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Burn Baby Burn: 10 Candles You Need For Safe & Sexy Wax Play

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and after a long stressful year, you might want to spice things up a little. Sure, snacking on delicious chocolates and giving flowers will stay in the mix of your V-Day must-dos, but once night falls and you and your boo are getting ready to get down and dirty, we’re suggesting you do things a little differently this time around. How, you ask? Candles for wax play.

Whether you’re fully in the world of kink or see yourself more on the vanilla side of sex, using candles for wax play is a steamy way to take sexual pleasure with your partner up a couple of notches. Much to the surprise of many, using candles during foreplay and intercourse is easy, safe and sexy and will totally amplify your night. It doesn’t have to be too BDSM-y if that’s not your kink, either. You can use wax as a form of foreplay. Additionally, a lot of candles for sex play are designed to double as sensual massage oils as they melt. It’s really up to you and your partner how you incorporate candles in the bedroom.

To keep wax play safe, we don’t suggest using any ordinary candle you have around the house, even if the scent is your favorite. Instead, you’ll have to purchase a body-safe candle specifically made for sexy time with your partner to ensure zero injuries between the two of you. Not only does hot wax feel oddly sensual on the skin, but a lot of candles for wax play have delicious smelling scents to heighten your erotic experience.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. We’ve gathered the most sensually exciting candles for wax play you can buy online to turn your Valentine’s Day into a night the two of you will actually remember. Check ’em out and enjoy your night together. And if you’re feeling inspired, check out even more couples’ sex toys to enjoy come Valentine’s Day.

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1. JIMMYJANE Santal Massage Oil Candle


Clinically proven to stimulate your senses just in time for sexy time, JIMMYJANE’s best-selling santal massage oil candle is pretty hard to beat. This decadent candle is made with high-quality wax that quite literally melts upon touching the body. Drip a couple of drops anywhere on your partner’s body and get going for a bone-chilling massage they’ll never forget. These candles are available in a number of scents including a sexy santal with the ability to totally nourish your skin — so there’s absolutely no doubt you’ll be coming back to buy this baby a second time.

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Courtesy of JIMMYJANE


2. Love Play Romance Massage Candle


Made from the finest natural ingredients that include shea butter, safflower seeds and avocado, this candle from Love Play will transform your wax experience into a soothing yet sexy night filled with fun. As you’d expect, wax will form shortly after lighting, ready to drip all over your partner’s body. The wax doesn’t feel at all waxy and never gets too hot, so you won’t ever have to anticipate or expect any unwanted burns or pain. It’s totally nourishing and will leave you and your partner’s skin feeling baby smooth.

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Courtesy of Amazon


3. Kinbaku Studio Low Temp Wax Play Candles


Get creative by using these wax play candlesticks however way you might like. They’re all hand-dipped, low temperature and made with paraffin and soy to keep you safe during playtime. Reviewers mention that these candles are essentials to their wax play and take the experience to a brand new level. Unlike the two candles prior, you won’t get much of a massage-like feel from these, but these are pretty much as to-the-point as wax play gets.

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Courtesy of Etsy


4. Kiki de Montparnasse Massage Oil Candle Santal No. 2


Heat things up a little which this sexy smelling massage oil candle that will fill your entire room with aromas of sandalwood and burnt citrus. The scent feels warm and erotic, so we’re sure it will really get you guys going. Use this to drip wax drops all over your partner in their desired areas then go to town by giving them the best massage they’ve ever received. And, get this, you can currently take 20% off this candle at checkout with coupon code NEWYEAR22. Trust us, it will be worth it.

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Courtesy of Verishop


5. maude burn no. 1


Soy candles are known for burning better and lasting longer, so the maude burn no. 1 candle is really quite the bang for your buck. Made with skin-softening jojoba and soybean oils, this massage oil candle for wax play will heighten your experience to the sky and leave you and your partner’s bodies nourished and aroused. Each candle is completely cruelty-free and American-made, too, so you don’t have to have any ethical concerns either.

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Courtesy of Maude


6. Agreeable Agony Wax Play Pitcher Candle


Make your wax play experience that much easier with this candle that allows you to easily pour straight from the source. The pitcher design makes wax play super simple, simply tilt and drip on your partner for the best sexual adventure of your life. Each candle is homemade and hand-poured and goes without any additives or scents to keep your skin safe throughout play. Feel free to choose any color you want (including glow-in-the-dark UV colors) and even reuse the pitcher when the party’s over.

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Courtesy of Etsy


7. Melony Massage Oil Candle


The Melony Massage Oil Candle surpasses just wax play by entering a whole new realm of play. How? Well, the wax used is 100% edible. Yeah. You read that right. Edible. Not that you should eat it, but if you must, you technically can. This massage candle comes in a tiny pitcher that’s packed with a silky, smooth consistency you’ll simply crave to rub on your partner’s skin. Each candle is 100% hand-poured and made with ingredients you can trust for fun, worry-free times in the bedroom.

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Courtesy of Amazon


8. Kanobi Candle Co. Scented Soy Candle


Get naked. It’s plain and simple. This to-the-point candle will have you and your partner in your birthday suits the second it’s lit. It’s made from 100% soy wax and has top notes of mandarin, middle notes of cedar and jasmine, with base notes of sandalwood, amber and dark musk. Each candle has a 55-hour burn time so you’ll totally get your money’s worth. Technically speaking, this candle isn’t exactly made for wax play, but we love it so much that we’re willing to bend the rules a little bit here.

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Courtesy of Amazon


9. Earthly Body Massage Candle Gift Set


Ella Paradis is one of our favorite places to buy sex toys online, but this massage candle set isn’t too NSFW. The gift set comes with a trio of scented massage candles, each with its own soothing fragrance. Enjoy a sensual massage with a twist the next time you want to surprise your partner. Each candle can be easily poured onto your partner’s body for an exciting sensation they won’t soon forget.

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Courtesy of Ella Paradis


10. Good Clean Love Trio Play Pack Massage Candle


Using three luxurious scents and eco-friendly materials, this trio from Good Clean Love burns down hard wax into a liquid for playtime any time. These candles absorb into the skin to keep it looking and feeling soft and supple for some of the best post-massage feels one might experience. Although the oil is long-lasting, it also promises to forego that greasy feeling so your partner can go about their day post-massage or playtime.

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Courtesy of Good Clean Love