How to Clean Your Sex Toys for Safe Play

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Sex is a beautiful thing. It relieves stress, boosts self-esteem, and, if done well, provides a decent amount of exercise. Yet, sex can become repetitive, whether with a partner or yourself, and sex toys are a great way to spice things up.

However, sex toys need to be used and cleaned properly to ensure your downstairs stays healthy. Sex toys can pick up the natural bacteria and fungi present in your reproductive systems. These generally don’t pose a threat to you, but transfer between different people or use of a toy in other areas of the body may cause infection.

In addition, if you or your partner happen to have an STD or infection, such as a yeast infection or a UTI, those germs can live in the porous materials used in the production of many sex toys. Later, those same germs can be transferred or reintroduced to your healed body if you’re indulging alone.

Because of this, regular cleaning of your sex toys is as important as practicing safe sex. We know that thinking about cleaning is the last thing you want to do after an epic orgasm, but it will keep you healthier down there in the long run.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • The difference between porous and non-porous materials
  • How often you should clean your sex toys
  • The best way to clean sex toys based on material

Keep reading to learn more about how to clean your sex toys safely.

Porous vs. Non-Porous

The first step in cleaning your sex toys is determining whether they are made from porous or non-porous materials. The latter have microscopic holes that allow microorganisms, including fungi, bacteria, and other dirt, to live in your toys even after they’ve been wiped down. Put simply; this means you’ll need to give toys made from porous materials a more thorough cleaning.

A few examples of porous materials include elastomer (rubber), latex and Cyberskin. Non-porous materials from which sex toys are frequently made include borosilicate glass (like Pyrex), silicone, ABS plastic and metals. 

How Often Should Sex Toys Be Cleaned

No matter the material your sex toys are made from, you should wash them and dry them after each and every use. Doing this will prevent any germs from lingering on the surface and extend the life of your toys.

In addition, you may consider cleaning your toy before each use as well. Depending on your storage situation, your toys may pick up dust and dirt from sitting around your bedroom, necessitating a quick cleaning before use.

Now that you know why you should clean your sex toys, let’s run through how to clean sex toys depending on their material.

Red Flags to Lookout For

Always look for toys that contain a transparent list of materials listed on the packaging or the toy itself. If there appears to be a lack of info or it’s only advertised for novelty use, it may not be body-safe.

Certain manufacturers do try to find loopholes around disclosure practices for intimate toys, so be sure to always look for the words “medical grade” on toys you buy, if possible.

No label to be found? Search the product name online or contact a retailer who carries it for further info.


1. For Motorized Silicone, Borosilicate Glass and Stainless Steel

Sex toys made from silicone, borosilicate glass or stainless steel are the most common non-porous sex toys. These can be cleaned using a gentle antibacterial soap that you wouldn’t be afraid to use on your skin. This Dettol Antibacterial pH-Balanced Body Wash is a good choice. Gently rub the soap onto the toy, and then wipe it clean using a damp cloth. Be careful not to get the motor wet as water can damage the sensitive electronics.

how to clean sex toys dettol anti bacterial body wash Image courtesy of Amazon


2. For Non-Motorized Silicone, Borosilicate Glass and Stainless Steel

Any toy that is completely encased in silicone, borosilicate glass (Pyrex) or stainless steel and doesn’t have a motor should be cleaned in high temperatures. One of the most popular ways to clean such sex toys is to run them through the dishwasher without soap. Alternatively, you can boil them for eight to 10 minutes in a saucepan, like the one linked below. Just be careful not to clean toys with metal plating so that the metal can come off or become damaged by steam.

how to clean sex toys cuisinart chefs classic saucepan Image courtesy of Amazon


3. For Elastomer, Latex and Soda-Lime Glass

Elastomer and latex are both porous materials. Soda-lime glass isn’t, but all three can be easily damaged or ruined by exposure to high heat. For that reason, it’s best to clean these toys using only lukewarm water. If the toy is motorized, soak a washcloth in warm, soapy water and ring it out before wiping down your toy. If the toy is not motorized, rinse it off under running warm water before cleaning it down with a soap-filled washcloth.

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how to clean sex toys utopia towels Image courtesy of Amazon


4. For Cyberskin and Vinyl

Cyberskin is a soft and porous material often used in dildos and Fleshlights. The material allows for life-like play, but it’s hard to keep clean as many soaps can damage it. Wipe down both Cyberskin and vinyl toys with a clean cloth soaked in warm water. Then, let them air dry before sprinkling them with a bit of cornstarch. Cyberskin tends to get sticky without the cornstarch step, making for unpleasant play the next time you try to use that particular toy.

how to clean sex toys argo corn starch Image courtesy of Amazon


5. For Leather

Like leather shoes or your leather couch, leather sex toys require a particular finesse when cleaned. You never want to soak leather toys in water as it will ultimately damage the material. Instead, wipe them down with a damp and slightly soapy cloth or use a leather cleaner, like this one from Chemical Guys. Leather cleaners will take care of any lingering germs while simultaneously conditioning your toys, keeping them in tip-top shape for as long as possible.

how to clean sex toys chemical guys leather cleaner Image courtesy of Amazon


6. For Hard Plastic, TPR and Jelly Rubber

These are some of the most porous materials from which sex toys are made. Because of this, stiff, rigid plastic, TPR and jelly rubber toys can still contain germs even after they are cleaned with antibacterial soap and warm water. The best practice is to cover these toys in a condom during use, especially if you and your partner will both be using the toys. Condoms can also be used with most other sex toys if you want to be extra safe about bacteria spread.

how to clean sex toys trojan latex condoms Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Alternatively, Use a Built-For-Purpose Cleaner

If you’re feeling lazy or prefer not to head straight to the bathroom after playtime, consider investing in a built-for-purpose sex toy cleaner. While such cleaners don’t offer as thorough a clean as some of the other methods mentioned above, they will usually dispense any harmful germs. The Babeland Toy Cleaner is a favorite among the sexy retailer’s customers. Simply spray the cleaner on your toy and then wipe it off after a few seconds.

how to clean sex toys toy cleaner babeland Image courtesy of Babeland


8. Store Your Toys Properly

After you’ve taken the time to clean your sex toys properly, you don’t want to throw them in your dirty bedroom drawer without protection. Most sex toys come with a designated storage bag or case, which you can keep for saving them in between uses. Alternatively, purchase a lockable compartment online, like the Bomber Case. Such cases are usually slim enough to fit in your bedside table’s drawers yet still offer the protection of a clean environment and a combination lock.

how to clean sex toys bomber case Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Go the Extra Mile

Why not upgrade your storage options if you don’t have the original case for your toy? The Uvee Pro UV Light Sanitizer Box not only keeps dust and dirt away from your toys while they are in your bedroom drawers, but it also sanitizes them using a UV light at the same time. Built for your smartphone, this box can only hold smaller toys, but larger sanitizing devices are available if needed. Plus, when you aren’t using the Uvee Pro for cleaning your sex toys, use it to clean your earbuds, smartphones, watches and keys.

how to clean sex toys uvee pro uv Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Invest in a Foaming Cleaner

Foaming cleansers get into all the nooks and crannies of your toys, which can be helpful if your device is based on clit suction or is more complex than a basic dildo or vibrator. This buy from Swiss Navy is leakproof thanks to a locking pump and completely unscented. In a new world where people are more focused on disinfecting than they used to be, this toy and body cleanser is a must-have.

Swiss Navy Toy and Body Foaming Cleaner Courtesy of Amazon

11. When in Doubt, Wipe

These 100% biodegradable wipes can be used on skin and all kinds of toys. The addition of aloe extract adds to a soothing experience that’s suitable even for sensitive skin. They’re ideal for traveling since they come in a resealable pack that keeps wipes moist. As one shopper puts it, “We all have moments where we either can’t safely bring a toy to the bathroom to scrub clean or (if we’re lucky) we’re just plain too exhausted to move after a rigorous playtime. In those moments, these wipes are a godsend.”

Lovehoney Fresh Biodegradable Sex Toy & Body Wipes Courtesy of Lovehoney

12. Something Specifically for Male Masturbators

Fleshlights and sleeve-style masturbators are a blast but can be notoriously tough to clean. This antibacterial cleanser is triclosan-based and specially formulated for the Fleshlight or any other toys made from SuperSkin, silicone and latex. If you want to increase the longevity of your toy, look no further. A reviewer adds, “I purchased this cleaner as I didn’t want to take the risk with cheaper cleaners only for them to destroy my fleshlights.”

Selling fast! Fleshlight Fleshwash Antibacterial Sex Toy Cleaner Courtesy of Lovehoney

13. Swap the Cornstarch for Toy Cleaning Powder

If cornstarch isn’t cutting it, keep your toys supple after cleaning by applying this Thrust Renewer powder. Adding this to your sex toy cleaning routine can help extend the life of whatever sex toy you’re using. One happy buyer says, “I bought my partner some of this renewer powder, along with a Thrust toy. It does exactly what it says on the tin! After use and a wash with soap and water, we sprinkled some of this on, rubbed it lightly over the toy, and it was like brand new!”

Selling fast! Fleshlight Fleshwash Antibacterial Sex Toy Cleaner Courtesy of Lovehoney

14. Use a Dual-Purpose Bamboo Cloth

There’s no shame in doing the old-school way with a soft dishcloth, unscented soap and warm water. Rather than opting for a dirty rag that you use to clean up kitchen messes, consider investing in a set of kitchen dishcloths and set them aside expressly to use for cleaning your toys. These are made from sustainable bamboo and are highly absorbent. They’re also super soft if you want to use them on your skin to wipe down after a steamy session.

Sweet Dolphin 10 Pack Bamboo Kitchen Dishcloths Courtesy of Amazon

15. Go All-Natural

If you want to avoid alcohol and other harsh ingredients around your nether regions (who doesn’t?), consider this alcohol-free toy cleaner spray by Intimate Green Earth. It only uses natural cleaning ingredients such as lavender oil, guava bark and tea tree oil and is much easier than concocting your own DIY cleaning formula at home. If you’re not exactly sure what kind of cleaner your toy requires, this gentle and non-toxic body-safe spray is your best bet.

Intimate Earth Green Toy Cleaner Spray Courtesy of Babeland

16. Find a Toy Cleaner & Hand Sanitizer in One

We love a multifunctional product here at SPY — why shouldn’t your toy cleaner also keep your hands germ-free on the go? This compact bottle has hardly any smell, and the cleanser itself has a lightweight feel that’s completely residue-free and absorbs quickly. This formula uses hydrating coconut oil and 70% alcohol and is 100% vegan and void of parabens. It’s a rinse-free alternative to submerging your toy, making it perfect for your travels.

Maude clean no. 0 Courtesy of Get Maude

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