The Highest Rated Condoms for Her Pleasure

best condoms for her
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Whether you’re married, in a long-term relationship or living the single life, studies have shown that more and more men are ditching the condom when it comes to sexual intercourse. The reasoning? Men reportedly feel confined by condoms and believe that it decreases pleasure in the sack. And while there are other alternative prophylaxis options for women, like the pill or an IUD, there aren’t similar options for men. Until male birth control becomes widely available, the best and most responsible option to prevent unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STIs is a condom (until you decide you never want children and “the snip” comes into play).

Of course, not all condoms are created equally. In fact, there are a ton of options to consider when shopping for condoms. Some men prefer ultra-thin condoms with a barely-there feel, while others prefer thicker or desensitizing condoms to help them last longer. But if you want to have truly satisfying sexual experiences, then remember one simple fact: it’s not all about you! Many condoms are specifically designed to enhance her pleasure. 

The best condoms for her usually have one or more of these features:

  • Added lubrication for easy penetration
  • Electronically tested for reliability
  • A ribbed or textured surface for enhanced sensation

Sexologist Marla Renee Stewart tells SPY, “In general, most people enjoy thinner condoms because the closer they can be to “no condom” is best because of the feeling that it provides.  ‘Good’ condoms are condoms that are reliable, fit well, and protect all parties. I highly recommend the Skyn condoms with extra lube (because you can never have too much lube) because they are polyisoprene.  A lot of people are allergic to latex, which most condoms are made from, so this is a perfect alternative. In addition to that, they are also very thin and have a nice and soft feel to them.”

For one-night stands and casual hookups, Stewart recommends the unique Night Light condom — the first of its kind to be glow in the dark, and FDA certified. She shares with us, “A glow-in-the-dark condom comes in handy when you’re on the night scene and hooking up with people and would like to ensure that they have a condom on.  There are too many times that people hook up only to find that the condom is not where it’s supposed to be.  It’s so much easier to navigate in the dark if you know your protection shows up nice and clear! “

Benefits of Choosing Condoms

As long as you and your partner are aware of allergies and choose the right material for your needs, condoms are a no-brainer when it comes to safe sex without the hormonal side effects.

Condoms reduce the chances of contracting HPV and cervical cancer. They also tend to be more affordable than IUDs and birth control pills.

In terms of condoms for her satisfaction, ribbed and textured condoms are the opposite of a gimmick. Instead, they add some much-desired friction and clitoral stimulation, which is ideal for women that can’t orgasm from penetrative sex alone. The same goes for extra lubricated condoms — the wetter the play session, the better it feels for her.

How To Choose the Right Condoms for Her Satisfaction

The first step in the condom-using process is to ensure you’re choosing a condom that fits you correctly, as this makes a big difference in both overall experience and safety. Not all condoms are created the same size, shape or thickness, just as no two men have perfectly identical members.

Next, choose a condom made to increase the enjoyment of your partner. The best condoms for her pleasure might include special ribs and dots to improve stimulation, flavors to get rid of the unpleasant latex taste or additional lubricants to ensure everything goes smoothly. However, don’t assume you know what she prefers. If you aren’t sure which condom to pick, ask her what she likes.

Choosing a chemical-free condom with zero irritants is also important for her health and making sure that she feels comfortable down there.

To help you in your search for the best condoms for her pleasure, we’ve put together 10 top-rated condoms that go above and beyond your average rubber, making sex as comfortable, pain-free and intimate as possible. Consider buying a few different kinds for some trial-and-error experiments. With the right protection, you can enjoy sex at its maximum potential again.


1. Trojan Condom Her Pleasure Sensations Lubricated


These Trojan Condom Her Pleasure Sensations Lubricated condoms deliver the best of both worlds. For her, they sport a number of ribs and contours to maximize pleasure and enjoyment, while for him, the included lubricant helps to provide comfort and sensitivity. Together these features allow you both to enjoy the experience. Each condom is produced from premium quality latex and has also been electronically tested to ensure reliability.

trojan her pleasure condoms Image Courtesy of Amazon


2. P.S. Condoms


Crystal clear, 100% vegan and shock treated for durability (no, really), these condoms from P.S. Goodtimes are a new entry into the safe sex game. Why are they great for her, too? The super-thin material creates a more natural feel during the act, which is ideal for everyone involved. Available as a one-time purchase for $19 for a pack of 12, or $16.15 when you sign up for the subscription, your order will arrive in a discreet box delivered right to your door. No more awkwardly swinging by the gas station for a last-minute pickup thanks to this brand. 

And as a special treat, SPY readers can get 15% off their order (which is good for up to five orders) by entering the discount code SPY.COM15.

best condoms Courtesy of P.S. Goodtimes


3. Lifestyles SKYN Selection Condoms


If latex isn’t your friend, it’s definitely worth trying these Lifestyles SKYN Selection Condoms. They are the best-selling non-latex option on Amazon, and each box includes a mix of the popular original, extra studded, and extra lubricated versions of the condoms. All SKYN condoms are electronically tested and made from SKYNFEEL, a non-latex material that is both soft and strong to deliver a safe yet comfortable experience during sex.

a multi-pack of skyn non-latex condoms on a white background Image Courtesy of Amazon


4. Durex Prolong Delay Textured Latex Condoms


Give your lover a longer-lasting session in bed with Durex’s Prolong latex condom, which is also textured for her pleasure. With 5% of benzocaine in it, ejaculation is delayed, making for longer and more sensual sessions. One buyer claims it doubles his duration, commenting, “Both you and your partner still feel pleasure while your buddy Durex keeps you in line.” While they might be slightly pricier than your budget condom, the effect on your bedroom session is well worth the investment.

Durex Prolong Delay Textured Latex Condoms Courtesy of Lovehoney


5. Okamoto 004 Condoms


People tout Okamoto’s 004 condoms as being so thin, it almost feels like nothing is there. One reviewer says that you can feel your partner’s warmth better than other condoms, and others comment that the sensation was so similar to going condomless, they had to check a few times to ensure it was still on, which it was. Buyers who dislike a noticeable lubricant odor from other condom brands prefer Okamoto for its scentless essence, making this a romance booster and game-changer.

Okamoto 004 Condoms Courtesy of Amazon


6. LOLA Ultra Thin Latex Condoms


Sometimes, condoms can throw off a lady’s natural pH and the health of her genitals. These gynecologist-approved condoms from all-natural brand LOLA are made with a medical-grade lubricant, cornstarch powder, and zero chemicals. They also offer an ultra-sensitive feel during penetration. The packaging design is way more sophisticated than your average Trojan, and the product offers a super close skin-to-skin experience with no bad side effects.

LOLA Ultra Thin Latex Condoms Courtesy of Amazon


7. K-Y Me & You Extra Lubricated Ultra Thin Latex Condoms


Sometimes, you need a little extra in the bedroom for smooth sailing. These extra lubed-up and ultra-thin condoms help you ease into playtime like never before. Forget fumbling with messy bottles or packets of lube — these KY condoms have more than enough lubricant built right in. they’re more elastic than the average condom and mimic natural wetness, making for a more intimate experience and helping to close the pleasure gap between you and your partner.

-Y Me & You Extra Lubricated Ultra Thin Latex Condoms Courtesy of Amazon


8. Kimono MicroThin Ribbed + SensiDot Condoms


Kimono’s MicroThin condoms have a barely-there sensation and are both ribbed and studded with sensation-enhancing dots for a hair-raising experience. One buyer does note that this option isn’t ideal for larger-sized men. The texture on these sturdy and reliable condoms is unparalleled thanks to dozens of ribs and hundreds of Sensi-Dots. An ultra-thin experience for you, and a more stimulating path to orgasm for her.

Kimono MicroThin Ribbed + SensiDot Condoms Courtesy of Amazon


9. LELO HEX Original


The average condom hasn’t changed much in the last 70 years, and that bothered the innovators at LELO, one of the leading brands in the pleasure industry. So, they invented HEX, a super-strong, super-thin condom that relies on a graphene-inspired structure. By using a pattern of hexagons, the company was able to create a condom that’s resistant to breakage yet is one of the thinnest products on the market. The interior of the condom has a textured pattern to prevent slippage and therefore ramp up the pleasure for both you and her. If you want to try the newest condom technology, the LELO HEX should be your next purchase.

condoms for her pleasure lelo hex original luxury Image courtesy of Amazon


10. GLYDE Premium Organic Flavored Condoms


No one wants the rubbery taste of latex in their mouth — this pack of GLYDE Premium Organic Condoms includes a range of flavors, like strawberry, blueberry vanilla and wildberry to give your night of passion a little extra sweet zing. These condoms are also made from sustainable, natural rubber latex, which is both vegan-friendly and approved by PETA. They are also paraben-free. Plus, the ultra-thin design means no one misses out.

a bag of glyde vegan flavored condoms on a white background Image Courtesy of Amazon


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