Clitoral Suction Toys Are the New Vibrators, And This New One From Dame Is Making a Big Splash

Dame Aer suction sex toy
Courtesy of Dame

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SPY Makers is a new conversation series where we sit down with inventors, designers and entrepreneurs to talk about their work. In this story, SPY E-Commerce Editor Taylor Galla talks to Alexandra Fine, CEO and co-founder of Dame, the innovative sex toy company that often appears in our gift guides.

In light of the upcoming holiday that’s all about love, relationships and, let’s be honest, love-making, we decided to highlight a brand new sex toy from one of our favorite brands. Dame is a trendy, boutique sex toy brand that makes toys as worthy of Instagram as they are the bedroom, and the company also makes some of our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for women,

Dame’s brand new clitoral suction sex toy, Aer, is all about airflow in the best way possible. It’s an innovative suction toy that uses pulses of air to form a seal around the clitoris and give you a massive jumpstart towards a climax, whether by yourself or with a partner. Unlike vibrators and dildos, clitoral suction devices are supposed to recreate the sensations of oral sex.

We sat down with the Dame CEO + Co-Founder Alexandra Fine to discuss Aer, who it’s for and get her advice on giving sex toys on Valentine’s Day. You can read our conversation (lightly edited for clarity) below and get more details on Aer.

Dame Aer suction sex toy Courtesy of Dame
Dame aer suction sex toy Courtesy of Dame


“Aer is a clitoral stimulator that uses pressure wave technology to increase arousal for vulva-havers. It’s for anyone who maybe wants a quicker route to orgasm, to experience something similar to oral sex, or just to try out a new sex toy other than a vibrator… I’m excited for this launch because our (incredible!) team at Dame is providing yet another opportunity to innovate and help close the pleasure gap, by finding a new and thrilling way to fan the flames of arousal with a wholly different sensation.”

She also noted that Aer is a suction toy that, unlike others, starts off gentle and eases the user into the sensation without being too overwhelming.

Dame aer suction toy Courtesy of Dame

I asked her what makes Aer different from other vibrators, suction toys and clitoral stimulators. Fine said that “By combining a larger opening with its ergonomic shape, Aer makes it easy to place it exactly where you want it and form a more consistent seal with the surface of the body — a good seal is critical to the efficacy of any “suction” product.”

“Add in the range of patterns with adjustable intensity, and it’s a product that is likely to give any user a smoother and more pleasurable experience every time they use it.”

For some people, there’s still a lot of fear, stigma and intimidation surrounding sex toys — even though there shouldn’t be! I asked Fine what her thoughts were on couples just starting out in the sex toy world and what advice she would give them. “It’s completely understandable given the culture we’re in. Sex toys aren’t portrayed like the wellness tools they are.”

“It’s all about finding a tool to explore your erotic energy –– one that’s also safe for your body. Take a deep breath and consider what you are looking for. What type of experience do you want this tool to help you unlock?

“Give yourself permission to let your turn-ons lead the way in deciding what you want to buy. I recommend doing a little research beforehand on reviews on different types of sex toys (wands, butt plugs, G-spot toys, etc.) to see what appeals most to you. Also if you buy from Dame, we have a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can feel safe trying something out and exchanging/returning it. (No, we don’t resell used vibrators, it’s just a loss on our end.)”

Dame sex toys Courtesy of Dame

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we were curious about Fine’s thoughts on giving sex toys as gifts. It’s the kind of X-rated Valentine’s Day gift that could lead to the most romantic night ever, but it could also be taken the wrong way, ruining the moment. When asked about giving sex toys as gifts, she explained how the Dame site actually has a “drop a hint” button where you can send interesting links to partners and gauge how they’re feeling about a given toy. In addition, she says that couple’s sex toys make great gifts.

“While one of my personal favorites of ours is Pom, I’d also recommend Eva II, our flagship toy, and Fin, since they’re perfect for couples. Each of them allows you to incorporate penetration while also stimulating the clitoris. We have a handy page on our site where you can shop for couples, which I recommend!”