottle is a must-have if you prefer a glass bottle to a plastic one.

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7. Fleshlight Fleshlube Water-Based Lubricant


When using a Fleshlight or any other male masturbator, pairing it with the best lube is simply essential. To avoid degrading your toy, use a water-based lube developed specifically for the Fleshlight. Softening up your sleeve with a delightfully slippery texture, this lube is ideal for sensitive skin due to its hypoallergenic formula. Based on reviews, a little goes a long way, helping you get the most bang for your buck.

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8. Unbound Babes Jelly Water-Based Lube


There’s no such thing as too much lube, but when it comes to traveling (especially on an airplane), staying at around three ounces is important. Unbound Babe’s lube clocks in at exactly three ounces and is gentle for sensitive skin. It’s also safe for pregnancy. This water-based lubricant is made with 95% organic ingredients and is a best-seller from the brand. Customers note that it lasts longer than similar products and is never sticky.

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9. Jo Salted Caramel Personal Lubricant


We’ve seen all the tropical colors of the rainbow when it comes to the best lubes that are water-based and flavored. But if you have more of a sweet tooth, turn your lover into dessert with lube veteran System Jo’s salted caramel-flavored lubricant as an explosively flavored alternative. Not sure if you’re a salted caramel person? You can also check out their variety sampler pack on Amazon, which includes other favorites like Creme Brulee and Mint Chocolate.

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10. Turn On Water-Based Sex Lube


Ready to get turned on? Good, Turn On is ready to help.

This slippery water-based lube is one of the best you can purchase for all of its breathtaking qualities. It’s got a clean feeling that pumps straight into your hands for easy access whenever you’re getting it on. It’s condom-safe, toy-friendly (with all common toy materials), and completely mess-free, making it the ideal companion to play with no matter what kind of sexual act you’re doing.

By ditching perfumes and other harmful chemicals, this lubricant is a stellar option to use for folks suffering from skin sensitivity. Boxed up in discreet packaging, this is a must-have for ordering online.

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11. FAV Water-Based Luxury Personal Lubricant


You don’t need to spend luxury prices to own luxury water-based lube.

FAV is a long-lasting lubricant that enhances the sexual experience through an effortless glide. It’s got a natural feel to it that more or less mimics the body’s natural secretions for an experience that almost feels lube-less in the best way possible.

For those with sensitive skin, FAV is an easy fav. It’s got a fear-free ingredient list and wipes off with just water. No more stains, folks.

In addition, you can use this lube with toys and condoms without worry. Topped with a pump bottle, this makes sex and solo play an easy one-pump-and-go.

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12. ID Glide Natural Feel Water-Based Personal Lubricant


When it comes to lube, you never know how much you’re going to need. A little can go a long way, but simultaneously, so can a lot. If you’re weighing on which size to get, at least give yourself some options with ID Glide.

As you might expect, this water-based lubricant is easy to clean and functional with most condoms and toys. It’s made in the USA and is even doctor-recommended. With almost 10,000 reviews on Amazon, this is a solid option to choose.

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13. JO H2O Original Water-Based Personal Lubricant


Tacky? Nope. Sticky? Never. A 100% buttery-to-the-touch glide? You know it. JO H2O is a water-based lube that uses a palm oil-based glycerin for a natural consistency with no unnatural ingredients. As you might imagine, it doesn’t stain and is very easy to clean post-intercourse or solo session. There are two sizes available (a 2 oz and an 8 fl oz, depending on your preference), but we always suggest the more, the merrier. Also available in a much larger pump bottle at Bellesa.

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14. LubeLife Water-Based Anal Lubricant


Going in the back end? Well, we’ve got the perfect water-based lubricant for anal sex you need to consider. It’s a little thicker than your average lube and a lot silkier. It is compatible with latex and polyisoprene but isn’t compatible with polyurethane condoms. Reviewers appreciate the generous size on this non-staining lube, and you can even get a subscription, so you never run out. 

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