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Build Your Own Custom Sex Toy Thanks to Freely’s Game-Changing Designs

There’s already a treasure trove of sex toys for sale on the internet, but what if you could create your very own based on your specific preferences and desires? Thanks to Montreal-based company Freely Toys, that’s now possible. Freely Toys 3D-prints a range of customizable designs with high design in mind. Resembling a piece of accent decor more than a dildo or butt plug, Freely’s aesthetically pleasing toys are non-gendered and instead of resembling human body parts, you can find unique shapes and silhouettes – there’s even a beer bottle-shaped option

Here’s where things get exciting. Once you click on a product page, you can see a range of customizable options, including length, width, girth, hardness, color and suction. Take their Ember plug, for instance. Open up the customizer and flatten out the Ember’s bulge or make the tip more narrow, fitting perfectly to your anatomy. After all, your pleasure needs shouldn’t have to settle. Their categories can be filtered via your preferred penetration method, but they also have helpful categories dubbed “Creative” where you can find that iconic beer bottle and more, as well as sections titled “Entry-Level” and “Challenging” so you can shop according to your experience level.  The creative section helps remind us that shopping for sex toys can be playful and doesn’t always have to be scary.

Courtesy of Freely

Body safety is a priority when it comes to Freely products; amidst a sea of unregulated toys, Freely’s products are made with a sumptuously smooth, high-grade silicone that’s been tested by a third-party lab to guarantee safety. Their prices are also reasonable, given the quality, with most toys costing around $100-150.00 with shipping included. 

    Along with developing additional features like vibration and different surface textures, Freely is working on integrating an AI assistant that will help guide shoppers even further, designing a toy that’s accurately based on their wants and needs.

    This McGill startup is the first to implement an online builder that fully puts the sex toy shopping experience into the hands of the consumer. After all, buying pre-designed sex toys online can be an overwhelming process, and talking to a stranger about your sex life at a local store can be off-putting. This empowering and playful alternative is a game-changer for the sexual wellness space that’s filling a much-needed gap, and we can’t wait to try one of these bespoke pieces out. 

    Until then, if you happen to be in Montreal this weekend, the brand is setting up a pop-up shop in a Plateau shop called Oui Boutique. On November 12, shoppers can head into the store and try out the interactive builder, design their own toy and purchase products from their Flagship line. Attendees will also receive free mimosas and special discounts on Freely’s toy catalog.